Remington James || It Does Matter || My response


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  1. AW

    AWPrije 12 sati

    bodied and ENDED rem...rem just let it go bro lmao


    BNGMOBPrije dan

    Lmao the macros in that bar are trash

  3. Johnny Cox

    Johnny CoxPrije 2 dana

    If Greg wanted to put down Remington's bars he would say, " Anabar being an oral puts extra strain on the liver. Try my new injectable protein bars, and BUY MY FRICKIN COOK BOOK!"

  4. Polestarr

    PolestarrPrije 2 dana

    that fuckboy always has given bad vibes

  5. Chris Jensen

    Chris JensenPrije 3 dana

    Does he have an Irish accent sometimes ?

  6. John Paisley

    John PaisleyPrije 4 dana

    Not everyone in the world is trying to lose weight. The bars are only 75 more calories then every protein bar in the world that’s popular. And, when you eat all those bars that are packed with fiber and fake sugar, you sometimes feel like shit. There’s a whole market of people that would love to eat these bars and I’m one of them. You shouldn’t assume that everyone in the world wants to lose weight and has the same goal. Some people can stick to a their diet eating normal foods.

  7. CCP Joe

    CCP JoePrije 4 dana

    Greg you're becoming like a crazy ex girlfriend 😬🤦... Let it go

  8. CWIII ***

    CWIII ***Prije 4 dana

    Coach Greg LITERALLY gave Remington the recipe for a new bar! Always coaching...Always professional!!!

  9. Terry Lee

    Terry LeePrije 4 dana

    This is quality comedy. Great vid greg.

  10. Terrence Hill

    Terrence HillPrije 5 dana

    This is why I lost respect for Remington he’s such a douchbag and yes all he wants to do is promote his garbage supplements and stupid anabolic cookbook 🙄

  11. Ramu10

    Ramu10Prije 5 dana

    I really am waiting for that moment when everyone uploads a video where they say that this whole drama was a setup... I just can't believe Remington thought this was a good idea... But I guess his income isn't gonna go anywhere

  12. Eugene Edwards

    Eugene EdwardsPrije 5 dana

    Has anybody noticed Greg’s muscles are on fire, he seems cool, calm, and pissed 😤 lol

  13. bloozism

    bloozismPrije 5 dana

    Why is he bragging about not knowing nutrition 😎

  14. peachypeaches

    peachypeachesPrije 5 dana

    I would really love for this video to be edited so that every time Greg says integrity, it's actually a clip of randy Marsh from South Park saying "tegridy"

  15. Allen Waddell

    Allen WaddellPrije 5 dana

    I really respected Remington's last apology video. However, Professor Greg is like late 90s Rock in a promo...never gonna end well for "the other guy". I hate to see the rift this is causing in the Anabolic Network. I hope things settle soon.💪😈🤙

  16. Zlatko Jerkovic

    Zlatko JerkovicPrije 5 dana

    Questbars when they first came out were actually somewhat mushy and perhaps a little bit sweeter then they are now. Now they are really hard to chew, and don't taste like they used to in terms of sweetness. I like that Remington is using sugar in his products, I'm not sure if that was his intention or the company that makes the bars for him. Only a fan of Lo Han Monk Fruit, and stevia for sweetners. Even with those I won't consume them daily. It's funny how the end goal being calories and protein make something "healthy" in the eyes of the fitness consumer.

  17. cough eebean

    cough eebeanPrije 5 dana

    I love erythritol, it's my favorite sweetener. I don't know Remington but he doesn't seem to have the brain power to make his own cookbook/recipes.

  18. dm primates

    dm primatesPrije 5 dana

    Ooof someone’s got the read receipts. 👀

  19. Nic

    NicPrije 5 dana

    Rem is a dumbass

  20. Fred Malone

    Fred MalonePrije 5 dana

    People hate on coach Greg but he comes with facts 💯

  21. ahsan sarfraz

    ahsan sarfrazPrije 5 dana

    Dude you need to get a life stop roasting everyone on social media your wack! stop making these stupid ass videos your a shit. First Brandon now remington, just shut up....

  22. Rusty Harding

    Rusty HardingPrije 5 dana

    Greg "You're THE MAN! Starting to look up to you after watching more of your videos.

  23. Valente de Jesús

    Valente de JesúsPrije 5 dana

    Dude just wants to defend his glorified candy bar 😂

  24. Astronomyphilly

    AstronomyphillyPrije 5 dana

    "we have a thing called free speech" - sat over here in the UK...

  25. Kendogg

    KendoggPrije 5 dana

    I sit back and watch these videos while eating my 94% fat-free 100 calorie popcorn.

  26. Trevor Robinson

    Trevor RobinsonPrije 5 dana

    Imagine going up against Greg on ANYTHING...dude is literally undefeated

  27. highestvotedcomment

    highestvotedcommentPrije 6 dana

    Please make a video on aspartame and how artificial sweeteners are NOT bad for you! I’ve heard a ton of people say if you have 5 diet pops a day, it’s not good for you.

  28. Lee Taylor

    Lee TaylorPrije 6 dana

    Remington looks like what Lord Voldemort thinks would look cool to the youth

  29. Ninji522

    Ninji522Prije 6 dana

    When someone selling a "fitness" bar is saying he doesn't know what's in them or why or how he could make them better it's not a good sign. I bought gorilla mode because Derek went through all of the ingredients 1 by 1 and talked at length about exactly why they were in there. I suspect when Coach Greg's products come out it will be no different, put together with knowledge and experience and with a purpose other than just money.

  30. Dan Porter

    Dan PorterPrije 6 dana

    Why is Ankron involved w this dude. 🙄

  31. Mr Domino

    Mr DominoPrije 6 dana

    I don't like Vanilla Ice.

  32. Nathan Venter

    Nathan VenterPrije 6 dana

    Who the fuq is going to buy this dudes book anyway???

  33. kuchiki byakuya

    kuchiki byakuyaPrije 6 dana

    Your a freaking god greg you just told him what he needs to hear not what he wanted to hear 😉

  34. dmg12345678

    dmg12345678Prije 6 dana

    16g added sugar! 🤦‍♂️ Quest protein bars are way superior.

  35. Flamethrower 13

    Flamethrower 13Prije 6 dana

    RJ knowledge is like from kindergarten and GD is from uni....

  36. Chadwick Chadford

    Chadwick ChadfordPrije 6 dana

    Remington creeps me tf out

  37. Drew's Daily Dose

    Drew's Daily DosePrije 6 dana

    Totally agree with what you're saying, but a higher calorie bar is more anabolic than a low calorie bar right? If he is promoting anabolism, then technically it can help you get bigger (and fatter).


    TODD YOONPrije 6 dana

    Don't mess with Greg. "My boy is wicked smart." -Goodwill Hunting. Well hopefully Rem can learn from this experience and modify his bars to be macro friendly.

  39. Cody Pantucci

    Cody PantucciPrije 6 dana

    RJ used 2 be really humble and had a great channel that was fun 2 watch and than somehow along the way he got lost and changed and well this is the result, also he literally has average muscle average body nothing special, don't know why people follow this guy, he hasn't a clue

  40. Krister

    KristerPrije 6 dana

    Remington - shadier creep than last time.

  41. Nicolas Pineda

    Nicolas PinedaPrije 6 dana

    In my opinion, Remmington copied the formula of MTS "The Outright Bar" The ingredients are similar, based around peanut butter as the main ingredient.

  42. Michael Stanfill

    Michael StanfillPrije 6 dana

    Couch Greg is an intelligent successful alpha male living his best life. The American dream. With that said it's impossible to like him for his whiney voice. He has the manorisims of someone on the far left and he drives me nuts. Team rem all the way

  43. Cole-kevin Norman

    Cole-kevin NormanPrije 6 dana

    Greg on point 98.9 percent of the time word. Cookbooks.

  44. AdviceCunnix

    AdviceCunnixPrije 7 dana

    Anabar stands for anavar

  45. JEFE_Poncho TwitchTV

    JEFE_Poncho TwitchTVPrije 7 dana

    Another fitness HRchartsr on pilgrimage… Edit: looking forward to trying your product!

  46. Cole-kevin Norman

    Cole-kevin NormanPrije 7 dana

    I cookbook greg is the best all out most transpat and honoust guy. On point sorry but not sorry bulshit.

  47. TotalBSFishing

    TotalBSFishingPrije 7 dana

    Anabar light 💡

  48. Kristen Gilliam-Coomber

    Kristen Gilliam-CoomberPrije 7 dana

    Remington is dumber than last time. It's becoming apparently clear that this guy clearly knows nothing about nutrition and is literally riding the coattails of other fitness influencers. Each video he does trying to justify himself just makes himself look more uneducated. Pick up a book, dude and take some advice from Greg his intentions are always genuine.

  49. Jason udovich

    Jason udovichPrije 6 dana

    I feel like his channel hasn't grown in years. Hasn't he been at 600k subscribers forever?

  50. Lindsey Bailes

    Lindsey BailesPrije 7 dana

    Coach Greg not yelling is throwing me for a loop. I heard that every genre on youtube has drama, and here we are. I'm just waiting for plants to get dramatic.

  51. Tricia Wrone

    Tricia WronePrije 7 dana

    I watched his other sorry video and I still don’t get the fuzzies from him. I feel he did the number 2 sorry video because of losing fans, which = money. He has a lot of soul searching to do, very lost soul.

  52. Matthew Fx

    Matthew FxPrije 7 dana

    Greg is a genius in this game. I would rather be with him than against him. If he criticise my product. I would have him on the phone giving me free advice as a friend.

  53. The Art of MMA

    The Art of MMAPrije 7 dana

    “I eat ass “- Remington James probably

  54. Ethan Merritt

    Ethan MerrittPrije 7 dana

    You guys box each other!!!

  55. John Youngs

    John YoungsPrije 7 dana

    Jeez... Who knew that bodybuilding HRcharts was filled with so much BS and drama. 😝

  56. rudyp22

    rudyp22Prije 7 dana

    I have an honest review, an honest critique.. you sounding like a whole bitch for making this video. Freedom of speech

  57. Lexxi S

    Lexxi SPrije 7 dana

    Rem is revealing his immaturity if you ask me. Also, he completely copied Mark Lobliner's Outright Bar by MTS. Which is the one i will keep buying !

  58. ThePsychopath MGTOW

    ThePsychopath MGTOWPrije 7 dana

    He would do that because he’s a little b11ch. Sorry but not sorry. He is what he is. 😂😂😂

  59. The Phonixs

    The PhonixsPrije 7 dana

    “He didn’t learn that from Greg so he was entirely wrong!” 😂😂😂

  60. Jonathan Miller

    Jonathan MillerPrije 7 dana

    Please never watch Greg while high. He's an alien, and you only see that when you're high. If you want to continue liking him, only watch sober

  61. josh

    joshPrije 6 dana

    Thanks dad

  62. Dario Dario

    Dario DarioPrije 7 dana

    greg literally destroyed him, greg i’m sorry people are morons

  63. Wizkalifia Lee

    Wizkalifia LeePrije 7 dana

    I prefer you yelling

  64. Charlie Murphy

    Charlie MurphyPrije 7 dana

    Only thing I've had better that gorilla mind is Granite pump. Mr Medows knows.

  65. Charlie Murphy

    Charlie MurphyPrije 7 dana

    I hate to unsub but Coach Dr best friend Greg wins my sub Remi fake as fuck.

  66. Tristan Williams

    Tristan WilliamsPrije 7 dana

    Yo Greg, Respond to Remington’s New Video...”I’m so sorry”

  67. Deplorable In A Basket

    Deplorable In A BasketPrije 7 dana

    I'm still chillin with my 190 cal chocolate peanut caramel Pure Protein wal-mart bar 😆

  68. Kyle E

    Kyle EPrije 7 dana

    Greg you sound like you are hurting

  69. Tim Bow

    Tim BowPrije 7 dana

    Let's be honest. Remington has Anerobic Bacteria for Brains. He has a lousy physique. He's as charismatic as a potted plant. Our (small) gym held a vote and he is on longer being played on any of our media stations. Not all Bodybuilders are Uneducated Mouth-Breathing Troglodytic IMBECILES. At my gym, we strive to become better versions of ourselves. Better father's, better mother's, and better partners.. If people want deception and Ego, they won't last at my facility! Remington is showing his ENTIRE ASS. He is behaving like a punk.

  70. Dick Severn

    Dick SevernPrije 7 dana

    Remington James must be living by some sort of Carny Code that we'll never understand.

  71. Mister J

    Mister JPrije 7 dana

    You suck. You and your shitty voice

  72. The Real Mr MONSTER

    The Real Mr MONSTERPrije 7 dana

    I can make the anabar work in a low cal diet, it’s very simple actually. Subtract what you were gonna have for a meal and replace those numbers with the numbers from the anabar. At the end of all this who really gives a shit. What’s done is done and what’s said is said.

  73. rip zoi de gato

    rip zoi de gatoPrije 7 dana

    greg just destroyed remington holy shit

  74. Matthew Leon

    Matthew LeonPrije 7 dana


  75. Brian Rusher

    Brian RusherPrije 7 dana

    As long as you burn more calories then take in does it matter?

  76. Jeff Reyes Guitar 512

    Jeff Reyes Guitar 512Prije 7 dana

    Beating meatheads with math.

  77. Jorge Bueno

    Jorge BuenoPrije 7 dana

    I just gain more respect than last time for Greg

  78. daniel l

    daniel lPrije 7 dana

    What started all this, I am behind.

  79. Jon Bond 009

    Jon Bond 009Prije 7 dana

    There beef doesn't matter. its just entertainment. People don't need to start bashing one and taking the others side. Greg isn't wrong about the words that come out his mouth. But his delivery comes off as bashful. But that advice in the end was on point. Anabar lite. Great idea.

  80. turfoid

    turfoidPrije 7 dana

    I watch every single coach video, i respect the grind

  81. Josiah martinez

    Josiah martinezPrije 7 dana

    How is 100% factual when it’s an opinion?

  82. Jazz Bachu

    Jazz BachuPrije 7 dana

    @ greg you're bloody hilarious keep up the good work! Love all the way from the UK xx

  83. Mind Of Allan

    Mind Of AllanPrije 7 dana

    He’s barely even yelling. Ngl scared for Rem

  84. Henry Linares

    Henry LinaresPrije 7 dana

    I eat the anabar and I’ve lost 45lb sooo

  85. SamCK

    SamCKPrije 7 dana

    Not sure if Greg wrote that text to Rem... there wasn’t a single spelling mistake and it wasn’t in all caps lmao

  86. Sam Kagel

    Sam KagelPrije 7 dana

    You know Greg serious when he doesn’t raise his voice

  87. HaVe_SunQ

    HaVe_SunQPrije 7 dana

    I feel like coach Greg is the last Jedi in the fitness community. So many toxicity around, so many fake nattys and liars. Thx man for contributing for better.

  88. Heath Bennett

    Heath BennettPrije 7 dana

    Gorilla mode is a great pre but the peach mango tasted like dirt to me

  89. Onlinetill9

    Onlinetill9Prije 7 dana

    Greg, up to the age of 37 you were slinging dope and only stopped because you got busted! Yet now you want to talk about character and jump down Remington's (31) throat over sugar in his candybar? Don't you see the hypocrisy? He owes you abosultely nothing you weirdo.

  90. Mason Brock

    Mason BrockPrije 7 dana

    Bro you backtracked from last video so much

  91. coleeg69

    coleeg69Prije 7 dana

    Remington James just looks like a dickhead and a scam artist. Just has something off about him and this is why. Completely in the wrong.

  92. Cosmo Gamer

    Cosmo GamerPrije 7 dana

    remington doesn't even understand fibre lol and we're supposed to take him seriously as a nutrition expert

  93. Chuck Norris

    Chuck NorrisPrije 7 dana

    Drama queen this douchete

  94. Valiant

    ValiantPrije 7 dana

    Conor Murphy lmao

  95. Joshua Palmerin

    Joshua PalmerinPrije 7 dana

    Was literally about to comment how calm he was and saw the pinned comment was about him being calm.

  96. Dick Burns

    Dick BurnsPrije 7 dana

    Watched a few of his videos and made a few of his recipes. Didn’t like either 😂. So I guess it’s good for him that the recipes were stolen, now I only dislike him for his personality.

  97. Tren.pace1654

    Tren.pace1654Prije 7 dana

    Bs Drama nobody cares about. Was info quality, now it's just stupid

  98. Holly Ryan

    Holly RyanPrije 8 dana

    He's just a total douchebag and I say that if somebody that has followed him on and off since his channel started he doesn't know anything about nutrition I know because I've communicated with him he just Donna's what he does and promotes what he needs to do to make the most money

  99. IWantMyVisionBack

    IWantMyVisionBackPrije 8 dana

    You can tell who knows what they are talking about and who doesn't.

  100. Parker McCallum

    Parker McCallumPrije 8 dana

    You should just have Remington do the cookbook line in your videos for a while

  101. Jack Mekoff

    Jack MekoffPrije 8 dana

    He has nothing to apologize for

  102. Infinity Gauntlet

    Infinity GauntletPrije 8 dana

    Damn, lost respect for both you clowns. You guys loading on the estrogen?