I ATE Dog Food!

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  1. jasrego

    jasregoPrije 3 dana

    For the algorithm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jose Marte Toroy

    Jose Marte ToroyPrije 5 dana

    This is so goddamn hilarious loved it!

  3. Hi Im Takezo

    Hi Im TakezoPrije 6 dana

    7:58 Lesson learned: Never try any chicken soup recipes in his freaking Cookbook 😂😂💙

  4. VeryCoolAlan

    VeryCoolAlanPrije 6 dana


  5. CorineAubin

    CorineAubinPrije 6 dana

    This video was so funny and wholesome 😊. I love seeing Ally in your videos! She’s the best 😄.

  6. Ron Swanson

    Ron SwansonPrije 8 dana

    My sister actually meal preps for our dogs LMAO she boils chicken every night for their spoiled asses

  7. Jarella

    JarellaPrije 8 dana

    I used to feed my cats Weruva. It's good stuff. If you can find the Merrick Puppy Plate stew, it looks better than Campbell's Chunky soups.... It does.

  8. Speed Skater

    Speed SkaterPrije 9 dana

    The dog food section of the cookbook😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Gumshon

    GumshonPrije 9 dana

    I ate Chappi once. Tasted pretty good. Almost like the usual Russian canned beef.

  10. Lee

    LeePrije 9 dana

    Another video about Anabars? Jesus give it a rest.

  11. Chaabi Issam

    Chaabi IssamPrije 9 dana

    This morning I tried cat food for the first time, and tbh I can get used to that lol

  12. BooN Cabal

    BooN CabalPrije 9 dana

    Don't complain when Greg starts licking his balls on the sofa, also keep him away from the cat.

  13. jiorts

    jiortsPrije 9 dana

    i ate dog food once without knowing and it wasnt bad at all...and its not bad for humans. so what

  14. Amazing Gamer 1

    Amazing Gamer 1Prije 9 dana

    Is that dog food in the USA I would love to give to my dog her food sucks

  15. Jeff Richardson

    Jeff RichardsonPrije 9 dana

    Weruva Funky Chunky Chicken Soup goes for $70.68/12 14oz cans. That's $5.89 a can. That'd be gourmet organic soup for hoomans from Whole Foods territory.

  16. Beef McLargehuge

    Beef McLargehugePrije 9 dana

    Campbell's stock is about to plummet.

  17. Vamavid

    VamavidPrije 10 dana

    If I was a millionaire, would I have a GF who "cooks" dog food? I just know she's been feeding it to him for a while. 🤔

  18. Darth Sidius

    Darth SidiusPrije 10 dana

    Coach Greg's next video:I ate dog poop!

  19. ChachiRCola

    ChachiRColaPrije 10 dana

    The only time you wear a regular mask is over your eyes lol ⭕️❤️

  20. Dheeraj Kallimar

    Dheeraj KallimarPrije 10 dana

    Clearly this video is for fellow dogs out there. Coach is reaching new audiences wow

  21. euadrianuy

    euadrianuyPrije 10 dana

    Chunkier than last time!

  22. Kiyardo Kakkoii

    Kiyardo KakkoiiPrije 10 dana

    Shoutouts to the samsung jingle at 3:02 lol

  23. Markus Dickson

    Markus DicksonPrije 10 dana

    Cant trust a woman Although all dog food is for human consumption No spice was a clue How much fat is in that dog food? Low fat Low as you can get it Or you are setting your dog up for pancreatitis, crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis

  24. Bob Stevens

    Bob StevensPrije 10 dana

    you are telling me you see cream and sugar in a chowder how dare they! Enough.

  25. Darryl Augusto

    Darryl AugustoPrije 10 dana

    Im gonna start eating dog food

  26. Addison Cagan

    Addison CaganPrije 10 dana

    If you put pepper in this shit it’s going on my cook book LMAO

  27. Uncle Bob

    Uncle BobPrije 10 dana

    People are forgetting this is not normal dog food.the sort of people who buy this are the sort of people who can afford a Lamborghini

  28. SpartianPump

    SpartianPumpPrije 10 dana

    I mean BodyBuilders do say Eat like a Dog

  29. Christian Roman

    Christian RomanPrije 10 dana

    Let's see Gertie eat it lol

  30. Peter Parahuz

    Peter ParahuzPrije 10 dana

    5:58 "creamy wetness" aka MOIST. ;D 10:50 dogs can't use spoons to eat more broth than last time.

  31. Foil Grim Timmy

    Foil Grim TimmyPrije 10 dana

    If that is dog food then what the hell have I been eating....

  32. L Fenton

    L FentonPrije 10 dana

    What’s the difference between creatine monohydrate and creatine hydrochloride ? I’m trynna cut

  33. D3mist0cles Gee

    D3mist0cles GeePrije 10 dana

    Ally is hot

  34. The Dominant Ninja

    The Dominant NinjaPrije 10 dana

    Gregs the impostor😂

  35. The Pursuance of Passion

    The Pursuance of PassionPrije 10 dana

    Good one Greg. This is what Ally would make. That's a 2 day couch night comment

  36. dan bro

    dan broPrije 11 dana

    I can't tell when I am eating dog food - NOW BUY MY FRICKIN COOKBOOK!

  37. Matthew Willan

    Matthew WillanPrije 9 dana


  38. kenfolk kenfolk

    kenfolk kenfolkPrije 11 dana

    Lolll she said lick that spoon off....after eating the dog food. LOL

  39. Richard Rosado

    Richard RosadoPrije 11 dana

    Trust!!!, where is the TRUSTTTT🤣!!!



    This is the greatest dog food comercial ever

  41. Michael William

    Michael WilliamPrije 11 dana

    This Is Disgusting

  42. will

    willPrije 11 dana

    I remember my auntie gave her cheating boyfriend dog food Lasagna before finishing with him. He said it was the best meal he's ever had🤷‍♂️


    LS SKETCH LINESPrije 11 dana

    NO BS ON GREG'S PART. When it comes down ro it. CALORIES IN VS CALORIES OUT. 💯


    LS SKETCH LINESPrije 11 dana

    NO BS ON GREG'S PART. When it comes down ro it. CALORIES IN VS CALORIES OUT. 💯


    LS SKETCH LINESPrije 11 dana

    I can tell you that the dogs are clearly esting better than me. What a great guy. GREAT VIDEO. 💯

  46. Austin Boos

    Austin BoosPrije 11 dana

    It doesnt have much broth because gert would be soaking wet in broth if they did.

  47. DivineLove

    DivineLovePrije 11 dana

    greg next video:" why dog food is better than regular food"

  48. Caitie

    CaitiePrije 11 dana

    allyyy nooo 😂😂😂🤣

  49. zukodude487987

    zukodude487987Prije 11 dana

    A woman who cant cook? Belong to the streets?

  50. Steven Diaz

    Steven DiazPrije 11 dana

    Greg is a dog

  51. Cabrera Fitness

    Cabrera FitnessPrije 11 dana

    DUDE, you gotta try Zuke's Mini Chicken Dog Training Treats they are my number 1 followed by Greenies Regular Dog Dental Treats, and last the classic of all classic Riley's Organic Coconut & Pumpkin Bone Dog Treats, they rock!

  52. Noah Belanger

    Noah BelangerPrije 11 dana

    Give me a minute, I gotta go swap diets with my rottie

  53. Anshpreet Singh

    Anshpreet SinghPrije 11 dana

    My maintainence calories migjt be around 1900-2000 when im very very unactive....i am a newbie to the gym and lifting harder than last time watching all ur videos.... I tend to do a lot of moderate walking and taking around 16000 steps daily which burn around 600-700 calories for me(estimate) and i dont want much of a deficit as i want to gain muscle while losing fat... So i eat around 2100 calories... Can u please tell me that this way of doing it is right? I mean if i only look at my food intake it would be over my maintanence but i do cardio to create a deficit everyday so please help me if im doing it wrong sir... My body fat percent is around 27-30 percent

  54. henan li

    henan liPrije 11 dana

    now the anabolic funky chunky is gonna be added to gregs friggin cookbook

  55. TriedToFartAndUhOh

    TriedToFartAndUhOhPrije 11 dana

    Zombie apocalypse shopping LIFEHAX!

  56. Elijah Dawson

    Elijah DawsonPrije 11 dana

    I’m just sitting here thinking “what did Greg do to make her mad enough to feed him dog food??” Is what I was thinking the entire time

  57. Elijah Dawson

    Elijah DawsonPrije 11 dana

    Cmon doctor Greg! You don’t have to be Connor Murphy and do stupid shit for views! Is what I initially thought before watching

  58. Kevin Nguyen

    Kevin NguyenPrije 11 dana

    I'm stunned at how cool he was when he found out he ate dog food. I thought his voice was going to explode

  59. Chris

    ChrisPrije 11 dana

    Eat as much dog food after 12 as you want until you're full.

  60. Stephen Armitage

    Stephen ArmitagePrije 11 dana

    Before he tries the dog food, she gets so worrid that he will eat the entire thing trying to form his opinion of the taste. This is great! But also..... imagine being that soup company that lost to dog food.

  61. BrandOn C

    BrandOn CPrije 11 dana


  62. Hasanain Al-Jubouri

    Hasanain Al-JubouriPrije 11 dana


  63. DmanPC1

    DmanPC1Prije 11 dana

    more dog food than last time 🤣

  64. alexandre D

    alexandre DPrije 11 dana

    He told ya he’s not a chef 🤷‍♂️ can’t blame him 😂😂😂

  65. FitPath

    FitPathPrije 11 dana

    Ally's dogs are eating better than people.

  66. Karumoto Art

    Karumoto ArtPrije 11 dana

    I accidentally read the title as trying V shred's diet

  67. Anshuman Singh

    Anshuman SinghPrije 11 dana

    Cat Food next please 😂

  68. lala Chan

    lala ChanPrije 11 dana

    Ally is looking prettier than last time

  69. sir Atamooni

    sir AtamooniPrije 11 dana

    When i had rough times with money, my dog ate better than me. They actually make great foods for them if you dont buy cheapest and biggest bags.

  70. Jungle King

    Jungle KingPrije 11 dana

    You ate dog food!!! Good, I hope it changes your voice.

  71. Oli Pods

    Oli PodsPrije 11 dana

    Dog cook book on the way 😂😂😂 👍🏼

  72. Kang's Nuu-style

    Kang's Nuu-stylePrije 11 dana

    Not ganna lie inwanna try the dog food 🤣😅🤣

  73. James Jiles

    James JilesPrije 11 dana


  74. Yesenia Q

    Yesenia QPrije 11 dana

    😂😂😝👏🏻 I

  75. William Barbahen

    William BarbahenPrije 11 dana

    Greg eating that reminded me of the movie Crocodile Dundee, "naa, it needs garlic."

  76. Hey Baeuwb

    Hey BaeuwbPrije 11 dana

    just straight chow chow! in it down greg hahaha fyi kinda freaky there is someone in your house! @9:25 i see a reflection from the oven creapy!


    WAR BLACKJACKPrije 11 dana

    When the macros in dog food are more ideal than a protein bar

  78. Become OP

    Become OPPrije 11 dana

    Maaaaaaaan I'm about to try that 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  79. Angel Midknight

    Angel MidknightPrije 11 dana

    I might start eating dog food wtf


    LION ASCENDANTPrije 11 dana

    12:31 lmfao

  81. Miguel Garcia

    Miguel GarciaPrije 11 dana

    Woooowwww come on Ally 😂😅🤢

  82. Abel Coronado

    Abel CoronadoPrije 11 dana

    Haaaaaa!! You got me Rolling!!! Haaaa!! Too Funny!! Man !! Hope he don’t get pissed!! Haaaa!!

  83. Sam Pasha

    Sam PashaPrije 11 dana

    You guys are funny. Love it 😆

  84. Randall Debuty

    Randall DebutyPrije 11 dana

    Next time try dogshit!🤣

  85. Matt Denman

    Matt DenmanPrije 11 dana

    Can you review John Rose, the guy who has over 100k subscribers on youtube and claims that health comes from eating biophotons which come from only eating raw plant based diet only? You've reviewed other bad advice scenarios, so it could be worth putting some light on John Rose. It comes off as a bit wacky but he also seems so convinced in his own beliefs that it seems to get people believing in his system as well.

  86. Snuffcore9

    Snuffcore9Prije 11 dana

    Oh no... LoL. This is so devious, and a side of Ally I have never seen before.

  87. Kevin Garand

    Kevin GarandPrije 11 dana

    Again, how can you not love Ally!! Funny vid

  88. Jon Blancarte

    Jon BlancartePrije 11 dana

    At first I was here for a laugh but now I’m on Amazon buying dog food (I don’t own a dog either)

  89. Beast Dad vs

    Beast Dad vsPrije 11 dana

    More dog food then last time

  90. Marques Ford

    Marques FordPrije 11 dana

    the *lick that spoon off* got me dying bro

  91. Chrome Druidess

    Chrome DruidessPrije 11 dana

    Note to self: Add dog food to grocery list...

  92. Adam

    AdamPrije 11 dana

    Her face makes this whole video XD

  93. godtubelovesme

    godtubelovesmePrije 11 dana

    Our cats LOVE Weruva! Especially the Funky Chunky flavor! Now I gotta try it lol

  94. Butler Blacksocks

    Butler BlacksocksPrije 11 dana

    More fire hydrant than last time.

  95. ashm3697

    ashm3697Prije 11 dana

    Instant breakup if my gf served me dog food

  96. respected mastermind

    respected mastermindPrije 11 dana

    Am i tripping 🤣

  97. Bre Evans

    Bre EvansPrije 11 dana

    .... but judges people for eating Cheesecake Factory.... okay

  98. Md Ibrahim

    Md IbrahimPrije 11 dana

    This one nice video 😅 but the title, just wasnt that appealing to ME

  99. Kevin Leboeuf

    Kevin LeboeufPrije 11 dana

    Canned soups literally make me sick 😷

  100. Koal Miller

    Koal MillerPrije 11 dana

    It’s sad but true that most people take better care of there pets than themselves

  101. HumorlessComedy

    HumorlessComedyPrije 11 dana

    I read the title and was like what the deuce