Jeff Cavaliere || How GREAT Can GLUTES Get in 22 DAYS?


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  1. natalliiuuhh 7

    natalliiuuhh 7Prije dan


  2. John Wick

    John WickPrije 3 dana

    Lmao, of course his using fake weights while shooting videos, the point is how he did those exercises get over with it man. Lmao the title does not even say “Jeff Cavaliere workout plan revealed”.

  3. Luis Gutierrez Jr

    Luis Gutierrez JrPrije 4 dana

    I only clicked on this video because I thought it was the original Jeff video… sorry lol keep trying though, Jeff is legendary :)

  4. Hat Trick

    Hat TrickPrije 5 dana

    Learn the meaning of word 'better' and then make another video on Jeff only to apologize. He literally says in his video 'this is the program to give you a kickstart' rather than 'this is a quick fix that will happen at the end of 22nd day' so as you claim he says. The question is how much of a moron must one be to not being able to comprehend their own mother language? Take your time to answer as it's day as clear being smart is not a thing with you.


    DocFilm.comPrije 10 dana

    We all know at this point that you envy Jeff because he is not uneducated like you... Get a real job...

  6. Denice D'ley La Pulpa

    Denice D'ley La PulpaPrije 10 dana

    Before and after shit pics xxxxdddd

  7. Chris

    ChrisPrije 10 dana

    whats with your voice

  8. winter ramos

    winter ramosPrije 10 dana

    Had anyone seen 24 days later? I rest my case

  9. L Fenton

    L FentonPrije 10 dana

    What’s the difference between creatine monohydrate and creatine hydrochloride ? I’m trynna cut

  10. Luki K

    Luki KPrije 11 dana

    Butt Athlean chicken legs lol

  11. Tommy Frederico

    Tommy FredericoPrije 11 dana

    Yea I fell victim of the 22 day arm workout and my arms didn’t increase in size at all

  12. M1CH43LFLR5

    M1CH43LFLR5Prije 11 dana

    22 days, he does mention you might need to add a 0 or two. On another note, if it all comes down to genetics, what's the point on training? Kinda discouraging to a lot of people.

  13. Petar Velkov

    Petar VelkovPrije 11 dana

    I remember Jeff saying in one of his videos that he uses the number 22 becouse that's how many days it takes to build a habit

  14. Zain Sikandar

    Zain SikandarPrije 11 dana

    My ass is fat no joke

  15. EddI

    EddIPrije 11 dana

    I love Jeff, most of my fitness knowledge got from him and he's legit like him or not, but I really don't understand why he's making these videos when they don't make sense. Hope he drops them.

  16. Jhon Smith

    Jhon SmithPrije 12 dana

    at this point we need a channel that just combines jeff and greg's videos.

  17. Johnjohntv

    JohnjohntvPrije 12 dana

    This is a pointless video around the semantics of the word _better._ If you train _anything_ properly it _will_ be _better_ in 22 days. How _much_ better? Probably not much, but it _will_ in fact be _’better’._

  18. Helane Ruslan

    Helane RuslanPrije 12 dana

    Jeff is gonna make a video about Gregg’s hair imbalance

  19. journeythetruth

    journeythetruthPrije 12 dana

    Coach being more impartial than last time. Class Act

  20. PIXEL

    PIXELPrije 12 dana

    jeff next video listening to me i have gains 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Radin M

    Radin MPrije 12 dana

    Ultimate and unlimited key to building best the shape ever : sleeping at 9pm

  22. John Lennon

    John LennonPrije 13 dana

    Waiting for Jeff to come here and comment . Fuckin clown 🤡

  23. Caroline Moatshe

    Caroline MoatshePrije 13 dana

    As for before and after taking a shit photos lol 😂. I love this guy 🙏, he tells the truth as it is

  24. Lou David

    Lou DavidPrije 13 dana

    Grande Jeff

  25. Flo-Maze

    Flo-MazePrije 13 dana

    It takes 22 days to develop a new habit Sherlock

  26. J Money

    J MoneyPrije 13 dana

    Day One..."Test"

  27. David Perez

    David PerezPrije 13 dana

    When I heard you’d say “pick the exercises you like the most for each body part was an eye opener becasue before I thought I had to do the exact ones the other bodybuilders were doing I didn’t like. Now I’m loving my workouts even more and enjoying more and more each day!

  28. Jaja Haha

    Jaja HahaPrije 14 dana

    Think it can be done. I just started training my weak points at the beginning of my work outs. Like ass bridges and squeezing my glutes during squats with more mind muscle connection. X2 a week with more volume and intensity. Saw a difference in a month. Did the same with my claves with different exercises... saw a growth spurt. I've always used to do calves last half assed. That's 6 years of just doing 3 sets.. now doing 6 sets X3 a week. Made a difference in a month. So my thought is it can be done.

  29. Žan Gjuveleg

    Žan GjuvelegPrije 14 dana

    I can build any muscle in 22 days 💪 I just need to stop training for 2 months before the actual 22 day training and use muscle memory 🤣

  30. Max Retrofitted

    Max RetrofittedPrije 14 dana

    22 days represents the time it takes to build a habit, and it’s a video series he’s doing to advise exercise habits for goals people may have. In the video he said “22 days to get you on the right track”. You left that out of your video

  31. Josh Bennett

    Josh BennettPrije 14 dana

    Lol I posted on Jeff's video telling him this was coming lol

  32. Bob Stone

    Bob StonePrije 14 dana

    Hey Greg, can you make a video about daily push ups and pull ups? My brother tried it with push ups and it had great impact on his chest Not making look huge but it really helped him make it look fuller. Also I ve got to say that during this time he DID NOT do any other exercise for chest

  33. Madhav Krishna

    Madhav KrishnaPrije 14 dana

    Jeff does say to kick start you in the right direction for having a better backside, I think Jeff is trying to help us build a habit of training your glutes, I think this is the main goal of these 22 days.

  34. Dev Kumar

    Dev KumarPrije 14 dana

    OMG it's literally a title for a series Jeff made because 22 days is apparently how long it takes to develop a habit. That aside, he says 22 days to BETTER glutes, not amazing glutes and considering a majority of his viewers are novices, its actually possible to "kickstart in the right direction" as Jeff SPECIFICALLY mentions. I ain't no Athlean-X fanboy but this is just nitpicking. I can say the same for you Greg, in your three best and three worst exercises for triceps etc. you called some very good exercises in the "worst exercise list", and that is incredibly misleading to a lot of viewers who take you really seriously. Double standards, Greg.

  35. Scott Heaton

    Scott HeatonPrije 14 dana

    If you're just out of shape and have some tone problems with existing muscle, you can make some amazing changes in 22 says. But if you're already in 1/2 decent shape......You're really not going to build muscle.

  36. MegaSolidNinja

    MegaSolidNinjaPrije 14 dana

    Jeff cavalier: the worst of the fitness industry. Exposing vshred is fine and all but let's not forget about scamlean X.

  37. Rob Oliver

    Rob OliverPrije 14 dana

    I do find Jeff does generally qualify what is really achievable. It must difficult to churn out content for as long as Jeff. The boring part for any fitness youtuber is the stuff that works is hard, repetitive and consistent.

  38. Nikolai Frøyen

    Nikolai FrøyenPrije 14 dana

    My gf says my ass is so tiny it's glute'n free

  39. Whey Protein

    Whey ProteinPrije 14 dana

    Fuck Genetics

  40. Chip Skyler

    Chip SkylerPrije 14 dana

    LMAO, Jeff yet again never to cease amaze me with clickbait title.

  41. JtUbEf

    JtUbEfPrije 14 dana

    "... 22 day plan that will KICK START you and GET YOU ON THE PATH...." " may have to add one or even two 0's to the end of that 22." ...How is he misleading us the way you're saying?

  42. sam fisher

    sam fisherPrije 14 dana

    Every day his arm day for me 💪🏻🦊

  43. sam fisher

    sam fisherPrije 14 dana

    There’s no such thing as over training you got a train harder than last time you can learn a thing or two from Coach Jeff He trained professional athletes Jeff Is the best trainer out there You can see his body is all natural with a better physique the people taking Tran bologna sandwich 🥪

  44. sam fisher

    sam fisherPrije 14 dana

    Jeff can Train you And you can get better results in 22 days better than last time

  45. Beswa Dominguez

    Beswa DominguezPrije 14 dana

    Yes i agree the thumbnail is misleading. But this video should have been made. Jeff said this 22 day program will help "kick start" your better glute development.

  46. Phillip Smith

    Phillip SmithPrije 14 dana

    Jeff Cavaliere is like the villain in the movie dodgeball when he hates Chuck Norris/ Coach Greg

  47. Red Beard's Racing

    Red Beard's RacingPrije 14 dana

    LOL Coach Greg! I about spit my bcaa drink all over my computer with that "looks like they're trying to take a shit" comment!!!

  48. alan wisdom

    alan wisdomPrije 14 dana

    It reminds me of the people who show up at the gym in May to have the body summer, people who after June we never see them again. 22 days who can believe in this crap???

  49. Yas oori

    Yas ooriPrije 14 dana

    When I was a kid in the early 90s I used to read bs information like "build muscle in so and so days" in the magazines. But at that time I was naive and didn't know any better. Sure the exercises were good but the information was misleading. I guess Jeff thinks people are still naive (or stupid) and will believe what ever he says.

  50. Tiffany

    TiffanyPrije 14 dana

    Elliptical good for glutes

  51. The Drum Knight

    The Drum KnightPrije 14 dana

    It takes a couple years. Still love Coach Jeff more dr coach Greg.🤷🏼‍♂️

  52. Aaron Graves

    Aaron GravesPrije 15 dana

    😂🤣🤣 A HANK HILL ASS!!!! 😂😂🤣

  53. Alexander Bello

    Alexander BelloPrije 15 dana

    Greg I think 22 days is apparently the amount of time it takes for a new habit to form. So by doing the schedule for 22 days, you would hopefully continue working out even after those 22 days are over. The 22 day figure could just be BS though.

  54. Isha

    IshaPrije 15 dana

    Glad I watched this - definitely learnt a lot. Thanks to Greg 😘

  55. M. M

    M. MPrije 15 dana

    Stop this hate towards Jeff he clearly said to kick start you in the right direction and I think that he is giving quality information in the video, the title of the video is just for more views.

  56. TrustyDryingPan

    TrustyDryingPanPrije 15 dana

    Next Video: "How to make your shit bigger in 22 Days"

  57. riceshogwash

    riceshogwashPrije 15 dana

    To be honest, i tried his 22 days workout to improve my push ups and it works.

  58. G Porr

    G PorrPrije 15 dana

    Jeff fell off with all his bullshit lately. Fell into the scam crap

  59. Davichi MMO

    Davichi MMOPrije 15 dana

    The personal attacks on hank hill :(

  60. Kuuly

    KuulyPrije 15 dana

    Funny thing is I have really big glutes since I was born. Guys and girls compliment my ass a lot. (Male, 20)

  61. Chris Ricks

    Chris RicksPrije 15 dana


  62. Dominik Nowaczyk

    Dominik NowaczykPrije 15 dana

    1:16 No i do not... because its a photoshop LOL

  63. Gym monkey physique

    Gym monkey physiquePrije 15 dana

    Building glutes in the toilet by taking a shit

  64. Dusten Cross

    Dusten CrossPrije 15 dana

    WATCH THE FRIGGEN VIDEO !! Where have i heard that before??

  65. Dusten Cross

    Dusten CrossPrije 15 dana

    It was funny like a year ago.... Now its just sad! Time to jump off the JC train

  66. SW

    SWPrije 15 dana

    Im with Greg on this one, Jeff has one of the biggest fitness yt channels and delivers a wrong, quick fix mentality, with his ongoing click baity videos.

  67. Boaz Volkov

    Boaz VolkovPrije 15 dana

    Who is this idiot and why does youtube recommend me this bullahit

  68. Louie Thorp

    Louie ThorpPrije 15 dana

    Do bully juice natty or not

  69. Brick Danger

    Brick DangerPrije 15 dana

    Coach, Jeff did say at the start "it's going to kick start you and get you on the right path". Thumbnail and title are probably just an overexaggerate click bait. Anyone who actually watches the video should get that it won't happen in 22 days right?

  70. SilkMilkJilk

    SilkMilkJilkPrije 15 dana

    Jeff just milking his viewcount at this point

  71. CruelFish

    CruelFishPrije 15 dana

    I do full body workouts every other day and I've set up my intensity such that about 12 hours before gym time I still ask myself "Have I recovered enough for later today?" and then about 4 hours before it's fine. If your body isn't sore the day after working out then you're doing something wrong, or ... Possibly your tolerance for soreness is really high?

  72. Suketu Rohit

    Suketu RohitPrije 15 dana

    Just a question. Will mass gaining help increase the size of guts?

  73. Lughs_Revenge

    Lughs_RevengePrije 15 dana

    Greg, you're contradicting yourself... you know those videos of Jeff are for newbies, and newbies don't train hard enough... if they did those exercises they get a better mind to muscle connection after those 22 days and that's what matters.... not that they get to be Tyrannosores-Rex in their Cbum.

  74. M̶a̶c̶k̶ 20

    M̶a̶c̶k̶ 20Prije 15 dana

    The covid vaccine is KILLING your gains 😳

  75. Kevin

    KevinPrije 15 dana

    Anyone else wish they could afford to have Greg as a coach?

  76. mspazmino

    mspazminoPrije 15 dana

    I’m a female and can honestly say that I can only train lower body( glutes,, hamstrings etc ) twice a week. My body doesn’t recover well if I do more than 3x week. I still have a nice 🍑 . It does take more than 22 days. Just love how coach Greg is so real ❤️🔥. I can’t get enough of his videos and humor.

  77. Sanchith Sudhir rau

    Sanchith Sudhir rauPrije 15 dana


  78. Lupe Orozco

    Lupe OrozcoPrije 15 dana

    Love coach Gregg honestly!! 🤗

  79. Wil Gauper

    Wil GauperPrije 15 dana

    Please do a NATTY or NOT on PGA Professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau!

  80. Vincent Plan

    Vincent PlanPrije 15 dana

    Before and after shit photos.. 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 I only do those exercises 2x a week.. Greg is right again! Good job.. I love he's videos..

  81. Midnight Slasher

    Midnight SlasherPrije 15 dana

    So does greg just do leg day while being sore?

  82. DL Vox

    DL VoxPrije 15 dana

    I thought you said train harder than last time. If you did that 22 days in a row wouldn’t one have “better” anything than not training?

  83. Jared Jordan

    Jared JordanPrije 15 dana

    This was not a fair video Greg. Jeff not only said this was a "kick start" but he said you should repeat it and that this was simply a 22 day grouping of training. You left that part out because it didn't fit your narrative. Sorry man. This was spews for views. Pretty dishonest representation.

  84. Robert Jaco

    Robert JacoPrije 15 dana

    Stairmaster works my glutes better than anything

  85. Tattooed Muscle

    Tattooed MusclePrije 15 dana

    Bwahaha, "Hank Hill ass" OMFG I lost it

  86. Daniel Nemati

    Daniel NematiPrije 15 dana

    I ran 20km ( forrest area ) Last day and my legs are sore as f*^k😂

  87. Lilypop

    LilypopPrije 15 dana

    OMG I was drinking water when he surprised me with that “taking a shit” line lmaooooooo

  88. Ruben Rios

    Ruben RiosPrije 14 dana


  89. Brandon Tomasella

    Brandon TomasellaPrije 15 dana

    Yo on the real we’re all just throwing protein powder and egg whites together some of these recipes are gonna be the same, who cares

  90. Dementia Joe

    Dementia JoePrije 15 dana

    if you take steroids like Jeff, you can have great glutes at any age

  91. John Hollywood

    John HollywoodPrije 15 dana

    Worst advice leading to highest levels of grandiose illisions and hallucinations caused byproduct of divine protein shakes in 22 days after 2,222 warmup pushups leading to buns of titan alloy. Caused by a mule kick to the external oxipital pertuberis(outside back of the head. Kick in the side of the buttocks that causes a huge bump on the posterior

  92. John Hollywood

    John HollywoodPrije 15 dana

    Highest level of body dysmorphia in 22 days

  93. John Hollywood

    John HollywoodPrije 15 dana

    Best fake results in 22 days

  94. Eric

    EricPrije 15 dana

    I only watch fitness videos from Coach Greg because he tells me the TRUTH

  95. Nic Grift

    Nic GriftPrije 15 dana

    “Putting an inch on your arm in 22 days not gonna happen” rich piana did it in one single 8 hour arm day......allegedly lol

  96. Nic Grift

    Nic GriftPrije 15 dana

    @Zy Supra I believe rich said it was permanent gain.

  97. Zy Supra

    Zy SupraPrije 15 dana

    You have to measure your arms while cold (no pump). You can add as much as 2 inches from a pump. So I believe Rich did it.

  98. Lolly B

    Lolly BPrije 15 dana

    I had the flat bum, it took me 2 years working up to weighted squats, glute bridges etc of consistent training to get a bubble butt.

  99. Colonel_Frosty

    Colonel_FrostyPrije 15 dana

    That's my butt 😑

  100. DestroyersFist

    DestroyersFistPrije 15 dana

    1:38 “can u make it better? OF COURSE U CAN” well if that’s true than his video makes sense, he said 22 days to “better” glutes not AMAZING Glutes

  101. Willy Fields

    Willy FieldsPrije 15 dana

    Ok we get Jeff is shady! Lol time to move on from him. He’s taking up most of your channel. Lol

  102. scottf 345

    scottf 345Prije 15 dana

    The 22 days thing I think is the amount of days studies have shown it takes to make something a habbit.

  103. Leal

    LealPrije 15 dana

    Somalians don't need training