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  1. Mas Tun

    Mas TunPrije 11 dana

    "I'd sue him for defamation and libel (or slander)" "calls Dr. Coach Greg a sexist" Dr. Coach Greg : uno reverse card

  2. Jahdore Bailey

    Jahdore BaileyPrije 5 dana

    @Greg Doucette she's exaggerating.

  3. Jennifer Dana

    Jennifer DanaPrije 10 dana

    @Greg Doucette I used to play the UNO card game as a teenager.

  4. Ropka

    RopkaPrije 10 dana

    Congrats, Greg pinned you 150mg of Algosterone

  5. Louise Huke

    Louise HukePrije 10 dana

    I think the young lady is deflecting and telling people what she thinks they would like to hear. I didn't catch her name . Making her story real to herself makes it more viable in her mind. It also means she doesn't have to use facts and information to reinforce her view. Dr coach Greg you are a real man keep up the good work.😙🤗😘

  6. germ's fish

    germ's fishPrije 10 dana

    That post has messages disabled 😂

  7. Gerry

    GerryPrije 12 sati

    These kind of people saying this things need slap in their asses..

  8. Nath ala

    Nath alaPrije 12 sati

    Lmao I wish natural selection didn't take so long in the modern world 🤸‍♂️

  9. Coty Yantis

    Coty YantisPrije dan

    Both her and her boyfriend are both Karen's

  10. Daniel Lindback

    Daniel LindbackPrije dan

    4:36 LMaOO

  11. Daniel Lindback

    Daniel LindbackPrije dan

    Triggered 😂 talk about Cancel culture when people are wrong lmao

  12. Thomas Megabezemboy

    Thomas MegabezemboyPrije 2 dana

    Ah yes, the emancipated classes cannot recognize they are emancipated, they will have to resort to low levels of insinuating they still have to be emancipated. Imagine the ACTUAL civil rights figures from 70 years ago would see this.. They would be fuming.

  13. Atomic Knight

    Atomic KnightPrije 2 dana

    Buff Paton Oswalt really destroyed her callout, calling out her bullshit! man... wished I had a coach like you Greg, respect 💪 why is she pretending to be the victim in all this, wtf 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. Collin. Kage

    Collin. KagePrije 2 dana

    Greg come on now ur the king of gym bros u think this bitch would effect ur fan base

  15. edward lee

    edward leePrije 2 dana

    I know you're defending yourself but you are just giving them more views.

  16. Anon

    AnonPrije 2 dana

    This lady treats humans like they're gremlinz

  17. Not GAY like u

    Not GAY like uPrije 3 dana

    Coach Greg is the fucking GOAT

  18. Ben Dover

    Ben DoverPrije 3 dana

    I am not the biggest fan of the coach, but calling such people out is legit.

  19. Space Goat

    Space GoatPrije 3 dana

    When somebody uses the term 'my truths' you know he's a weak person living in their bubble of bs, somebody touches that bubble and it pops and then their world crumbles to nothing.

  20. Ron

    RonPrije 3 dana

    Nothing but positive vibes for Greg. This "independent" woman and her husband are a joke and really don't know how to deal with any kind of criticism.

  21. Eric Bentley

    Eric BentleyPrije 3 dana

    Husband- please everyone go to this guy's page and bully him off Instagram, I mean report him for bullying, because my strong independent wife can't figure out how to intelligently defend a somewhat dependable position. Then we can defame and slander him in order to sue him for defamation. Please hire me for your legal needs.

  22. Eric Bentley

    Eric BentleyPrije 3 dana

    What's crazy is all she needed was a qualifying statement to change it from spews to truth. Instead of saying you can eat all the steak and butter you want, she could have said eating nothing but high protein foods will likely make most people full enough that they're unlikely to overeat in a condensed eating window, and specify a lean cut of steak with a small amount of butter for flavor. So if you're not hungry because of all the protein, and you're under your calories, then you're unlikely to eat more, therefore you've likely eaten as much as you want. There you go, I just defended the post in a much more credible manner than her or her husband, without about 2 seconds of thought and ah-Zeeero effort

  23. Alexander Chamberlin

    Alexander ChamberlinPrije 3 dana

    She did this because she knows that playing the woman card smokescreens the issue because a way more qualified person debunked her shit and she can’t risk her brand being destroyed. Simple.

  24. Gen Fitness

    Gen FitnessPrije 3 dana

    Ridiculous! I'm a woman and I fully support you and your channel.

  25. max sunju

    max sunjuPrije 3 dana

    Too much lies out there to make money .

  26. max sunju

    max sunjuPrije 3 dana

    Too much lies out there to make money .

  27. max sunju

    max sunjuPrije 3 dana

    Before I hated him now I love him perhaps he speak truth . Keep doing your thing man you

  28. Brandon Teeling

    Brandon TeelingPrije 4 dana

    I know Greg said not to attack the person, but these people snd the world in general are becoming SOFTER THEN LAST TIME.

  29. Alex Z

    Alex ZPrije 4 dana

    This is your brain on low carb. Almost like the brain needs glucose or something 🤔

  30. eclipseNF

    eclipseNFPrije 5 dana

    Lol they are absolute clowns

  31. Connor Lappe

    Connor LappePrije 5 dana

    Good luck Greg!

  32. Kelsea Nova

    Kelsea NovaPrije 5 dana

    Been following greg for a while now. Most of the reviews he does of women are positive.

  33. Sean Hosey

    Sean HoseyPrije 5 dana

    Eh fuck her, my mom used to follow her and she told me that all the drama she’s starting is causing her to lose thousands of followers so jokes on her🤣

  34. NDT111

    NDT111Prije 5 dana

    she is chef rushing u lol

  35. khalil cofield

    khalil cofieldPrije 5 dana

    Team Greg !!!!!!!! Team circle ⭕!!!!!!!!!

  36. samweller2099

    samweller2099Prije 5 dana

    What a fu#@$ng loser. F$%king douchebag husband lol "Erm if this was the Douche SA...durrrr...I would sue....durrrr!" Idiot. I'm going to give her some shit now, have a good day homie.

  37. sundvallen

    sundvallenPrije 5 dana

    Lol western women are so fucking destroyed by this feminism bullshit, holy shit at these people LMFAO

  38. Christian Matich

    Christian MatichPrije 6 dana

    I can’t believe she posted that and expected everyone to just believe her

  39. LV-481

    LV-481Prije 6 dana

    This is outrageous, I just can't believe it. Her behavior is super toxic, she talks about a series of values in front of camera, while inventing a completely distorted image of Greg.

  40. Krèedo

    KrèedoPrije 6 dana

    Why is kali muscle in the thumbnail again?😂

  41. Zack123

    Zack123Prije 6 dana

    I am a strong woman who turned off the comment posts on my Instagram wall 🤣🤣

  42. Dominic R

    Dominic RPrije 6 dana

    IM a strong women but I want to feel safe in my safe space LMAO!!!! And then brings her husband into it.

  43. Keith Leas

    Keith LeasPrije 6 dana

    Greg Doucette breath bro you gona have a jammer

  44. Tony

    TonyPrije 6 dana

    Just "because I'm a woman" is just like saying it's "because I'm black" makes 0 sense OH and buy his freaking cookbook 👍

  45. Team Diaz

    Team DiazPrije 6 dana

    If I was giving out wrong information I would expect someone to call me out and correct me. Maybe I would learn something and perhaps better myself as a person. This is the cancel culture at its finest.

  46. Jonathan Castro

    Jonathan CastroPrije 6 dana

    Even on Keto you have to eat less calories than usual to lose weight! I lost 60 pounds on Keto but I had to cut calories, fast, and eat Keto. I can't just eat as much as I want! If your body doesn't need to burn the body fat because you are providing enough or too many calories. It will burn that before your own body fat!

  47. David Stewart

    David StewartPrije 6 dana

    So wait she insults you then calls you a sexist for telling her the info is wrong? Hhhhmmmmm not one insult in your video I completely agree. Then her husband lies about you. If anything you would be suing them lmao.

  48. harizotoh7

    harizotoh7Prije 6 dana

    She is displaying personality traits consistent with "covert narcissism". Playing the victim and then passive aggressively attacking someone.

  49. Cole-kevin Norman

    Cole-kevin NormanPrije 6 dana

    Greg hase 6lawyer's on retainer cant wait for this to play out.

  50. Cole-kevin Norman

    Cole-kevin NormanPrije 6 dana

    Making money selling lies if i eat that id be 3 times my size in 6 months fat.

  51. Cole-kevin Norman

    Cole-kevin NormanPrije 6 dana

    Will they ever respond to greg on there bullshit greg got house arrest and most trouble he hase been in is the lawn is to long lol this guy is on crack.

  52. Ben BenetisLifting

    Ben BenetisLiftingPrije 6 dana

    Why is Kali ur thumbnail

  53. Haris Hodzic

    Haris HodzicPrije 7 dana

    Well makes sense there are alot of morons in usa alot are normaal buth you have idiots who cant take it when you debunk there bullshit to get more money.

  54. Jessica Raewood

    Jessica RaewoodPrije 7 dana

    Get out of the public eye if you can’t take the heat when your bullshit gets called out. Varying opinions being given is common sense. Like come on??? Grow a backbone girl and learn things before you put it out for the world to see. 🤦‍♀️

  55. Carl Hamad-Lipscombe

    Carl Hamad-LipscombePrije 7 dana

    This incident aside, don't you think it's worth considering whether there's any evidence that could lead one to claim this channel is sexist? Sometimes it seems as though you don't make many positive videos about women/femme HRchartsrs. Often when the video is about a woman its about her being overweight, or a fad diet, or her giving incorrect advice. It might be good to balance those videos out with more positive portrayals of women on this channel. Not saying she's right in this case - I didn't see anything wrong with your IG post - but responding in your usual tone (yelling) also gives her credence. Also, the blatantly sexist comments that this video invites (see below) doesn't help. Still a fan & I do love your cookbook :-)

  56. Fitness Kat

    Fitness KatPrije 7 dana

    You totally are against women at all!!! My boyfriend has been watching you for years and I love your video and information!!!

  57. Levan Hulkster Todd

    Levan Hulkster ToddPrije 7 dana

    They're using you to get more attention. And the guy is talking so much shit lol . Maybe he's trying to prove to his wife that he's a man this old gorilla style show offs LOL.

  58. Cedric John

    Cedric JohnPrije 7 dana

    Kinda ironic how she calls herself a strong woman when she calls out for help to spread lies and misinformation 😂

  59. Dabkatz

    DabkatzPrije 7 dana

    We need a trilogy. Part 3: "HOW DARE YOU CALL ME HOMOPHOBIC!"

  60. FuRyMeRn

    FuRyMeRnPrije 7 dana

    Idk if shes actually that dumb or just trying to gain attention or both

  61. Mernky 356

    Mernky 356Prije 7 dana

    Why are they so mad lmao

  62. Jimmy Hagg

    Jimmy HaggPrije 7 dana

    K A R E N !

  63. Jimmy Hagg

    Jimmy HaggPrije 7 dana

    B I T C H ! ! !

  64. Ron Swanson

    Ron SwansonPrije 7 dana

    If anything dog on the husband.. you can just tell he was a fucking bully

  65. Ron Swanson

    Ron SwansonPrije 7 dana

    There's THOUSANDS of mom influencers preaching fake pure dog shit products... I shit you not, i came across a heavy set woman selling a herbal product that targets fat loss in areas that you please.... LIKE WHAT??????

  66. P Sano

    P SanoPrije 7 dana

    Cmon Greg you’re invading her safe space

  67. Jose Ramirez

    Jose RamirezPrije 7 dana

    This cancel culture bullshit is getting out of hand. Coach Greg is truly trying to help all and most definitely isn't sexist. This is a cheap shot. Just because they got caught in a lie doesn't make who called you out, a sexist. They should cancel themselves for lying to people. This is BULLSHIT because people that follow this crazy lady, will believe what she says. I mean, if they believe you can eat steak and butter until you are full and lose weight, what else will they believe?

  68. 11111wasgeht

    11111wasgehtPrije 7 dana

    This is one thing that I don't understand. I mean sexism obviously goes both ways. Assuming that she explicitly talks about Coach Greg when she refers to "a man", how come she has to degrade him to his sex. I mean for most things of interest, except maybe some biological topics, I assume the sex itself has little to none explanatory power for anything. So why degrade a whole person, a living thing to one basically meaningless trait...

  69. chochizenkarate

    chochizenkaratePrije 7 dana

    No wonder her comments are turned off lol

  70. ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

    ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神Prije 8 dana

    2:20 When you the BS is so strong you just wanna slam your device down

  71. Furious Fabe

    Furious FabePrije 8 dana

    Coach Greg makes all these people look so freaking stupid it’s crazy lol

  72. ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

    ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神Prije 8 dana

    I love this man bless him XDXDXD

  73. Chandler Dorjahn

    Chandler DorjahnPrije 8 dana

    Lefties these days

  74. Xionni

    XionniPrije 8 dana

    Greg not happy

  75. Paul

    PaulPrije 8 dana

    “When you can’t defend the information you’re presenting you then have to resort to calling me something.” The EXACT explanation of what happened here.

  76. Giulio Stallone

    Giulio StallonePrije 8 dana

    ally is hotter btw…

  77. Lachlan Mannix

    Lachlan MannixPrije 8 dana

    Husband speaks like he's right under the wife's thumb. Bet she ranted off to him and he made sure to nod in agreement the whole 45 minutes now he's Simping.

  78. Nobu Moyo

    Nobu MoyoPrije 8 dana

    Ladies, let's show Coach Greg that we support him and are against these lies that are being said about him😑

  79. SQ_TierHog

    SQ_TierHogPrije 8 dana

    "Ending it here" ONE MILLION of us know who Coach is. He's amazing!!

  80. Arundhati Bidwe

    Arundhati BidwePrije 8 dana

    9 years ago....Coach has confirmed and spoken about this multiple times. They still love to bring it up 😪

  81. thedeathcake

    thedeathcakePrije 8 dana

    Need to call yourself a strong woman? Failed at being a strong woman. My gran was a strong woman. These people are laughable. 3 children? Life on the internet? Try 7 children and living through world war 2. Simps...

  82. SQ_TierHog

    SQ_TierHogPrije 8 dana

    Oh my Lord, at 6:26, this is hurting Coach way more than that chef did. Coach is for EVERYONE! 14 more minutes to go of this video, this is really tough. Coach hang in there, we love you buddy!!

  83. SQ_TierHog

    SQ_TierHogPrije 8 dana

    OMG!!! 3 seconds in and I had to pause!!! I don't even want to watch this, because this has got to be so hurtful to Coach!! Okay let me try to make my way through this!!

  84. Sergiu

    SergiuPrije 8 dana

    This is like TV show 😂

  85. Z G

    Z GPrije 8 dana

    She is anything but "strong" . She is a coward hiding behind politically correct bullshit she has heard from BuzzFeed and reads from vox... She has no mind of her own and tries to bamboozle other fragile people to gang up and attempt to cancel you for speaking the truth. She is the epitome of weakness...Props for speaking truth Coach Greg , it is a rare trait and one you should be proud to have.

  86. Its ya Asian Boii

    Its ya Asian BoiiPrije 8 dana

    Why was she so against men following her workout routine kinda sounds sexist to me

  87. The Real Lee Hawke

    The Real Lee HawkePrije 8 dana

    I can’t stand for the stupidity of this video folks can’t handle nothing now a days

  88. The Machine Alexander Aurelius

    The Machine Alexander AureliusPrije 8 dana

    Don’t mess with Coach Greg unless you ( Righter than last time ) stop praying on the ppl with these fake fitness information. Greg actually helping Ppl ⭕️ !!

  89. Rae Millstone

    Rae MillstonePrije 8 dana

    Wait... So she now wants people to report a progress post of yours... Are you kidding me?? That photo had nothing to do with the situation...sounds like she is sexist... oh wait.. women can't be sexist?? come on!! Who does that.. she won't be silenced when she is speaking lies?? She is unbelievable. poisoning minds of people that don't know better

  90. Dominic DiSipio

    Dominic DiSipioPrije 8 dana

    Is this a fitness channel or a HRcharts drama channel?

  91. James White

    James WhitePrije 8 dana

    Wow this lady is ridiculous

  92. Can Tezcan

    Can TezcanPrije 8 dana

    Greg relax your chest is sweating man😂😂

  93. Sebastian T

    Sebastian TPrije 8 dana

    what a bunch of fucktards, jesus fuck.

  94. Sam Balmer

    Sam BalmerPrije 8 dana

    We support you Greg, it's disgusting how this has been blown out of proportion

  95. Dan’s Healthy lifestyle

    Dan’s Healthy lifestylePrije 8 dana

    The only thing you’re trying to help is your pocket people are so delusional to realize that. What have you learned from this video seriously or have you improved your physique after all these drama videos y’all need to wake up🤦🏽‍♂️

  96. WetMelon

    WetMelonPrije 8 dana

    Bru this lady a joke 😭 the world these days is ridiculous man😂

  97. Clark Stelter

    Clark StelterPrije 8 dana

    Man I’m only 3 minutes in 😳

  98. Andrey Kurayev

    Andrey KurayevPrije 8 dana

    Toxic female nature as soon as someone male calls them out on their BS the first thing they turn too is sexism and misogyny and hate towards women feminazis

  99. That Retroholic

    That RetroholicPrije 8 dana

    She's not made cause you lied. She's made cause you tell the truth. Welcome to America (and the new victim culture around the world) This gal is a victim and a weakling who can't handle criticism...she's making women look horrible. Maybe she's sexist? She hates women and wants them to look terrible? She's also probably a racist and homophobe as well...terrible.

  100. Cameron

    CameronPrije 9 dana

    Oh here we go... "I'm a strong woman" and then proceeds to attempt to try and get an army of toxic feminists to destroy coach greg lmao. Got to LOL at these people. What is the world coming to...

  101. Mariano Valle

    Mariano VallePrije 9 dana

    if u trash coach greg u get the hate of a million people... you are done for being an ignorant

  102. Jon T McKnight

    Jon T McKnightPrije 9 dana

    This shit is so funny😂

  103. Kaizen

    KaizenPrije 9 dana

    Her husband must be a crappy lawyer, otherwise he would know that disputing information is not a form of libel nor slander! He could file the lawsuit all he wants, but he would be laughed out of court!

  104. Jeff Karelius

    Jeff KareliusPrije 9 dana

    This kind of strong woman makes women look weak. I know strong women, and this ain't it!

  105. Gaby Calderon

    Gaby CalderonPrije 9 dana

    I started saving up to buy the Cook book 📖 I can’t wait ❤️