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  1. Aliffiya Alhani

    Aliffiya AlhaniPrije 15 dana

    Turkesterone ❎ Turkestelone ✅

  2. Semper Fry AWESOME Hot Sauce

    Semper Fry AWESOME Hot SaucePrije 13 dana

    "Puh-day-doh." 🥔

  3. Earth Mike C-137

    Earth Mike C-137Prije 13 dana

    Pronouncing better than last time

  4. Super Mario

    Super MarioPrije 13 dana

    @Mara Barrientos Shill 😏

  5. Danny S

    Danny SPrije 14 dana

    @Melyssa St-Hilaire ahhhhh okay that makes sense now. I feel stupid for letting the humor go way over my head

  6. Ricky Fit

    Ricky FitPrije 14 dana


  7. A C

    A CPrije 4 sati

    Does he yell like this in every video?

  8. Bat Eats Moth

    Bat Eats MothPrije 15 sati

    It's turkesterone, not turkestelone.

  9. Undead Skill

    Undead SkillPrije 17 sati

    I got results with it. Just need to take some test boosters after cuz it’ll slow ur test production.

  10. Reese

    ReesePrije 2 dana

    Take Turkesterone powder at 1/8 teaspoon is 500 mg. 1am /1pm It works and is only 25 bucks for 1000 servings

  11. Richard Mcdonald

    Richard McdonaldPrije 2 dana

    This man is now advertising gorrlia mind on Gregs channel

  12. Jakub Mike

    Jakub MikePrije 2 dana

    We need shredded rats. For science.

  13. Joel Mc

    Joel McPrije 3 dana

    Only difference is its impossible for creatine not to work for EVERYone just almost the exact same. As long as people understand what it does. And what it's purpose is in training.

  14. mjd awd

    mjd awdPrije 4 dana

    This greg is douche indeed, stop yelling man your voice is painful.

  15. Kobinals

    KobinalsPrije 4 dana

    I got mine from Turkistan

  16. Patrick Star

    Patrick StarPrije 5 dana

    Wtf happened to his voice, did his balls shrunk?

  17. Alan Cristhian

    Alan CristhianPrije 6 dana

    6:17 Also if you see the results, Ec2 is four times the dose than Ec1. But they don't gained four times more muscle, they register about 20-25% more muscle.

  18. Noah Kallam

    Noah KallamPrije 6 dana

    If WADA changes its mind about Turk there’s gonna be hella half nattys 😂

  19. gamwpanagia

    gamwpanagiaPrije 6 dana

    Caffeine is fucking garbage,masks your fatigue and when you notice it's too late

  20. Amran Azom

    Amran AzomPrije 7 dana

    It works, i'm on it, I have a good source and pay £100 for a years supplement

  21. Zombie Cayde

    Zombie CaydePrije 7 dana

    Not enough people are afraid for G-Man. HRcharts is way more demanding than cutting. As evidenced by how many tubers go completely insane.

  22. Simon charnley

    Simon charnleyPrije 7 dana

    Well that was clear a mud

  23. Simon charnley

    Simon charnleyPrije 7 dana

    Are you talking about testosterone or testosterlone?

  24. robot says: bee boo boop

    robot says: bee boo boopPrije 7 dana

    Nickel for all the times Greg says turkestelone

  25. Flowzen

    FlowzenPrije 8 dana

    Turkestelone... almost sounds like Sylvester Stallone

  26. Dorian 4

    Dorian 4Prije 9 dana

    Think it might affect kidneys. I don't think it's worth it.

  27. Jermaine Wilson

    Jermaine WilsonPrije 10 dana

    Haven't listened to this guy since maybe last year. His voice has changed again. What's up with that?

  28. DanZ3r0

    DanZ3r0Prije 10 dana

    I haven’t finished the video yet so I don’t know if you touched on these points. I tried commenting about this on the other guys video. I think there is a risk of organ hypertrophy with this compound. Also, the most promising study (the old Soviet one) seems to be impossible to find. You can only see the abstract. We don’t know how the compound was administered to the people in the study. Also I believe the plant you source ecdysterone from ( there are multiple ways to obtain it) is important as well.

  29. Guillermo Wijdemans

    Guillermo WijdemansPrije 10 dana

    I can tell it doesnt work at all. Did it for like 4 months. Started with 1g a day, nothing, then 2g a day nothing, up to a max of 3/4g a day. Nutrition and training was in check. It literally doesnt do anything.

  30. Party Quest

    Party QuestPrije 11 dana

    rich piana was funny, he rocked my world!

  31. Charles Huang

    Charles HuangPrije 11 dana

    Coach Greg, which would you want? One million dollars or one million subscribers? 🤔

  32. zukodude487987

    zukodude487987Prije 11 dana

    Is caffeine safe? Well yes, millions of people consume it. Well i guess pizza and soda is also safe cuz millions of people consume it :p

  33. Jay Hollow

    Jay HollowPrije 9 dana

    Millions of people consume water is it safe?

  34. Saverio Leone

    Saverio LeonePrije 11 dana

    Gregg i got this from Derek at MPMD... I'm telling you I noticed a strength increase pretty quickly. Strict diet and maintained calories and got an extra couple reps on most lifts in the first 2-3 weeks. Helped break a plateau... I'm very happy with that. Keeping your expectations realistic is very important.

  35. Lazar

    LazarPrije 11 dana

    The study on humans, with EC1 = 200mg and EC2 = 800mg Is that 200/800 mg per week or per day?

  36. Hamlet

    HamletPrije 8 dana


  37. JG

    JGPrije 11 dana

    Ooo this is that guy that wears clips on the back of his tank tops to make them fit tighter on his body for videos

  38. Popsup

    PopsupPrije 11 dana

    Good think that they are trying this new stuff lets hope IT works and that the body can take it

  39. Adam El Massaoudi

    Adam El MassaoudiPrije 11 dana

    I actually wanna try it. Kinda curious. I have been liftinf for 3 or 4 years now. Body weight increased from 56kg to 95kg. Im 1.91m 6"3 Bench pr : 130kg Deadlift pr : 200kg Squat pr : 150kg but i know i can do more I want to try it for one month and see how it affects me. Should i?

  40. Pedro I.

    Pedro I.Prije 11 dana

    It’s not a drug lol. It’s just op


    FATHEROFNATIONSPrije 11 dana

    I tried it,it worked,took a low dose, I'm gonna be on it all year round.

  42. Matt Dobing

    Matt DobingPrije 10 dana

    @FATHEROFNATIONS Nice, sounds promising.


    FATHEROFNATIONSPrije 10 dana

    Lean muscle gains,strength, fat loss, less fatigue,incredible recovery rate,anxiety disappeared, and so much more.

  44. Matt Dobing

    Matt DobingPrije 10 dana

    What effects did you notice?

  45. Whatever billy

    Whatever billyPrije 11 dana

    Caffeine fcks me up. Even a little 😭

  46. Jean-Earl Hill

    Jean-Earl HillPrije 12 dana

    Where can Turkesterone be found ?

  47. Nemo Fa'amamafa

    Nemo Fa'amamafaPrije 12 dana

    “Virtruvian” physique lol Greg always butchering other HRchartsr’s names

  48. Charlie Taggart

    Charlie TaggartPrije 12 dana

    Interesting ive never heard of Turkestlone, kurqesterone or tortesterlone before

  49. Anton Hallergren

    Anton HallergrenPrije 12 dana

    Why not just take testosterone instead of all these bullshit ”natural steroids”. Like 99.99% of people Will never have a peak natural physique but alot of people can reach their physique goal. Just not naturally

  50. the ghost of redd foxx

    the ghost of redd foxxPrije 12 dana

    "Greg you mispronounced the supplement you are reviewing the entire video". "Ah fuck it I sounded good otherwise. Leave it"

  51. Radu Neagoe

    Radu NeagoePrije 12 dana

    Turkesterone is the gateway drug to Tren

  52. Weirdchamp

    WeirdchampPrije 12 dana

    Pronounce it correctly... u get money for this shit

  53. Emmanuel Veronessi

    Emmanuel VeronessiPrije 12 dana

    turkestalone rambo gains bro!

  54. penguinking1771

    penguinking1771Prije 12 dana

    Do you think turkesterone will be safe for teens?

  55. Axian Mapping

    Axian MappingPrije 12 dana

    Whatch my brain confuse turkesterone with turkestelone now.

  56. David Hooper

    David HooperPrije 12 dana

    Caffeine is self limiting. Any pharmacist or toxicologist with tell you as hard as you try gulping down caffeine tablets or capsules-those are going to be seen again if ingested in mass

  57. KingofDeath

    KingofDeathPrije 12 dana

    He's yelling so much he was sweating by the end of the video.

  58. Hristo Hristov

    Hristo HristovPrije 12 dana

    great video

  59. Blair Monkman

    Blair MonkmanPrije 12 dana

    I feel there is a copyright issue around here somewhere.

  60. James Russell

    James RussellPrije 12 dana

    If WADA isn’t concerned then that makes me think it does not work lol! All the good stuff that works is banned lol

  61. Let's Talk Nintendo

    Let's Talk NintendoPrije 12 dana

    I'm fucking natty bitch

  62. Datswoleguy Angus og

    Datswoleguy Angus ogPrije 12 dana

    I tried some of them there Turkey steroids from plates for dates and they didn't do nuthin . You should definitely not buy any when the next shipment comes in !!😂😂

  63. Eric Lind

    Eric LindPrije 12 dana

    Love the non yelling content. Much live doctor greg

  64. Semper Fry AWESOME Hot Sauce

    Semper Fry AWESOME Hot SaucePrije 12 dana

    How much did the mice add to their daedlift?

  65. ChrisFX

    ChrisFXPrije 13 dana

    Silvester Stalone should be a proud man with his name on a supplement that he doesn't even know it exists.

  66. Jasper van den Berg

    Jasper van den BergPrije 13 dana

    5:28 - based on what do you conclude that the variance in extra muscle mass gained among the EC group is large? From the results shown it doesn't say anything about the variance, let alone regarding the contribution of EC to the muscle mass gained.

  67. b k

    b kPrije 13 dana

    Igor is so funny a cool though

  68. Comment Guy

    Comment GuyPrije 13 dana

    Aye my boy Igor I've been watching him forever lmao he was the 2nd fitness youtuber I watched lmao. Probably like 4? 5? Years idk

  69. Semper Fry AWESOME Hot Sauce

    Semper Fry AWESOME Hot SaucePrije 13 dana

    We're rats being forced to take gene therapy and restrict our fresh air consumption right now.

  70. Michael Bach

    Michael BachPrije 13 dana

    Tried Ecdysterone a while back. Only thing it did was make my liver gpt value go up. No physique or strength changes whatsoever.

  71. Yew Tewb

    Yew TewbPrije 13 dana

    Igor did look at more than one study, and in fact pointed out exactly the same distinction between weight gain and muscle gain. You failed to mention that. Also of course the group that did NO EXERCISE lost muscle, duh! What a noisy tool.

  72. Lamassu

    LamassuPrije 13 dana

    Guys. Bulk supplement has it in pure powder form. Throw it in your pre workout shakes. Worst taste ever but flush it out with a mandarin or something

  73. Cristian Dominguez

    Cristian DominguezPrije 13 dana

    Connor Murphy is somewhere having a sus jug chug, while pointing at the screen like Leonardo DiCaprio.

  74. Dallas Hutchins

    Dallas HutchinsPrije 13 dana

    Where the hell can I get my hands on this stuff ???????

  75. Gary Lopez

    Gary LopezPrije 13 dana

    No offense intended . I like your videos.

  76. Gary Lopez

    Gary LopezPrije 13 dana

    Are you related to Gibert Godfrey?

  77. Mark Brady

    Mark BradyPrije 13 dana

    Is this the guy out of third Rock from the sun?

  78. James Ball

    James BallPrije 14 dana

    You’d think if we had studies from 1988 that we’d have the solid results that it’s good/bad/ugly by now If it were worth it than all you pros would be taking it and it would be over popular,just say n

  79. Dhspeedy

    DhspeedyPrije 14 dana

    Creatine also don't work for everybody, so only way to be sure is to try it yourself.

  80. Bob Stone

    Bob StonePrije 14 dana

    Hey Greg, can you make a video about daily push ups and pull ups? My brother tried it with push ups and it had great impact on his chest Not making look huge but it really helped him make it look fuller. Also I ve got to say that during this time he DID NOT do any other exercise for chest

  81. Krisztián Tóth

    Krisztián TóthPrije 14 dana

    Tbh this compound seems to be rather new, so there isnt that much research on it. So even tho it seems promising, you cant say for certain. However, there seem to be also a lot of positive anecdotes, and while I know its not the highest form of evidence, given that it doesnt seem to have many negative effects, its prolly worth a try to see for yourself

  82. Vaibhav Sharma

    Vaibhav SharmaPrije 14 dana

    Thanx for making video on vitruvian physiques first cycle coach wanted to see how u react to that❤️ much love from india

  83. William Tate

    William TatePrije 14 dana

    Results vary!

  84. Milen Pavlov

    Milen PavlovPrije 14 dana

    make a video for BMR pls

  85. Mr Contrarian

    Mr ContrarianPrije 14 dana

    I’ve been taking 3000mg a day for 2 months, all of my lifts have increased by almost 50% for example: Bench 60kgs-110kgs Deadlift 100kgs - 140kgs Leg extensions 56kgs - 103kgs However I also have had a new coach for the last 2 months as well and my diet has been 80% however always hitting my protein goal.

  86. Some Guy Called Cerberus

    Some Guy Called CerberusPrije 10 dana

    @Mr Contrarian On them being impossible: My point is that you were probably had been able to go heavier, but had not. Now that you have a trainer and good nutrition you started taking it more seriously, so you are putting on more plates simply because you are more confident. But hey, if ecdy works, that's all the better for me. I can't wait for VP to report back how his experiment goes. If it works, I am stocking up on the stuff too.

  87. Gial

    GialPrije 10 dana

    @Mr Contrarian I 100% agree with the guy right above, regardless your progress in bench is very exceptional theres no denying.

  88. Mr Contrarian

    Mr ContrarianPrije 10 dana

    So far I got 2 people saying newbie gains and 1 person saying my gains are physically not possible lol

  89. Mr Contrarian

    Mr ContrarianPrije 10 dana

    @Some Guy Called Cerberus none of those were 1rm they’re all working sets. I don’t bother with 1rm the heaviest I go is for 3 generally to prove I can do it with good form.

  90. Some Guy Called Cerberus

    Some Guy Called CerberusPrije 10 dana

    Those are just newb gains. 60 kgs bench is nothing. 100 kgs deadlift isn't bad but nothing impressive especially after 7 years of "on-and-off" training. You were probably detrained, and may have started safe by undershooting your 1RM. The great rate of improvement seems like a combination of retraining, getting used to exercises and just daring to put more plates on. Now, ecdy may have helped, but it wasn't the main driver of the increase (if it had been, others would produce the same growth and the question would be long settled).

  91. rhaku tosa

    rhaku tosaPrije 14 dana

    What about Toblerone Dr. Greg?

  92. darksiders2002

    darksiders2002Prije 14 dana

    The way Greg says Turkesterone reminds me of Turk from Scrubs and his nickname "Turkleton".

  93. Aex Tb

    Aex TbPrije 14 dana

    ecdysterone is cheap and work. 30/40 euros bottle can do 2 month supply (60 caps) Don't expect to became big or shredded like a pro or some genetic freak, he is not tren he is safe and healty. He gave more energy and help recover. I try it because i have low test but i can't access at Trt terapy (on italy doctors are dumb) and he help me a lot. Ecdysterone, maca, vitamin d, l aspartic acid and carnitine do well instead a Trt if you can't or wan't do it.

  94. Rodovan Ra

    Rodovan RaPrije 14 dana

    Turkishsylvesterstallone cant find any in Europe

  95. J R

    J RPrije 14 dana

    This reminds me of the commercial going around HRcharts were the guy says "there's are supplement that that was used on rats 🐀 and it made their Balls grow" 😳 they are trying to sell this supplement to humans 🤣😂🤣

  96. Stephan Stefan

    Stephan StefanPrije 14 dana

    Quinoa seds...158mcg/gr of 20-Hydroxyecdysone....

  97. Ayeni Ejura

    Ayeni EjuraPrije 14 dana

    Hi guys, not related but has coach Greg done any videos on overexercising? I think this might be why I gained weight.

  98. Simplified Fit

    Simplified FitPrije 14 dana

    Anyone here from Vitruvian video ?

  99. Andrej Simcic

    Andrej SimcicPrije 14 dana

    In early 20’s I did two cycles, since then stoped training. I’m 40 now, In last 3 years I started to train again 3 times a week. I also fixed my calories intake and it worked fine. My body wasn’t anything special, but in comparison with guys same age it was far more athletic. Last year I got COVID-19, my endurance was lost, heart rate from normal 50 went to over 100 after walking stairs to first floor. In next 6 months almost nothing changed. I also got arrhythmia for days after hard trainings when I started to train again. I did bloodwork and ECG, they concluded it was either due to covid or stress. One month ago I discovered ecdysterone and started to take 300mg/day. After just 7 days I got my pre-covid endurance back, no arrhythmias, no nothing. Tho that could be just placebo effect that fixed my stress, but after one month of taking it I can say that ecdysterone really works. I’m stronger and leaner then ever before with same diet and training I had before. I can compare effects with my steroid cycles.

  100. Bee Sixty

    Bee SixtyPrije 14 dana

    "Turkarasterone from Darhek More Dates for Plates. " - Coath Cookbook

  101. Scott Roberts

    Scott RobertsPrije 14 dana


  102. Anil Jacob

    Anil JacobPrije 14 dana

    Hey coach have you seen Leo and Longevity's vedio about calories in and out? It says you're wrong

  103. Carl White

    Carl WhitePrije 14 dana

    Coffee is relatively safe, but it does destroy ur digestive system

  104. Naturalymous

    NaturalymousPrije 14 dana

    Greg stop being biased like Dave palumbo and be open minded about it.

  105. Omar Alomar

    Omar AlomarPrije 14 dana

    Derek was very open with all the facts about turk and set out realistic expectations. free advertising for derek tho thats good

  106. Brock. Bear.

    Brock. Bear.Prije 14 dana

    No,, fitness videos do not mean a new workout plan 🤦🏻‍♂️

  107. The Ignored Gender

    The Ignored GenderPrije 14 dana

    Key Takeaways: Like creatine, some people may respond to turk well and others not so much There is a law of dimishing returns. Just because you take more, doesn't mean you will see more gains. Start low.

  108. Dime X

    Dime XPrije 14 dana

    You heard from team 3D alpha first folks ;)

  109. Mehdi Noussair

    Mehdi NoussairPrije 14 dana

    More screaming than last time

  110. Jibran Baeza

    Jibran BaezaPrije 14 dana

    the coachs tank kept getting more wet throughout the video

  111. King Mav

    King MavPrije 14 dana

    I started taking Ecdysterone after being out of the gym for 1 year since last March 2020 and coming back in April 2021. I did lots of cardio and home workouts to keep the pandemic weight off, lost 15lbs and lots of muscle with it. Since been back, within 2 weeks my lifts have increased beyond pre-pandemic and my weight have gone up by 10lbs and i'm leaner. Currently, 195lbs at 15%. It works. Check out Team3D Alphas video. They actually took less than was mentioned in the study.

  112. Henry Strang

    Henry StrangPrije 14 dana

    Greg have you seen the studies in rats with kidney damage induced with Ecdysterone? do you have an opinion or any knowledge from your experience as to whether it will apply to humans?

  113. K O

    K OPrije 14 dana

    2:14 - “Kurkestelone”

  114. ashm3697

    ashm3697Prije 14 dana

    This video added absolutely zero value or clarification about whether it works

  115. g̶r̶a̶m̶m̶e̶r̶l̶y̶ Grammarly

    g̶r̶a̶m̶m̶e̶r̶l̶y̶ GrammarlyPrije 14 dana

    Who else has been here since before greg yelled at us.