Never Stop Building Muscle || How To Keep Muscles Growing LONG TERM


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  1. Karl Inggard Sæther

    Karl Inggard SætherPrije 13 dana

    Wow. I've watched literally all of Greg's videos from the last two years at least. Never have I seen him this upset, and I feel for him when he tries so hard to deliver a message about living at a healthy weight so you can feel good and build muscle, but so many people don't understand it. I hope at least a few more people understand that message better after this video. His info has helped me go from an obese 105kg/230lbs to a fairly lean and healthy 74kg/164lbs while feeling amazing in daily life, all while seeing steady progress in the gym. It sucks that not everyone gets what Greg is trying to say, if they all did, they'd be healthy and happy with their bodies!

  2. Tom-Tom Tom

    Tom-Tom TomPrije 5 dana

    @Joel Tupac Mendoza maybe the foods your eating. Try rotating different things in/out.

  3. Mathias Vibeto

    Mathias VibetoPrije 11 dana

    @Karl Inggard Sæther He is an amazing person! Really like the guy :)

  4. Jonny Björnhager

    Jonny BjörnhagerPrije 11 dana

    It’s always like this when someone tells the truth: people get upset and they just refuse to listen.

  5. Lily Krue

    Lily KruePrije 11 dana

    Well said! Unfortunately people will always love to hear good news about their bad habits

  6. Karl Inggard Sæther

    Karl Inggard SætherPrije 11 dana

    @Mathias Vibeto Leif Are!

  7. itallabouthealth

    itallabouthealthPrije 17 sati

    Wow I felt the emotion you had while saying this. 😩😳🥲😅

  8. Joseph Q

    Joseph QPrije 18 sati

    I like you bro

  9. Crippy G

    Crippy GPrije 19 sati

    Coach Greg you're awesome

  10. Martin

    MartinPrije 21 sat

    So should I bulk if I want to gain muscle?

  11. Troy Leclair

    Troy LeclairPrije dan

    Greg douchbag = 🐕 💩

  12. Espada Racing

    Espada RacingPrije dan

    Coach Greg really sounds like my teacher back in the days tho haha

  13. M W

    M WPrije dan

    I'm over here post covid and just power lifting all fat watching this. dang

  14. Whiskey Forever Neat

    Whiskey Forever NeatPrije dan

    I wish I would’ve discovered coach Greg 10 years ago!

  15. Cabrera Fitness

    Cabrera FitnessPrije 2 dana

    The cops knocked on my door again from Greg's screaming, this time i invited them inside to watch, and they cried listening to coach Greg's message, they said its true.

  16. gregory yampolsky

    gregory yampolskyPrije 2 dana

    I honestly needed him to tell this at me. I need to eat more you're right coach.

  17. Ivan Gadzhanov

    Ivan GadzhanovPrije 3 dana

    What most people don't get about maingaining is, that when you do it for too long, eventually your body fat percent is gonna drop to a point of being too low for maingaining, at this stage what you do is increase your calories, eat in a bit of a surplus, until you get back to a healthy percent at which you can maingain again. That's how body recomp a. k. a. maingaining works. The most important thing to do is eat enough protein, because it has an anabolic effect on muscle and train hard, don't neglect fat as well, if your diet doesn't have enough fat, like mine, I eat about 70g. per day, I'd suggest supplementing with Omega 3-6-9, it's cheap, and also get a multivitamin. I need those supplements, because the things from the cookbook I like eating, don't include much fat or greens, it's not because im a fat-a-phobe, it's because I eat the things I like.

  18. Party Quest

    Party QuestPrije 3 dana

    Wow sweat it's impressive

  19. Jelle Wierda

    Jelle WierdaPrije 3 dana

    Started intermittent fasting again. I feel shit and tired all the time...

  20. pickle tarts

    pickle tartsPrije 3 dana

    0:46 Doggo on the right wondering if he is also a moron

  21. Lukas Wulff

    Lukas WulffPrije 3 dana

    all i hear is take tren

  22. joshuan bixbee

    joshuan bixbeePrije 4 dana

    13:20 screams body dysmorphia more than anything. visible abs and calling yourself fat?

  23. JMCA does lifts

    JMCA does liftsPrije 4 dana

    Gotta love how Greg thinks that bulking and cutting cycles will cause body dysmorphia, but somehow constantly assesing your body fat percentage by looking at the mirror won't

  24. soulwreckedrsps

    soulwreckedrspsPrije 4 dana

    I love this man ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Andrew Wang

    Andrew WangPrije 5 dana

    Basic rundown: 15 yr olds think they’re smarter than a pro bodybuilder with a masters degree

  26. Chris Andrews

    Chris AndrewsPrije 5 dana


  27. Whataboutgimp

    WhataboutgimpPrije 5 dana

    do you gain body weight while you maingain?? or is it just like you stay at 150 lbs for example?

  28. Scott Murray

    Scott MurrayPrije 5 dana

    10g fat a day!?!? Surely you’re only eating rice and egg whites to get that 🤔

  29. James Caputo

    James CaputoPrije 5 dana

    Great video. But where are all these people who are “too lean?” I’m of the opinion that leanness and single digit body fat is more of an online fetish topic that people enjoy discussing. Vanishingly few people are actually lean, much less “too lean.”

  30. Chris Jensen

    Chris JensenPrije 6 dana

    Yo, great vids and everything, but for gods sake put some gel in your hair! Looks like you got Electrocuted

  31. HAB YouTube

    HAB YouTubePrije 6 dana

    “On tren since I was ten” - Greg Doucette. I love this guy 😂 He speaks facts as well as being a comedian unintentionally 👏🏽

  32. Luna

    LunaPrije 6 dana

    You’re the only one that has really helped me, so thank u 🙏🏻

  33. Andrew Lancefield

    Andrew LancefieldPrije 6 dana

    Meh social media...there is a Facebook group with a moderator who is just as bad and unpleasant

  34. EVROPA

    EVROPAPrije 6 dana

    Can someone clarify. Is maintaining at a small caloric surplus in order to maintain the same bodyfat percentage maingaining? It would need to be a small caloric surplus in order to put on muscle while not decreasing bodyfat. So for those who feel like shit at say 10%, even if they're in a caloric surplus, is that because they've decreased their metabolism to the point they are unable to use that caloric surplus effectively to build muscle, because they are functioning on an suboptimal amount of calories?

  35. Chris Matney

    Chris MatneyPrije 6 dana

    I lost 100lbs went from 280lbs to 180lbs. I've put a good amount of muscle on but I have a hard time staying in the 180's cuz I like the creases and veins. I can push myself in the gym cuz I got good motivation but I got more energy when I eat more. I hate to go in the 190's. (6'3")

  36. Lord Nuclear

    Lord NuclearPrije 6 dana

    A wild tail appears 2:50 😂😂

  37. jake Godsell-Tagg

    jake Godsell-TaggPrije 6 dana

    I still don’t get it. I’m current 11/12% body fat at 150lbs I’m 5ft 10 so I my maximum weight I can reach is 180ishlbs whilst 10% body fat.( Natural). Surely it’s better to lean bulk and cut to get there instead of painfully slowly maingaining muscle over 10/15 years maybe longer.

  38. trev p

    trev pPrije 7 dana

    Coach doing what he does best. Teach us what we need😍😍

  39. Jimmy Diesel

    Jimmy DieselPrije 7 dana

    One of coach's best videos in a while

  40. Unknown User

    Unknown UserPrije 7 dana

    I’m blessed to have discovered this channel last year. I binge watched a lot of coach Greg’s videos, and learned an incredible amount of knowledge I wouldn’t have learnt anywhere else. What makes me feel even more blessed and lucky, is that I’m still 15 years old, and is able to start learning REAL info about fitness from an early age. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ Greg Doucette my coach, instructor, counselor, dietician, and *doctor*

  41. Tor-Andre Kongelf

    Tor-Andre KongelfPrije 7 dana

    Some people have this idea in their head that they want to look like a prime shredded bodybuilder on stage with 5% bodyfat and feel amazing and build muscle at the same time. It doesn't work like that. That's what they are trying to do. They are trying to live an illusion because they want the best of 2 worlds. When it doesn't work, they blame the messenger or someone else except their own flawed rationality. By the way, being 15% body and feel great and able to build some muscle is awesome. That's not bad. I don't understand why some are afraid of being at that level.

  42. Ramon S

    Ramon SPrije 7 dana

    I agree with Coach Greg here. I'm literally doing an aggressive cut because I just want my cut to be over with. Then I want to maintain at 12 percent body fat.

  43. Ryan

    RyanPrije 7 dana

    Lol "not everyone learns at the same rate" this video- the morons.... lol love it

  44. Wanda Hart

    Wanda HartPrije 7 dana

    U R tha Best Coach Greg. Much love from Atlanta. Muah

  45. lil angelfuck

    lil angelfuckPrije 7 dana

    Real circles lose-gain

  46. Otaku4ever

    Otaku4everPrije 8 dana

    Greg reminds me of a teacher who’s trying to express his disappointment to a whole class that failed an exam

  47. Ivan Toman

    Ivan TomanPrije 8 dana

    OK, "maingaining" strategy is fine if your goal isn't fully optimize muscle growth. If you want to squeeze every single pound of muscle or be able to lift as much as you can, you need to eat more and become somewhat fat. Sorry Greg, but people have different reasons and goals to have certain physique. You say it is not best way to gain weight and cut. I ask you, best for what? It might not be best for longetivity, yes. You might have sligtly more increased risk for health. But you might get your other goal instead that you would not be able to by keeping your abs shreadded year around. Yes it is nice to have 12% BF and take of the shirt. But will you look big in clothes? No. Will you be strongest you can be for your sport, or physical work you do, or whatever you need strength for? No. Will you build your muscles in fastest way possible? No. There are downsides of any particular BF set point. And people have different goals throughout the year too, so "ideal" BF percent changes with different goals. For example one might want abs for summer and looking more full under clothes for winter. Yes it might be superficial goal but don't judge people. There are more important goals than looks only, especially if someone is involved in sport at competition level. It does not have to be bodybuilding. Last, few numbers. If you maintain your 12% BF eating 2500kcal a day, or increase that to 3000kcal a day, within year that would be 182500 kcal more. That difference WILL put you in better position to build more muscle during that year; you don't have to agree but it will. Muscles are not built from thin air, but from FOOD, from energy that you ingest through food you eat. You will be in better position to build muscle if you move away from your abs-y 12% BF to 15 or 18 percent, and cutting back before summer or whavever from 18 to 12 percent is far from being hard thing to do.

  48. Ivan Toman

    Ivan TomanPrije 5 dana

    ​@Naufal Rangkuty I did not. First of all, the same person with 18% BF will have better chances to recomp than person with 12% BF, that's absolutely true. But even at 18% BF, in surplus he will gain more muscle over time, than in maintenance. Will gaining in surplus be equally smart idea to do at 18% as gaining at 12%? No, because soon he will enter unhealthy bodyfat range. But if his priority is maximizing muscle, accepting higher BF levels and higher health risks, then it is still better to gain in surplus than trying to recomp in maintenance. Now, explanation what I've said with this: "You will be in better position to build muscle if you move away from your abs-y 12% BF to 15 or 18 percent, and cutting back before summer or whavever from 18 to 12 percent is far from being hard thing to do." --- I wanted to say, that if one stays at 12% BF and eat at maintenance, he will be in less anabolic state then one who will eat in surplus, and in a period of time, let it be 1 year, gain muscle and bodyfat from 12% BF to 18% BF, in slow, controlled manner.

  49. Naufal Rangkuty

    Naufal RangkutyPrije 5 dana

    @Ivan Toman you said you can build muscle while maintaining 18% bodyfat, is this not true then? Pick a side man

  50. Ivan Toman

    Ivan TomanPrije 5 dana

    @Naufal Rangkuty Between "Maintaining body fat while increasing muscle" or "maintaining body weight while increasing muscle" is miniscule difference for anyone with few years of lifting under the belt. The muscle gain process is so slow over time, that the difference between these two states has only theoretical value, but in reality it is not possible to distinct between them. Intermediate lifter can get at most few pounds of muscle within a year (if lucky), and by keeping body fat the same in that process, at the end of the year his total weight increase will still be within day-to-day fluctuation noise compared to starting point. So for all practical application, that process is equal to caloric maintenance, and that is not optimal state to build muscle over time. You need suprlus, and you need to see your scale going up over time at least in detectable amount over noise level, within month or two. Over a year that will give you around 10 lbs of body weight increase for good lean bulk process, buf if you're not newbie, out of those 10 lbs at least half, and most probably more than half, will be adipose tissue and less than half lean tissue (even less than lean tissue will be actual muscle). What Greg says is possible only in theory, and even if it is somehow possible in reality to control everything with brilliant mathematical precision to keep BF percent constant, that will still not be most optimal way to maximise muscle development, because nutritional signal will not be strong enough to support anabolic process to it's full potential. From here on I would advise everyone to study for example Eric Helms, Lyle McDonald, Greg Nuckols, Eric Trexler, Mike Israetel... they slightly disagree on how fast one should gain weight during muscle building phases, but they all agree that it should be clearly measurable amount on monthly basis, and they all agree that during that phase body fat will also be gained as unavoidable sideeffect, and that after that, a phase of caloric deficit will be absolutely required to keep trainee within acceptable body fat range, long term.

  51. Naufal Rangkuty

    Naufal RangkutyPrije 5 dana

    @Ivan Toman "after the shows over they eat more, the bodyfat go up, then once they get to comfortable level thats healthy they maingain that percent bodyfat while slowly adding muscle" yea bruh, you misunderstand

  52. Naufal Rangkuty

    Naufal RangkutyPrije 5 dana

    @Ivan Toman 4:42

  53. Yawar riaz

    Yawar riazPrije 8 dana

    need likes from pakistan 🇵🇰

  54. Song Lover

    Song LoverPrije 8 dana

    even arnold didnt get puffy lol, greg is one of the few real coaches out there who understands

  55. Richard Silverberg

    Richard SilverbergPrije 8 dana

    Damn right Greg.Natural takes more of a man to work harder and live healthier.

  56. Ali Ayoubi

    Ali AyoubiPrije 8 dana

    You're not eating the friggin cookbook!!!!!


    SILVISHPrije 8 dana

    My man took some pre workout for this video LMAO

  58. Parth Shah

    Parth ShahPrije 8 dana

    My coworker's last day was today. My parting advice was: "subscribe to coach greg on youtube "

  59. Bhuvan B Vijeesh

    Bhuvan B VijeeshPrije 9 dana

    4:50 is that your dog it sound like a pig

  60. Tyler D

    Tyler DPrije 9 dana

    Really love how much your heart is in this coach Greg. The passion shows.

  61. Bill Monty

    Bill MontyPrije 9 dana

    The only issue I have is that if you’re maintaining the same body fat % while gaining muscle, then by definition you can’t be at maintenance you’re at a small surplus. For example let’s say I’m 164 lbs 10%, if I want to be 174 10% my maintenance calories at that point would’ve had to increase. So it’s really just a very lean bulk which could be pedantic but the details matter here lol

  62. Hi Im Takezo

    Hi Im TakezoPrije 9 dana

    Greg is the teacher who actually cares about you to gain important knowledge and not just give you extra grades to help you pass as a braindead just to get rid of you. Protect this precious man(not like he needs it)

  63. Malik Studios

    Malik StudiosPrije 9 dana

    27:30 I swear that’s Greg’s first f-bomb

  64. Robert Niemelä

    Robert NiemeläPrije 9 dana

    Everytime the doc yells at me I feel more confident at where Im at and about myself. Been trusting his word for 9 months now. Lost 10kg of bodyweight and added muscle and weight to my lifts. And never felt better in my life. Keep doing the good work doc! EDIT: Bless the cookbook!

  65. Lee Munro

    Lee MunroPrije 9 dana

    This guys the best on HRcharts!!

  66. Ok U

    Ok UPrije 9 dana

    Where can I get those heavy chains in Ontario Great videos Cheers

  67. XCruzrR6

    XCruzrR6Prije 9 dana

    Personally, I think it's your voice but i'm with you bro. Dont @ me XD

  68. Angel Arvelo Jr

    Angel Arvelo JrPrije 9 dana

    I'm glad that I saw this video thx coach Greg now I understand alot more about eating the right way. You're good at what you do..

  69. King Das

    King DasPrije 9 dana

    Patrick should size down for classic

  70. Daniel Ayoo

    Daniel AyooPrije 9 dana

    I feel like Greg has said this a million times😂

  71. aFullMetal Mutt

    aFullMetal MuttPrije 9 dana

    TLDW If you feel like poop, eat more. If not gaining muscle, eat more. No sex drive, eat more. Can't sleep, eat more. Once at the level you feel good and not gaining weight then you maintain and gain. Also buy the cook book ^_^

  72. Jorge Hoyos Rentería

    Jorge Hoyos RenteríaPrije 9 dana

    The dog was suffering.

  73. alex carrillo

    alex carrilloPrije 9 dana

    m0sQuAiTOsEs I love when he says that XD

  74. Caleb Wallace

    Caleb WallacePrije 9 dana

    this video needs to blow up.

  75. The Tortoise

    The TortoisePrije 9 dana

    another waste of time where all you do is whine an cry and do not teach any one any thing ... this channel has gone so far down hill in the past year ..... what a shame

  76. Christopher Mirkovich

    Christopher MirkovichPrije 9 dana

    Tren bologna sandwiches always work

  77. Jacob Miles

    Jacob MilesPrije 9 dana

    Hi am 12 how 2 bulk and kut

  78. kerpal321

    kerpal321Prije 9 dana

    what steroids do i have to take to look like 1996 shawn michaels

  79. Josh Castle

    Josh CastlePrije 9 dana

    Genuinely feel for you man but know that for most of us who actually listen you’ve made a positive difference and then some. Before I started watching your videos I was eating 1200-1500 calories a day and fasting a stupid amount of hours per day, had an extremely unhealthy relationship with food and didn’t go near any drink that wasn’t water in fear of an insulin spike. Now I’m on the Gatorade Zero’s and sugar free Pepsi / Sunkist, 2500 calories and spreading meals /protein out 4-5 times per day and have never felt better. The suffering was so not worth it. Now I’m down 86 pounds in total and sitting at my goal weight, looking to maintain / build a little more muscle slowly and patiently whilst knocking a little more off the body fat %. Thank you for everything.

  80. totonac fitnes

    totonac fitnesPrije 9 dana

    Its not that people don't want to eat more or don't want to main gain the problem is they don't how much to eat to some people you need to explain it alot so they get it juts saying eat more doesn't doesn't compute

  81. robert uhl

    robert uhlPrije 10 dana

    Greg dont waste your time. Either people are messing with you or they dont get it. People cant think outside the box and cant see whole picture. I understand what ur saying.I see ur passion to help people but those people dont want ur help. Keeping helping those who understand and appreciate ur help.

  82. Alpha Fitness

    Alpha FitnessPrije 10 dana

    I feel that pain for people. Your heart is awesome. You are an amazing person. Thank god i found your channel. Love from Kuwait.

  83. Neal Cage

    Neal CagePrije 10 dana

    “FATTYPHOBE” that’s a new one… gonna keep it… it’s gonna come in handy

  84. Amina El Misbahi

    Amina El MisbahiPrije 10 dana

    What about a lean bulking coach Greg?

  85. inky nate

    inky natePrije 10 dana

    I think that for some of these people, it will almost never matter what he says. They'll see that G-Shred maintains 9% year round and will insist that they should be able to as well. Nevermind that he's an ifbb pro with elite genetics, etc... I am down around 55lbs from a peak of 210, to 155ish. Would estimate 11-12% body fat. I reached the point where I started to not feel great anymore, had less energy for lifting, etc. Now I'm slowly increasing calories to where I feel good and can maingain. Doesn't seem that hard to me. Thanks so much for everything Coach!

  86. Fred S

    Fred SPrije 10 dana

    Love your videos, it’s just so nice to hear someone talking about anorexia in bodybuilding. I lost my period since 1 year and a half, my heart started to have problems, so so important to listen to coach greg!!! Forget your dream physic and be realistic.

  87. hwknswltr

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    IMRAN FITNESSPrije 10 dana

    Good tips 👍

  89. Rafid Aziz

    Rafid AzizPrije 10 dana

    I wish I discovered your videos and advice when I was younger. You are saving the fitness industry one video at a time.

  90. Erik

    ErikPrije 10 dana

    He's about to go full we live in a society

  91. metisse1991

    metisse1991Prije 10 dana

    It always blows my mind when he refers to himself as "small" or talks about people saying "he's lost all his muscle". This guy is already in the top %. If he's not big to you, your standards are fucked up, and I hope that you can fix your expectations before you harm yourself by trying to achieve the unachievable.

  92. Yashvardhan Singh

    Yashvardhan SinghPrije 10 dana

    Pains to see how stupid people are


    JAKE SMITHPrije 10 dana

    So, find your maintenance level diet intake and subtract 500 calories? 🤔

  94. eyang7

    eyang7Prije 10 dana

    Greg's hair is gonna get him qualified for gym shark pretty soon 😅😂

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    SEAKPhotogPrije 10 dana

    Great video/advice.

  96. S/V Lusca

    S/V LuscaPrije 10 dana

    So I see myself at 15% body fat but I should aim for half that, 7.5% goal it is. ☑️😉

  97. Dalton Church

    Dalton ChurchPrije 10 dana

    I feel good and have good energy when i’m working out and training harder than last time but sometimes i don’t know if i’m gaining muscle. What should I do?

  98. Kadoogan83

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    I don't get it 😜

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    Jonathan MichaelsPrije 10 dana

    Does he have to shout so much. Surely it’s bad for his heart.

  100. MaleusDarkblade

    MaleusDarkbladePrije 10 dana

    Yeah, I feel truly what You are saying. But lets say, you got a special Case like this: Someone is depressive: Imagine you know that Eating more is good for you and Training gets you better. But Eaiting itself is such a massive Act, that you have tremendous difficulties with. In conseuquence your mood is getting worse, because of feelings like guilt, to not have eaten enough to allow you to train? What would your advice maybe look like? Psychiatrist is not an option, that would be too obvious ;) My Idea would be "time your time" But what would you an the others say? If you want to :)

  101. YouTube Fitness

    YouTube FitnessPrije 10 dana

    Jason blaha said if you want to be 200 lean you have to bulk up to 230 and cut to 200 multiple times.

  102. Srihari Kulkarni

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  103. boldandsexy

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    There will always be people who wouldn't understand this concept at first. But in time, and after watching enough of the Coach, they will understand.

  104. Frankie Cottrell

    Frankie CottrellPrije 10 dana

    These kids also don't realize that not everyone is a bodybuilder or trying to compete. Theres no point in trying to live that life if it doesn't serve you in any way. Coach is trying to help people maintain a lifestyle that let's them also live their lives.

  105. ArielLeighJ

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    Doucette is that uncle that gives it to you straight.

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  109. Robin

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  110. Pedro Gonzalez

    Pedro GonzalezPrije 11 dana

    This video should be shown to all coach greg haters. Then I can look them in the face and see how wrong they are. Complete morons