How Long Should You REST Between SETS?


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    Time for my daily dose of my Dr screaming at me

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    crazy to find a 2k youtuber here

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    @BADGEPLUG bro what do u workout?

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    My boy badgeplug getting swole

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    @Badgeplug is clearly Greg's Buttplug

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    You are every where my guy... 💪

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    Imran LalaniPrije 13 sati

    What about the pre workout supplement losing its energy while waiting longer periods?

  8. Harsh Sinha

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    Serge Nubret would've disagreed coach. How do you explain his super high volume workouts with 30 sec rest periods?

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    oh my gosh. this guy is friggin hilarious. I'm so happy I bumped into his channel.

  10. David Senay

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    ..... Pyramid/drop sets and super sets..... I think this is dumb advice. Everyone who made a transformation NATURAL...went balls to the wall for 6-8 months. When I do 10 sets of 10 on pullups each set is 45-65 seconds per set. I start off 1 minute rest and each set I have to force the last 1-2 reps I add 30 seconds of rest time. Building muscle is easy, burnout the muscle 25-45 enough food and sleep. The stronger you get the better your work capacity will be. For example: a few weeks ago I was doing 5 sets of 20 pullups(5 minutes rest in-between) and before curl I would do atleast 20 pullups. I did 10x10 today and before my curls I could only get 11..... This is a mental crutch and not optimal way of training for a regular person. Do your strength sets first and than body build sets after to get the best of both worlds.

  11. Tastyxperiences_ Instagram

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    What about sets for losing weight though? Less heavier and more reps?

  12. yourmom705

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    Jokes aside I rest luke 3 min

  13. yourmom705

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    I do a set go home take a shower sleep eat take a shit come back do a second set so on so on

  14. Stanislas De Nijs

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    one question though, I always do a combo: 1 set squat, 1 set BP, 1 set pull ups, squat again. As I use different muscle groups, the rest can be shorter right? I just rest long enough to get my breath back.

  15. Stanislas De Nijs

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    great vid doc, that's the type of content you need to keep critics from calling you a screaming drama moron, which you are NOT, you are just playing the algorithm to gain money to build a bigger home gym and TRAIN HARDER

  16. Officer Mahal

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    Holy shit I think a guy... Um his name is, oh you know him, Dorian Yates, would 100% disagree with you. I CAN DO THE SAME WEIGHT SET AFTER SET AT 30 SECONDS REST. Come to my gym and Ill show you, 1rm set after set 30 seconds rest. its called training my body to do what I want it to do. for pussies. by the way ATP takes up to 10 minutes to replenish, in 10 minutes Ive done more than you do in 30, and at max weight. Anything is possible if you train your body. You, can rest all you want, on all that gear you use. Shit, pick your nose, 5lbs of muscle.

  17. Jo

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    Everything you say seems right on point from my perspective on training. Oh and the way you deliver your information is genius!👌 And effective. And really funny!!😛 Thanks for all the gains you’re giving me coach Greg!! Respect!🙏🙌 Peace

  18. Sean Brackstone

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    What about rest between exercises

  19. LUCAS 182

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    Jay Clutler never trained to failure on a single set.

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    I love the advice but god I am getting anxiety listening to you scream at me for 8 minutes

  21. Fawaz Eid

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    i knew it. whenever i rest for a minute after doing 10 hard reps shit goes down to 6 reps and I'm like damn. muscle growth > endurance

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    That photo of ' natty' chef Rush 😂😂😂.

  23. edward lee

    edward leePrije 4 dana

    6-30 reps. 6-18 sets a week.

  24. edward lee

    edward leePrije 4 dana

    I rest days between sets. Weeks at a time

  25. Askmehowi

    AskmehowiPrije 4 dana

    I’m new to the gym life but I’ve been training pretty hard and I appreciate your informational videos I’ll definitely utilize your advice 💪🏼

  26. Kind Old Raven

    Kind Old RavenPrije 4 dana

    Thank god another man with way too much experience who confirms this. Rest between sets is good people. As long as you're not putting like a freakin' hour in between.

  27. Viraj Ghosh

    Viraj GhoshPrije 4 dana

    Coach Greg, I've been watching your videos for so long and learning so much that I had come up with this workout schedule trying to figure out a way to target each muscle effectively and efficiently that I do things that I then hear later from you that just confirms my theory. Like the alternate workouts to get rest for each muscle. I love working out and learning about it, you a G

  28. BJETNT

    BJETNTPrije 5 dana

    I have put this to the test over the last 29 years and he is exactly right! I did not get the muscular gains I was looking for until I started resting three to four minutes between sets. I leave my cardio for the cardio machines when I'm doing it separately weight training is about maximum weight I'm able to move at every set. That made the difference between 207 lb lean and 242 lb lean in a year. Yes that's with enhancements

  29. Panayot Debreliev

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    Enough with that top tier super high level technics! We need couch-potato series! 90% of the subs here are going to get sore muscles after 90 minutes walk like grandma Josephine.

  30. Jan Hashly Balag-ey

    Jan Hashly Balag-eyPrije 5 dana

    Can someone Explain to me The 3/7 Method?

  31. David Betancourt

    David BetancourtPrije 5 dana

    I do 3 hours 6 exercises for different muscle groups.

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    Wait until vegan gains see 3:45 new Greg video coming soon!

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    I’ve always wanted one of these type of vids to just be 3 seconds long with 1 word answer lmao

  34. Xabier Azpiazu

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    So circuit training with 2mins in between exercises is also ok for muscle hypertrophy??

  35. Linus Ji

    Linus JiPrije 5 dana

    I just started to do 3/7 and even at 55% of 1RM it's hard due to only 15sec rest in between....

  36. LDH

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    “Toneee” 🤣

  37. riyanyeager

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    how much weight should i lift?

  38. Rikdownunda

    RikdownundaPrije 6 dana

    Thank you Coach Greg. I needed to hear this. I thought I was weak (and old) for taking longer breaks, but then the others aren't training to failure like I am. AND, I AM growing in size where they seem to be maintaining.

  39. Sam

    SamPrije 6 dana

    Adjusting your rest periods to reflect a 1:3 - 1:6 ratio is/was (in my experience) one of the hardest/most awkward things to get used to, but one of the most beneficial once I had my first workout utilising it under my belt. It'll probably feel weird at the start bro's, but trust in the Doctor, it is the way.

  40. Jorge Ramírez

    Jorge RamírezPrije 6 dana

    A little hard to rest enough time when you are trying not to be at the gym longer than needed.

  41. BULLSTAR4806

    BULLSTAR4806Prije 6 dana

    i want to do the antogonist thing but my gym is a condo gym and is very small can't hog multiple pieces of equiptment

  42. Yawar riaz

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    was it necessary to include that "specific" Preacher curl short clip :-D Editor: for attraction

  43. Jason Mathew

    Jason MathewPrije 6 dana

    30 seconds to a min and a half is for hypertrophy and 2-5 mins for strength training

  44. SAV3 ICE

    SAV3 ICEPrije 6 dana

    In my opinion, it depends on the exercise and the reps. If you’re doing sets of 12 straight bar curls, you won’t need to rest as long as doing sets of 4 deadlifts.

  45. Drewg351

    Drewg351Prije 6 dana

    OMG !!!!! I'm SOOOOOOO Glad to hear this !!!! I totally agree with this video. I do 1 hour of fasted cardio in the morning to burn fat, keep my overall body healthy, and to gain stamina. I do weight training later in the day to build muscle. I cannot do set after set with the same weight, go up, or do more reps IF I'm not resting long enough to recover in between sets. It's great to finally hear someone state the obvious: do cardio to burn fat. Lift heavy weights or do more sets to build muscle. Don't try and "blur" the two.

  46. AshKayFN

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    love the work rate think ive watched every video for like 2 months now lol

  47. Ryan Jensen

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    enough to time to inject 💉 Then get back to it.

  48. Brian Stokes

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    Is it the same for smaller body parts like biceps or would you rest less.

  49. Mark Krok

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    Train 30 hours a day and sleep 2 days a month

  50. Matija Novak

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    I am build like a Greek God

  51. Ryan Trainor

    Ryan TrainorPrije 7 dana

    What about supersets? Whenever I do push-pull supersets I feel like I'm fumbling and falling all over the place trying to set up quickly for the other set while exhausted

  52. Ted P

    Ted PPrije 7 dana

    3 min rest Barbell compounds Leave 2 reps in the tank Increase sets to gain more This is the way

  53. pyropan

    pyropanPrije 7 dana

    Great job clarifying which type of person this is targeting. Muscle building versus those who prefer the aerobic 80’s cardio weights.

  54. RDU23

    RDU23Prije 7 dana

    Answer: rest until you think your body is comfortable to do another full set, I've had it with the idea of time limit in resting per set/routine

  55. Sharibaby67 2020

    Sharibaby67 2020Prije 7 dana

    I like to keep my heart rate up-so try to not to spend too much time resting-but I need to burn more fat-I usually do my reps until failure-I don’t count them. When my form starts to waiver (and I mean-wiggling-barely able to finish) I stop. BUT if I’m doing arms-Like triceps-I do one side at a time-then I’m ready for the other side-for biceps-I do them one at a time-not both at the same time-so I do one lift with my right arm and one lift with my left arm. I’m able to keep up my heart rate and double the amount of time I’m working my arms. I can do this forever so once I’m nice and warmed up-I up the weights for my second set-work it until failure.-then I bust it out again with a lower weight. My heart rate is still up-I do 30 minutes of cardio as soon as I hit the gym-then immediately get into the weights. Is this the best way to gain muscle-not sure-but I am always looking to burn fat.

  56. GigaChad

    GigaChadPrije 7 dana

    No rest because you can pin your toosh with creatine, BCAAs and glutamine in between sets to finally smash that 8 hour arm workout so Rich Piana can get his hard on watching from bodybuilder heaven.

  57. Muscle Bone

    Muscle BonePrije 7 dana

    I rest 20 seconds between sets. If it's a heavy set like squats I rest around 59 seconds.

  58. Thorsvald

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    No lie man, your workout space looks kinda like a sex play room.

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    Thank you doctor

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    0.50 I nearly spat out my drink!!!!!

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    im hard

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    Resting longer than last time

  63. Paul Richards

    Paul RichardsPrije 8 dana

    i use a timer to make sure i wait enough and not to long. the amount of rest changes by body part


    PROD. QDISTPrije 8 dana

    Give me quick answer plz only got 2 minutes until bedtime

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    Wish someone me this when I was younger. Learned late in life. Great video

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    My gf needs to see this

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    That's actually awesome Information

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    Rest more than last time haha

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    🤔🤔So all this time I was resting for 1 minute like the bodybuilders of the 1940s and 50s I was wrong 😱

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    I might as well look lean for the people of my superior country. Its obvious Greg is from north sunagakure. I allowed him to come to the leaf village so he can share the knowledge of fitness

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    Looks like I’m going to spend 2 hours in the gym today... Fml...

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    i swear greg talks more shit than last time.

  73. Steven Colt

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    Obviously Greg's workout advice doesn't work. I mean, not like he's broken records, maintained his impressive physique, or coached hundreds of accomplished athletes or anything. Nah. Dudes sitting on their couch in the off-season cramming donuts into their face holes know more. Professionals.

  74. Follower

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    Question. I watched this video and it said you should rest however long it takes to do at least 5 more reps on the next set. Thoughts?

  75. Follower

    FollowerPrije 6 dana

    @david yeah but how many reps should you do next set

  76. david

    davidPrije 6 dana

    just rest till you think your body is comfortable enough for next set

  77. SomePolishDude

    SomePolishDudePrije 8 dana

    I usually aim for 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps, with a space for 2 extra reps in each set for most of my workouts. I've watched Jeff Nippard's video and he said that this is the way to do it. But I only need 30s to a min rest after each set. Am I doing something wrong?🤔

  78. Kevin Vang

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    I agree!

  79. JE

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    Great fucking video greg!

  80. Ricksanity

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    The longest I waited between sets was two years. That didn't work out too well.

  81. MNTJかねき

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    His voice dont match his body

  82. TenLettersRap

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    i rest 24 hours between each set

  83. misterRDF

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    I always rested a minute because I thought you were supposed to... :(

  84. Eric B

    Eric BPrije 9 dana

    Do a natty or not a Ryan hall! He holds the record for the fastest us marathon. He stopped running so much and started lifting weights. Now look at him! Guys a beast

  85. Da Real Big Smoke

    Da Real Big SmokePrije 9 dana

    I do 4x10 and rest 60-90 seconds for accessory exercises. For compounds like bench or squats I do like 3 mins

  86. Forever

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    I have been for this video for soooooo long!!!!!!

  87. hill160881

    hill160881Prije 9 dana

    What does someone do that only has 30-40 min in the gym? Like that’s all the time you have. Warmup and workout.

  88. Kirk

    KirkPrije 9 dana

    I have been lifting well over 20 years and agree with Greg 100% on this. I think he was reading my mind.

  89. cyhim ramsay

    cyhim ramsayPrije 9 dana

    I've looked up so many videos but this made the most sense as to how to workout to gain.

  90. Lasha Xoperia

    Lasha XoperiaPrije 9 dana

    I don't agree with Coach Greg with this one, mostly i do but in this one i don't. On heavy weights 1 - 1.5 minutes rests are more than enough. I go to gym some ppl chatting in phone and resting like 5 minutes or more thats really a pussy training man. if you not getting tired, wet and looking like a big belly hippopotamus thats awful.

  91. Marvin Magtuba

    Marvin MagtubaPrije 9 dana

    Glad to know im doing my rest between set right. Thanks for the reassuring advice. ⭕

  92. Marvin Magtuba

    Marvin MagtubaPrije 9 dana

    Hi doc what do you think about Cluster sets?

  93. Michael Chater

    Michael ChaterPrije 9 dana

    What are your thoughts on rest-pause sets Coach Greg?

  94. Chris Waters

    Chris WatersPrije 9 dana

    My sets take about 45 min to an hour so then I rest for 5-6 hours.

  95. Steven Sarasin

    Steven SarasinPrije 9 dana

    I just got this exact same Inspire SCS to train harder than last time

  96. The Voice of Reason

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    This guy has some of the best advice. If only he would use a voice enhancer to deepen is sissy voice. I have to watch them in parts.

  97. Alana Ray

    Alana RayPrije 10 dana

    Does this apply to body weight workouts cause I’d guess that it doesn’t as body weight is a lot less intense

  98. Hussain Ali

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    Dont like the unrelated side videos. Distracting and useless. If you are gna put workout videos put workout videos of coach greg not random people

  99. Marvin Eugenio

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    Another great lecture from my Doc..

  100. hasan yürekli

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    Can you show me 1 ifbb pro who train very hard and rest for 4 minutes?

  101. Snap FL

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    3:25 Coach Greg starting to become a ninja.

  102. Enzor Lee

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    Really not a magical number to go off of it’s about how you feel.

  103. Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore RooseveltPrije 10 dana

    if I need muscular endurance and strength how much rest time do I need?

  104. Devin Henning

    Devin HenningPrije 10 dana

    Before watching, I rest as long as my body tells me it needs to between sets. I just kind of feel it out. But it's not like I wait for a resting heart rate lol

  105. Mr Raider

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    Coach Greg is on point.

  106. xyzz

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    Progressive overload can also be achieved by decreasing rest time. " Coach Greg - last year " Dont decrease rest time - "Buffoon Greg - today "

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    Metabolic muscle damage had joined the chat