WHAT NOW || The Police Showed Up at My Door!

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  1. Andrew B

    Andrew BPrije 3 sati

    You just Gave up your address dude

  2. Jason King

    Jason KingPrije 4 sati

    You were probably making a video and yelling louder than usual....

  3. bdemar2k12

    bdemar2k12Prije 5 sati

    When I was a kid I dropped a banana peel on the ground outside between our house and the neighbor. I guess it's kind of littering but I mean it would decompose anyway. They called the police and they came and asked to come inside and talk to me. My parents roasted them and asked if they had anything better to be doing. Everyone in my family has called our towns police department the banana patrol every since.

  4. Scaarub xD

    Scaarub xDPrije 5 sati

    Oh that big guy next door is arguing with himself again. Let's call the cops, and then they will turn up harder than last time!!

  5. Mark Bagshaw

    Mark BagshawPrije 8 sati

    Get a ring on that girls finger Greg...NOW!!!!!!!!!!@😂🤣😂🤣😂

  6. Andrew Finn

    Andrew FinnPrije 12 sati

    guys please dont eat goats :(

  7. Bat Eats Moth

    Bat Eats MothPrije 13 sati

    If people are calling the cops on you for dandelions and noise they can't hear, they DO have it out for you. You guys are awesome, BTW; I'd be happy to have you as neighbors.

  8. Chunky Monk

    Chunky MonkPrije 15 sati

    This Video deserves even more views and thumbs up than the last time

  9. Y Y

    Y YPrije 15 sati

    Stuck up neighbors.

  10. Gus Constantine

    Gus ConstantinePrije 20 sati

    When you thought everyone is nice in Canada... smh LOL!

  11. GreyGooseNWO

    GreyGooseNWOPrije 21 sat

    She can barely open her eyes , she's on that good stuff

  12. BAMBAM3316

    BAMBAM3316Prije 23 sati

    Your loud shows and dandelions must be messing up your neighbors' mojo preventing them from properly smashing.

  13. John Knight III

    John Knight IIIPrije dan

    Show them how to be a nice neighbor. Maybe they are miserable and grumpy because everyone avoids them and they really need help but don't know how to ask.

  14. Rogger Neyra

    Rogger NeyraPrije dan

    yall are too cute

  15. James Bolger

    James BolgerPrije dan

    Come live in one of Australia's top 10 most livable cities in the world - we don't have such issue.

  16. Jonathan Cupples

    Jonathan CupplesPrije dan

    And this is why I live on a farm miles away from any people.

  17. Adnan Maharaj

    Adnan MaharajPrije dan

    I like the idea of moving out to a farm. You can have lots more animals and your Dandelions can be Taller Than The Last Time!

  18. peter hale

    peter halePrije dan

    I can't live a place with full of rules especially a dandelion and grass andd toxic neighbor's

  19. Anders Jäderberg

    Anders JäderbergPrije dan

    Neighbours of course watch Greg's videos, then assumes it must also be heard outside the house. Mystery solved. 😂

  20. Bella Tindale

    Bella TindalePrije 2 dana

    Those who complain are the first ones to mow heir lawn on a Saturday morning at 06.00 am!!

  21. Bella Tindale

    Bella TindalePrije 2 dana

    Your neighbors are just jealous 🤣😹

  22. Lx b

    Lx bPrije 2 dana

    move out, find something away from people. BTW Ally looks gorgeous, big fan!

  23. uknowwho613

    uknowwho613Prije 2 dana

    Holy crap I feel sorry for the cops. The grass and noise Police? What politicians enacted these crazy "laws"? So much for freedom. Ridiculous.

  24. Kenneth Pickens

    Kenneth PickensPrije 2 dana

    Mmmmmm I smell hater neighbors

  25. Coltin Kinney

    Coltin KinneyPrije 2 dana

    Those people are called Karen’s here in the US.

  26. Coltin Kinney

    Coltin KinneyPrije 2 dana

    It’s illegal to not cut your grass?? Glad I live in the US

  27. Farida Galal

    Farida GalalPrije 2 dana

    I live in 319 I swear I mean and more specific words I live across the street to him My proof is that when he got His new Lamborghini there were so many people around the neighbourhood watching

  28. Mister Mister

    Mister MisterPrije 2 dana

    SOB! Coach, what kind of commie neighborhood do you guys live in?!

  29. B C

    B CPrije 2 dana

    I bet you can hear Greg filming his videos from a couple miles away

  30. Joshua Bell

    Joshua BellPrije 2 dana

    Time to use some of those fat funds and move to a more spaced out neighborhood.

  31. Johan Frojd

    Johan FrojdPrije 3 dana

    Ally is 100% right, living on the countryside is where it's at! You could have MORE animals! More animals than last time!

  32. PifchoBG

    PifchoBGPrije 3 dana

    in my country if u call the police and u say - my neighbours grass is growing too big... they gonna think u are a prankster. if u call few more times they gonna send police to check if u have mental problems or something...

  33. PifchoBG

    PifchoBGPrije 3 dana

    i;m that kind of a neighbour whos blasting music every day in my apartment, and guess what - nobody cares. no one is calling the police or shit. I also dont mind when the guy above me bangs on the floor like crazy or his little kid is running and i can hear every step and scream. like wtf. thats insane. u should be able to live with ppl. if not - go live in the woods, but then probly the animals gonna annoy you

  34. Sam Ockenflap

    Sam OckenflapPrije 3 dana

    Soon we will be able to commit crime anonymously

  35. David Ellis

    David EllisPrije 3 dana

    Is that in Canada?

  36. Max Espinosa

    Max EspinosaPrije 3 dana

    Hey Greg,you bought the house, you decide whether to move or not.

  37. Daniel D

    Daniel DPrije 3 dana

    You better get that lady her farm Coach!

  38. Patrick bennett`

    Patrick bennett`Prije 3 dana

    shoulda been smashing harder than last time

  39. hillywood

    hillywoodPrije 3 dana

    I'm so happy I don't live in Canada... Who calls the cop because they don't like your grass?!

  40. Jardin Wikeepa

    Jardin WikeepaPrije 3 dana

    Did the police go harder than last time 😂😂

  41. halo black

    halo blackPrije 3 dana

    Dude somebody swatted you being a dick

  42. Brandon Palma

    Brandon PalmaPrije 4 dana

    Give that woman a farm😂

  43. jason griffith

    jason griffithPrije 4 dana

    Your girl is smart

  44. Mystic Genetics EDU

    Mystic Genetics EDUPrije 4 dana

    Nice house

  45. Jedidiah Spellum

    Jedidiah SpellumPrije 4 dana

    Don't get a goat! They are noisy at 4am and suuuuuper needy. Did I mention that they are absolute jerks that destroy everything?

  46. Jamie Rainey

    Jamie RaineyPrije 4 dana

    LoL. Neighbors from hell!!

  47. koko d

    koko dPrije 4 dana

    Louder than last time?

  48. kimaboe

    kimaboePrije 4 dana

    This is the problem with nice neighbourhoods, rich assholes with delicate sensibilities.

  49. Lise Leplé

    Lise LepléPrije 4 dana

    0:10 I can't get enough this is hilarious

  50. edgar garcia

    edgar garciaPrije 4 dana

    Be careful with those karen making anonymous complains

  51. cheesy potato lady

    cheesy potato ladyPrije 4 dana

    honestly sounds pretty noisy lol

  52. Lucas Rowe

    Lucas RowePrije 4 dana

    Little tip might help with unexpected company when in tub - get a wireless or wired Wyze cam (run on Wi-fi). Can get notification on your phone if motion detected on your front driveway.

  53. TRF

    TRFPrije 5 dana

    Atleast the cops didn't come for the secret sauce

  54. My Dad

    My DadPrije 5 dana

    Officer: Open the door Coach Greg: Not until you buy my COOKBOOK

  55. Gabrielle Walter

    Gabrielle WalterPrije 5 dana

    Canada can be a nightmare for snotty old people who have insane standards and are disgustingly entitled. I've had SO many older people tell me how I'm just not of a suitable standard to my face even though I'd never done anything to them or even talked to them before. Everything about me offends them personally because they literally have nothing better to do with their lives but complain about other people and pretend like their superior to everyone around them. Coach Greg you are a much better person than me because I would go and GIVE them a real reason to complain and feel attacked maybe even afraid.

  56. TabZa123

    TabZa123Prije 5 dana

    :D he goes : I'm not a criminal anymore, used to be *shrugs* hilarious

  57. Rudy Rmn

    Rudy RmnPrije 5 dana

    Give her the farm Greg and I will buy your cookbook!

  58. Chloe Grice

    Chloe GricePrije 5 dana

    Dandelions!! OMG! those things that kids make a wish on and blow the seeds off, OMG those juvenile delinquents, ruining the neighbourhood. Like get a life. LMFAO

  59. Scott Lucy

    Scott LucyPrije 5 dana

    It’s not quiet in the country, send them in to the back woods. Next we will be getting noise complaints about tractors and cows

  60. Comino Olivares

    Comino OlivaresPrije 5 dana

    Greg just move out of that stupid ugly neighborhood. Listen to your girlfriend. At the end you will be moving any ways. Do it now.

  61. Mizz Grizz

    Mizz GrizzPrije 5 dana

    That’s Bedford for ya. Jealous of you therefore need to try to make you less happy than last time. Move to Belnan.. country but not too country. I literally couldn’t tolerate living somewhere that people were treating others that way.. unreal.

  62. Bronson News 4

    Bronson News 4Prije 5 dana

    I hate fucking people, I hate damn neighbors, your wife is right, living in the country is the solution

  63. Red Rysen

    Red RysenPrije 5 dana

    Just rich people thinking they are above everyone else,nothing to see here.. I just wonder,in my country you can't complain about noise until after 10 at night,isn't that a global thing?

  64. Eric Black

    Eric BlackPrije 5 dana

    Mike O'Hearn called the police.

  65. Luke Obornik

    Luke ObornikPrije 5 dana


  66. HRT

    HRTPrije 6 dana

    In Canada? I’d expect something like that to happen in New York lol. But I never gave in to the stereotype because I have a aunt who lives in Canada, but I thought they would be slightly better

  67. Thelegendl23

    Thelegendl23Prije 6 dana

    Coach Greg: Excuse me, officer, you may need to look into a specific cookbook that may or may not help you develop a specific set of skills that would considerably add value to your repertoire.

  68. RxDoctorDaddy

    RxDoctorDaddyPrije 6 dana

    The detached houses in Canada are WAY too close to each other unless you live on legit farm land.

  69. Keith Polnik

    Keith PolnikPrije 6 dana

    Stupid boomers.

  70. Don Marleau

    Don MarleauPrije 6 dana

    Greg looks high af 😂

  71. jasonjlloyd

    jasonjlloydPrije 6 dana

    Just turn the sound down and stop disturbing the neighbours (it was loud on a phone mic let alone real life) and pull your head out your arse.

  72. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 6 dana


  73. The Swede

    The SwedePrije 6 dana

    More gangsta than last time.

  74. Richard Jacques

    Richard JacquesPrije 6 dana

    Maybe remington james has moved into one of those houses! 🤷‍♂️

  75. Richard Jacques

    Richard JacquesPrije 6 dana

    If it wasnt knock on the doors and ask for karen!

  76. Rebecca McGibbon

    Rebecca McGibbonPrije 6 dana

    That's the one thing you can't buy is good neighbours! They are priceless

  77. Michael Deal

    Michael DealPrije 6 dana

    Laughed my ass off at the intro 😂

  78. Random Guy

    Random GuyPrije 6 dana

    Why’d you open the door to the criminals? Unless they got a warrant stay away from those pieces of shit.

  79. Random Guy

    Random GuyPrije 5 dana

    @Szelitzky Erick give me 1 good reason to open the door to some pigs? Knowing you did nothing wrong.

  80. Random Guy

    Random GuyPrije 5 dana

    @Szelitzky Erick if it takes me believing that the cops are criminals for me not to speak with them then be it

  81. Random Guy

    Random GuyPrije 5 dana

    @Szelitzky Erick I caught the crab I’m eating for dinner 😂

  82. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 6 dana

    "Criminals". You're one of the people who argue with anyone about anything.

  83. James Tomlin

    James TomlinPrije 6 dana

    Back of Greg's house reminds me of the classic nuketown map 😥

  84. Ruslan Sheikh

    Ruslan SheikhPrije 6 dana


  85. bonecollector1968

    bonecollector1968Prije 6 dana

    They won't tell you who actually called and made the complaint if you don't get arrested for loud noise or really any other neighbors complaint. They know things can escalate if they knew exactly who was complaining.

  86. Keeron

    KeeronPrije 6 dana

    Crazy neighbours and beta cops

  87. Nytro Genetic

    Nytro GeneticPrije 6 dana

    The fact that Greg got a haircut 'during the video':)))

  88. BlancoPop

    BlancoPopPrije 6 dana

    Being neighborly means minding your business

  89. Notorious Frog

    Notorious FrogPrije 6 dana

    Greg, when you have a gal that wants to move onto a farm...you do it!!! Beef cows, milk cows, raw eggs and chicken. Let’s go!!!!

  90. Peter Pan

    Peter PanPrije 6 dana

    Unfortunately you live in Canada, where the politicians are worse than a US liberal state like California or New York. Regardless Canada is a Nanny state and is not salvageable like most blue stats in the States.

  91. maximusthecannabist

    maximusthecannabistPrije 6 dana

    It was ally she called them 😂🤘

  92. f w

    f wPrije 6 dana

    What a legendary Intro!

  93. Sebastian Kunysz

    Sebastian KunyszPrije 6 dana

    Greg. Your girl is a genuine babe. Well done.

  94. Alyssa Courtney

    Alyssa CourtneyPrije 6 dana

    Sorry you are dealing with this! Such a good point, Ally about how neighbours used to act. We got a note left on our car a couple years back from an anonymous neighbour telling us to clean up our yard. This was April, a week after my husband's dad died and the day after his grandmother died on my birthday. It was such a difficult time for us. Who does that?!

  95. Evan Nate

    Evan NatePrije 6 dana

    This is great!!!! Haha I love real life content like this lol

  96. Assassin Force

    Assassin ForcePrije 6 dana

    Good time to test your protein doughnuts

  97. T 670

    T 670Prije 6 dana

    Which Karen called the Cops on Greg !?!?!?! It was V-Shred

  98. Vickie Ivey

    Vickie IveyPrije 6 dana

    It's Remington James.

  99. Armando Moreno

    Armando MorenoPrije 6 dana

    Stop doing cocaine in

  100. Brian Burgess

    Brian BurgessPrije 6 dana

    Did the cops come knocking harder than the last time.. Tell them up that responding time...

  101. Larry Towe

    Larry TowePrije 6 dana

    They came to his house to arrest him because he's trying to steal Gilbert Godfrey's identity.

  102. Arn Fugaku

    Arn FugakuPrije 6 dana

    I bet they watch one of those Canadian cop shows that takes place in a city that's gritty for Canada but cleaner than the nicest US town. 19-2. Yeah that's the one. I bet they're watching 19-2 with Jared Keeso before he made Letterkenny. What a sweet gig; be'n ripped watching 19-2 in a jacuzzi with your best gal. LTD, Gregg. LTD.

  103. Cj Garcia

    Cj GarciaPrije 6 dana

    Based on ur neighborhood they can afford some noise canceling headphones

  104. Nove IV

    Nove IVPrije 6 dana

    Ouuuu, a dandelion..

  105. PanzerFaust WOT

    PanzerFaust WOTPrije 6 dana

    What policeforce responds to a complaint about too long grass in the frontyard??

  106. Esteban Arjona

    Esteban ArjonaPrije 6 dana

    Okokokokok THIS intro is new number one

  107. Lexxi S

    Lexxi SPrije 6 dana

    It was Remington who called them