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  1. eliza hamilton

    eliza hamiltonPrije 8 dana

    Hey greg I wanted to let you know that you have drastically changed my life. When I started watching your channel my dad had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and a fatty liver. The doctors said he needed to lose weight and eat better or he would die young. Now that I got him your cookbook he is down 40 pounds and is significantly healthier. Thanks to you I will get to have my dad alive significantly longer. I wanted to write this comment to thank you for this. Edit: y'all in the comments are so nice tysm for your heartfelt replies.

  2. Chris P Duck

    Chris P DuckPrije 16 sati

    This comment is from one of Greg's troll account.

  3. eliza hamilton

    eliza hamiltonPrije 2 dana

    @TheFuzzle1 tysm for the advise 😁

  4. TheFuzzle1

    TheFuzzle1Prije 4 dana

    Btw DNP is the only fat burning substance that is so selective, it could effectively treat a fatty liver.

  5. Drenalin Therapy

    Drenalin TherapyPrije 5 dana

    That’s amazing! May god bless you and your father on those healthy gains 🤘🏾💥

  6. Markusfen

    MarkusfenPrije 5 dana

    You're crying i'm not crying😭

  7. Ashley Burns

    Ashley BurnsPrije 6 sati

    He did gay stuff with hanyR

  8. Marcus Neto

    Marcus NetoPrije dan

    Greg, There’s a video where you said you’ve been taking Test at HRT dosages and also Primobolan. Are you still using Primo? If yes, at what dose? Are you taking anything else? You do keep a very low body fat year round, but also maintaining that “dry” 3D look and nice skin, that doesn’t come only with diet. Are you using Proviron to help you maintain that look too? 👍

  9. ckemi mire

    ckemi mirePrije dan

    Jeremy it’s one of the realest. Huge respect to him.

  10. Shiva Ramsubhag

    Shiva RamsubhagPrije 3 dana

    Great video, i cant understand how jeremy can see for himself that so much is wrong with his bloodwork, and how he feels like crap, and would still wanna use more

  11. KB

    KBPrije 3 dana

    Is Jeremy Buendia trying to build a great physique or walgreens?

  12. K Kwok

    K KwokPrije 3 dana

    The fellow advising Mr Buendia is deluded. Nice job Greg

  13. Aryamann Bisht

    Aryamann BishtPrije 4 dana


  14. FJS 1234

    FJS 1234Prije 4 dana

    Greg spot on as always but I mean real question is to compete at highest or elite levels of the sport can you really have perfect a near perfect blood work. I just don’t think it’s possible. I mean to be at or compete at that level unfortunately that’s what it takes. If he lets say gets to all normal ranges dude wouldn’t even be top 5 would fade away. I guess question really is. Can you have perfect normal blood work and walk on Olympia stage. Thinking answer is no.

  15. drliu

    drliuPrije 4 dana

    Man…why are you making videos about this fucking domestic abusing loser

  16. Scott Priest

    Scott PriestPrije 4 dana

    Just Tren harder than last time bro

  17. pacu fish

    pacu fishPrije 4 dana

    Calling out the bullshit💪

  18. Charles Dean

    Charles DeanPrije 4 dana


  19. sinead O'Kane

    sinead O'KanePrije 4 dana

    Sounds like the drs where I live…… ‘your results are slightly high…. It’s ok, we will monitor you, come back in 6 months if you can get an appointment lol’

  20. GermanInvasion

    GermanInvasionPrije 4 dana

    The drastic change these guys go thru once they stop taking the sauce is just sad. Proves that they never even had a baseline and hopped on the organic juice from the get go. I hope it was worth it!

  21. Edward Luo

    Edward LuoPrije 4 dana

    Bodybuilder “athletes” have metabolic syndrome

  22. HSC GT Cooper3

    HSC GT Cooper3Prije 4 dana

    We got something for everything smh this dude should be put on front street and called out and Jeremy educate yourself don't put your life in another mans hand

  23. HSC GT Cooper3

    HSC GT Cooper3Prije 4 dana

    Who is this guy he trust they are both highly uneducated on the matter, I love Jeremy and feel bad for him, people love yourselves. Fitness is supposed to be about health, if its killing you it's not worth it, MONEY CANT SAVE OUR SOULS.

  24. J TO

    J TOPrije 4 dana

    Does anyone know what trt company is prescribing Jeremy this scripts? I want to sign up with them.

  25. mannyvelo

    mannyveloPrije 4 dana

    I ride and race bikes so thumbs up to this vid. Greg, would be cool to kick it on a 100k ride with you.

  26. mannyvelo

    mannyveloPrije 4 dana

    All for what? To look good in board shorts? Other women? I’d be terrified I wouldn’t wake up. Best of luck to JB.

  27. Aaron Chase

    Aaron ChasePrije 4 dana

    I can't believe this doctor just keeps prescribing shit to this dude.

  28. clif keen

    clif keenPrije 4 dana

    "Talk to your doctor, blablabla." So what if your doctor is a moron? No thanks, I will do my own research. My body, my responsibility. If the doctor prescribes 300 mg of test a week, I won't take it, because I know it's too damn much for me. So no, don't always just listen to your doctor.

  29. Risingconjunctvenus

    RisingconjunctvenusPrije 4 dana

    What about his 8 inches

  30. redstang70

    redstang70Prije 4 dana

    Hard to tell why his lipids are bad since we dont know what all hes taking. The estrogen antagonists will make a mess of those as well though especially letro...its awful for lipids and having your E2 too low is as bad as having it too wonder he feels like shit lol.

  31. Pissed Off Guy

    Pissed Off GuyPrije 4 dana

    Where's the full video to this?

  32. Liam Hayes

    Liam HayesPrije 4 dana

    Eq converts to estragon but converts to e1 not e2 in my understanding and has a higher affinity for aromatas than test so (imo) can give a low e2 reading while actually having higher overall estragon. I can't remember in detail but Derek done a 45 min video on it which I actually watched through as was relevant to me at the time lol

  33. Salih Baş

    Salih BaşPrije 4 dana

    I worry when I'm death - Rest in High Glucose Jeremy Buendia. Wtf?

  34. Cristian Vidal

    Cristian VidalPrije 4 dana

    Crazy what the risk can be and often you would have to ask yourself if it’s worth it

  35. fsufan

    fsufanPrije 5 dana

    so bodybuilders look healthy but they are not

  36. Panagiotis Makris

    Panagiotis MakrisPrije 5 dana

    Great advice Greg. All these young guys want the easy way out. I’m 60 this year. Haven’t touched pd for 20 years. Still in great shape with visible abs. 5 feet seven and over 200 pounds natural.

  37. Vincent Le

    Vincent LePrije 5 dana

    who are the idiots that disliked the video lmao

  38. charlie garcia

    charlie garciaPrije 5 dana

    Boston loyed exposed jeramy on what he took and what he order

  39. Blake Hilton

    Blake HiltonPrije 5 dana

    So is him doing this “brave” or is it because he is part owner in a HRT clinic and it helps sales?

  40. Alex Sixx

    Alex SixxPrije 5 dana

    Jeremy said he's on trt using 300mgs of test per week, 100mgs deca and boldelone!!!.... that's not trt!...that's a cycle already c'mon

  41. Dan

    DanPrije 5 dana

    Guy with Jeremy video clearly doesn't care that much

  42. Michael

    MichaelPrije 5 dana

    Being on PEDs and going to a "coach" like this is the equivalent of going to a youtube crypto guru for financial advice.

  43. Michael

    MichaelPrije 4 dana

    @_ Mooney ohhh haah gotcha my man! good looks!

  44. _ Mooney

    _ MooneyPrije 4 dana

    @Michael lol, im just drawing the parallel between that and; "my blood work isn't looking so hot. What should I do? Cycle off for a while?" No!! Don't do that! Here, just take all this shit and stay on.

  45. Michael

    MichaelPrije 4 dana

    @_ Mooney shoulda thought about that before you invested broski!

  46. _ Mooney

    _ MooneyPrije 4 dana

    I'm on the road to financial ruin, what should I do? I have 300k in crypto, do you think I should just pull some out? "Now is the time to buy! Take out a second mortgage and buy more crypto!"

  47. Marsh Doud

    Marsh DoudPrije 5 dana

    How does beating up women affect testosterone?

  48. Rowan Coulter

    Rowan CoulterPrije 5 dana

    Please, please guys and girls, educate yourself on what you're putting into your body

  49. I'm melting!

    I'm melting!Prije 5 dana

    When are you gonna do a video on the 61 year old who won Paul Revelias 90 day challenge ?

  50. Petros Kapodistrias

    Petros KapodistriasPrije 5 dana

    You are the man Greg. 💯 agreed with what you said. One thing that makes me crazy is that Jeremy is coaching other athletes.....

  51. Malvin De Leon

    Malvin De LeonPrije 5 dana

    Reckon because of Adobo gains

  52. Matthew Smith

    Matthew SmithPrije 5 dana

    Hey coach Greg, there are a ton of HRT clinics in the U.S. that prescribe an AI right off the bat. They never wait to see if you need it or not.

  53. Seth Belanger

    Seth BelangerPrije 5 dana

    This dude is full of it! An excuse every time something pops up, oh, it’s the EQ, oh, I tested too early when I did my shot. Cmon man! We all know

  54. Ryan Ventura

    Ryan VenturaPrije 6 dana

    What a CLown, it is unbelievable how an Olympian body builder has such a lack of knowledge about what peds are all about.

  55. Rafael Birkner

    Rafael BirknerPrije 6 dana

    This guy's protein powder is dusted...

  56. Deathby spd

    Deathby spdPrije 6 dana

    Hey guys, this greg at more plates , wait I'm derek, delt trap lord at more plates more dates, here reviewing jeremy

  57. Alec Tramblay

    Alec TramblayPrije 6 dana

    This guy reading bloodwork is the issue with these fake as TRT clinics popping up, glorified drug dealers who don’t know wtf they are talking about in regards to health half the time

  58. Alec Tramblay

    Alec TramblayPrije 6 dana

    Who tf is the guy reading the bloodwork? That cholesterol is fucking terrible!

  59. Luke Paulson

    Luke PaulsonPrije 6 dana

    Why do people consider bodybuilders “athletes”? They are beauty pageant contestants. Bodybuilding has nothing to do with fitness.

  60. Johnson Wang

    Johnson WangPrije 6 dana

    Do I need to do blood work check if I’m only on 250 mg test per week?

  61. Mr. G

    Mr. GPrije 5 dana

    It's a supraphysiological dose. I would definitely get bloodwork especially if you expect to run it for a long period.

  62. M G

    M GPrije 6 dana

    Yeah that’s really good that he posted his blood work. with blood sugar like that he’s likely got visceral fat in the organs such as non alcoholic fatty liver disease. That might explain the appetite issues. Perhaps he was taking insulin and GH. His lipid profile seems to indicate he’s been taking too many aromatase inhibitors. That low level of estrogen is terrible for the health and likely explains the blood lipids. Listen to what Neal Rouzier says about estrogen, he’ll feel way better once his estrogen is higher. Also taking tudca or udca is incredible for the liver. I think it’s best to take testosterone in isolation until you get a stable baseline, 150-200mg a week. Also when you’re on testosterone your body burns through micro nutrients faster, cronometer is an excellent resource so you know you’re getting optimal intake of vitamins, and minerals. Check out the book the mineral fix.

  63. M G

    M GPrije 6 dana

    In regards to trt I think you want to achieve a titer at the upper end of the reference range, so with the context and pharmaco kinetics of the ester it’s best to do blood work on your trough day. Neal Rouzier is one of the best doctors in the hormone optimization space. It doesn’t really seem like hormone doctors in Canada treat for symptoms resolution they seem to be more concerned keeping you in mid range of the reference range for liability reasons. I think if your blood work values are healthy it’s reasonable to go higher. If I remember correctly they lowered the reference range, some labs used to go as high as 1200 ng/dl which is like 41-42 nmol/l I think it should be legal to purchase like in Thailand, and the hormone optimization space needs to catch up to places like the USA.

  64. Mohamad Hariz

    Mohamad HarizPrije 6 dana

    too much chems here

  65. Majico Garcia

    Majico GarciaPrije 6 dana

    Good shit, Greg.

  66. nitin kumar

    nitin kumarPrije 6 dana

    Waiting for mpmd doing a breakdown on this...

  67. Marty Boer

    Marty BoerPrije 6 dana

    thick blood and high cholesterol your just asking for a stroke

  68. Le0

    Le0Prije 6 dana

    today's bodybuilding has become dependent on steroids.interesting......

  69. Jackson Lovato

    Jackson LovatoPrije 6 dana

    Can you please react to Dtren’s content on TikTok I want to hear what you think about the things he says and his opinions

  70. Benlive27

    Benlive27Prije 6 dana

    Why can’t he just take 150mgs of test and be ok with it? Well Bc he has felt what it’s like to be blasting everything and winning the Olympia. It’s hard for Olympians to stop using gear bc they blast so much of it for years. Almost like they can’t accept being a normal person. I’m sure it’s fun winning and feeling like Superman but, I hope the younger generation takes this information serious.

  71. Mike B

    Mike BPrije 6 dana

    Lol I started trt 2 months ago had to do a 6 week blood test didn’t take a shot for 5 days prior derp what the hell how do these guys not know that....

  72. Flex Anesthesia

    Flex AnesthesiaPrije 6 dana

    Be healthier than last time. Get blood work done quarterly or at minimum biannual.

  73. JP Jacobs

    JP JacobsPrije 6 dana

    Eq can tank e2. I hope mpmd corrects you

  74. PDG

    PDGPrije 6 dana

    Cmon greg, i think we all know by now Total cholestrol is the least important indicator for heart health HDL (which was bad) and triglycerides are the leading indicators.

  75. Brandan Baker

    Brandan BakerPrije 6 dana

    Greg been calling people out for their uneducated videos more than last time

  76. carsten nielsen

    carsten nielsenPrije 6 dana

    Wish you would tell more about how you healed your triceptendon. Glad to see that you seem back to training, but is it healed fully?

  77. carsten nielsen

    carsten nielsenPrije 6 dana

    Interesting you, Greg, never had high bloodglucose. Do you think its because you have been heavy on cardio, or have you allso been doing cardio when focused competing in bodybuilding in your younger days? I mean, your still young kind of, but I meant: Even younger?

  78. Brandan Baker

    Brandan BakerPrije 6 dana

    Coming from an EMT, if a person’s BGL was 4 pts high I wouldnt be that worried lol

  79. _ Mooney

    _ MooneyPrije 3 dana

    @Gully Foyle yeah, so it's most like the GH related stuff he's taking. Still alarming if you ask me, considering his estrogen is leveled so bad he takes 2 weeks to recover. And the solution is more GH and Deca.

  80. Gully Foyle

    Gully FoylePrije 3 dana

    He was fasting before the test.

  81. _ Mooney

    _ MooneyPrije 3 dana

    @Brandan Baker probably a valid point honestly. I'm no expert, but it's not like diabetic level high. But it's kind of concerning because the coach is recommending growth hormone secretegouge while he's marginally above normal. Which, I dunno. Maybe that's as bad as it gets for him. But seems like you'd wanna address that before taking anything that will mess with it more.

  82. Brandan Baker

    Brandan BakerPrije 4 dana

    @_ Mooney yeah I agree, def something to take into consideration with his lifestyle vs a known diabetic. Out of everything else that was wrong with his bloodwork that one would have me the least worried lol.

  83. _ Mooney

    _ MooneyPrije 4 dana

    I guess it's possible he just ate something that spiked it before taking the test. But, it's not good if that's where he's at while he's supposed to be "getting healthy" so he can get on another cycle.

  84. Alex Ipri

    Alex IpriPrije 6 dana

    What do I have to say to my doctor so he will up my dose .. anyone else on trt that can give me an idea

  85. Felipe França

    Felipe FrançaPrije 6 dana

    Tell him you wanna sauce your face off

  86. Jonathan Castro

    Jonathan CastroPrije 6 dana

    Well I will say that blood glucose has many factors. 103 isn't that bad. Your glucose level can go up by 15 or 20 after a meal. If it was 110 or above I would be more worried. His LDL ratio is not good!

  87. Rob

    RobPrije 6 dana

    if you are on juice you should be donating blood 3 times a year i have to and im just on TRT

  88. Michael P

    Michael PPrije 6 dana

    4 points over on the blood glucose really isn’t much. Take this from a life long type 1 diabetic that wears a cgm 24/7. Anabolic steroids will make you insulin resistant hence the higher number. The liver also dumps glucose in the waking hours in an attempt to get the body going. Could be a lot of reasons for that result. His best bet would be to test his numbers every morning and see if there’s a trend.

  89. Dario I.

    Dario I.Prije 6 dana

    Greg and guys, what about thick blood on steroids? How can I adjust thick blood? Water, cardio(200km mtb every week), aspirin and what else?

  90. d

    dPrije 6 dana

    Donate blood.

  91. Jupiter34

    Jupiter34Prije 6 dana

    As always Greg your commentary is excellent. You are providing great information for the bodybuilding/weightlifting community.

  92. Mike Martinez

    Mike MartinezPrije 6 dana

    Greg, how and the hell do you bring up the good cholesterol?????? So no more test is what you are saying?

  93. Mhmd Alamri

    Mhmd AlamriPrije 6 dana


  94. Johannes Stephanus Roos

    Johannes Stephanus RoosPrije 6 dana

    Hey coach, what do you think about the taking baby aspirin for the 'thicker' blood due to higher red cell count? Asking because a _ton_ of young adults/teens are on orals like Dianabol in my country

  95. Bokka Pooh

    Bokka PoohPrije 6 dana

    Love your videos and dont want to sound like a hater but your thyroid comment didnt make a lot of sense, Couch Greg. Hyper and hypothyroid isnt about calories intake. Did I misunderstand your comment there? Because diet wont change thyroid issues. There are diets that help thyroid issues but you cant fix a thyroid issue by dieting.

  96. Steve Fantastics

    Steve FantasticsPrije 7 dana

    His blood work isn't a crisis. Greg is being an asshat. 🤡😝

  97. Dylan Jones

    Dylan JonesPrije 7 dana


  98. Shem Hamforash

    Shem HamforashPrije 7 dana

    That dude in the pink hat will be the death of Jeremy.

  99. Pandah Sykes

    Pandah SykesPrije 7 dana

    I thought this loser was dead already

  100. Lorenzo Martini

    Lorenzo MartiniPrije 7 dana

    It’s incredible that Jeremy doesn’t know a shit about the word of PEDs

  101. Unknown Nobody

    Unknown NobodyPrije 7 dana

    Greg on 120mg of test how long did it take for your levels to go to 700’s, my doc put me on 200 a week and I should get blood work next month. I just don’t want my level to get to high just want to be normal.

  102. Gixxer 1018

    Gixxer 1018Prije 7 dana

    Greg! eq lowers estrogen mpmp made a videos about this.

  103. science behind the hype

    science behind the hypePrije 7 dana

    everyone;-watching gregs opinion on jeremy me;-whats wrong with gregs hairsssssss

  104. Abiding Walks

    Abiding WalksPrije 7 dana

    He’s actually borderline hyperthyroid. If he’s on Synthroid he needs a lower dose; if he’s not he’s in potential trouble. His T3 is actually clinically off as well.

  105. Christopher Bonante

    Christopher BonantePrije 7 dana

    Excellent video.

  106. Boss Dre12pack

    Boss Dre12packPrije 7 dana

    Great video. All steroids are bad for you.. next explain how Hrt is bad also.. People are thinking hrt is cool and safe.

  107. andrew Lopez

    andrew LopezPrije 7 dana

    Glucose fluctuates to frequently to really consider it concerning especially with only being elevated 4 points. Of course abnormally high is concerning and low is very concerning as that need be addressed immediately. HgbA1c is typically used to give doctors insights on a patients glucose control as that will give you an idea how glucose control is over the last two to three months.

  108. Torolf Chess

    Torolf ChessPrije 7 dana

    coach get a haircut!

  109. Narrahd

    NarrahdPrije 7 dana

    Jeremy in his prime was my physique idol

  110. Adam Cuthbert

    Adam CuthbertPrije 7 dana

    Prolonged MK677 use has been shown to induce insulin resistance, that may explain his high blood glucose levels.

  111. Blair Monkman

    Blair MonkmanPrije 7 dana

    Why would you not want to be on HCG on cycle/TRT? If your LH and FSH are in the toilet and your on TRT for life, who knows what long term effects that could have on your health? It's like having a function in your body that works fine, then you switch it off for life and never turn it back on. How can that be a good thing?

  112. Blair Monkman

    Blair MonkmanPrije 6 dana

    @Felipe França they both get suppressed if you don't use HCG though, it's not even a proper replacement anyway but better than nothing imo.

  113. Felipe França

    Felipe FrançaPrije 6 dana

    LH WILL always be crashed on trt or cycling. Fsh only matters if you plan to have kids.

  114. Vaggelis AnastasakiS

    Vaggelis AnastasakiSPrije 7 dana

    By just saying a Olympia competitor's blood work and cycle in the title the video would easily get double the views

  115. S B

    S BPrije 7 dana

    Can you not take blood thinners to combat blood thickness while on test..? Genuine question....

  116. 5stars MrBrown

    5stars MrBrownPrije 7 dana

    Greg, you are a godsend!

  117. Thomas Andersen

    Thomas AndersenPrije 7 dana

    I have never thought of taken PEDs myself and after I've watched alot of you and Dereks videos on the subject, I really don't want to. Thanks for the transparency.

  118. Dan

    DanPrije 5 dana

    Not worth it man, you litreally shorten your life.

  119. Brandon Kane

    Brandon KanePrije 7 dana

    How in the world can you take test, eq, deca, sarms and more and just be and look normal? If i took half of this stuff i would look insane even with the “low” doses.

  120. Felipe França

    Felipe FrançaPrije 6 dana

    Because he is not eating to gain muscle.

  121. Tomasz Sosnowski

    Tomasz SosnowskiPrije 7 dana

    Given his recent fatherhood, marriage, injuries, his irresponsibility is ridiculous. He is a train wreck in the making.