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  1. Hugh W

    Hugh WPrije 4 dana

    I just notice gravity transformation copied 9 best chest exercises dumbbell only video from GYM BODY MOTIVATION

  2. Mars Pham

    Mars PhamPrije 9 dana

    At least, he is not vshred.

  3. Zack Higan

    Zack HiganPrije 10 dana

    Ooh rah marine corps .. kill

  4. Zack Higan

    Zack HiganPrije 10 dana

    High knees high knees

  5. Frede Meincke Olesen

    Frede Meincke OlesenPrije 11 dana

    Coach greg talks about metabolism like its different from circle to circle, even if they have the same body composition. i dont get that. If two circles have the exact same bodycomposition, and moves exactly as the other, they should have the same metabolism regardless of their genes, right? greg talks about genes playing a role in metabolism, and i think thats true, but only when talking about NEAT and tendencys to move more or less than the next circle. can someone back my thoughts up or correct me?

  6. Anshpreet Singh

    Anshpreet SinghPrije 11 dana

    My maintainence calories migjt be around 1900-2000 when im very very unactive....i am a newbie to the gym and lifting harder than last time watching all ur videos.... I tend to do a lot of moderate walking and taking around 16000 steps daily which burn around 600-700 calories for me(estimate) and i dont want much of a deficit as i want to gain muscle while losing fat... So i eat around 2100 calories... Can u please tell me that this way of doing it is right? I mean if i only look at my food intake it would be over my maintanence but i do cardio to create a deficit everyday so please help me if im doing it wrong sir... My body fat percent is around 27-30 percent

  7. gmz gmz

    gmz gmzPrije 11 dana

    It's hard to watch any other fitness channels after watching a few from Greg they're all boring Greg keeps the watcher engaged and honest


    DAMIEN KOYPrije 12 dana

    At least GT doesn't hav an annoying whining voice like Greg.

  9. Agentlibra

    AgentlibraPrije 13 dana

    Got a v-shred ad saying I don't need cardio to lose weight at all 🤣

  10. Luke Claydon

    Luke ClaydonPrije 13 dana

    Love you coach Greg but you are wrong about cardio. It is important but if you don’t strength train your body pulls from lean mass in a deficit this is a survival mechanism to reduce metabolic rate. Strength train prevents this. Strength training should be given priority in fat loss.

  11. Stephie Getsit

    Stephie GetsitPrije 13 dana

    Rule #1 always listen to Coach Greg

  12. Bob Stone

    Bob StonePrije 14 dana

    Hey Greg, can you make a video about daily push ups and pull ups? My brother tried it with push ups and it had great impact on his chest Not making look huge but it really helped him make it look fuller. Also I ve got to say that during this time he DID NOT do any other exercise for chest

  13. Thomas

    ThomasPrije 14 dana

    algo comment

  14. David Perez

    David PerezPrije 14 dana

    Collagen and gelatin can improve theloose skin area ? Vigorous Steve says it does

  15. matt284fun

    matt284funPrije 14 dana

    People that think cardio isn’t the most effective weight loss technique are nuts! When I was 300lbs and started going to the gym a body builder friend of mine told me that I never need to do cardio because when you lift your metabolism goes into overdrive. So ignorant me listened to him. I lost very little weight until I started pairing lifting with cardio. Then it came off quick. I was ignorant and didn’t know at the time that this guy was on steroids. We didn’t have the same playing field lol. So yes, from first hand experience, cardio IS best. Period!

  16. David Perez

    David PerezPrije 14 dana

    You’re on a whole different higher level Coach Greg . 👍

  17. Juliana Sy

    Juliana SyPrije 14 dana

    watching coach Greg is now my new afternoon pass time.

  18. Jon Moris

    Jon MorisPrije 14 dana

    I would love to see coach greg do a video on chronic tendinitis in elbows i cant imagine he hasnt suffered this at some time ive been lifting hard for 1.5years 6 days a week and im in pain everday i feel like i might have to stop weights and i dont want too!

  19. Pool Game 8

    Pool Game 8Prije 14 dana

    Just check the 65 year old bodybuilders on HRcharts for excess skin some of them have bodies of a 35 year old ..... incredible! (Age is just a number)

  20. Zacko PARIS

    Zacko PARISPrije 14 dana

    Close your eye's think of your dream physique open your eye's..... YOU NOT GETTING IT !!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Gritty

    GrittyPrije 14 dana

    Emotional (like experiencing a death, job loss or having a drastic change in life situation) and relationship stress like discovering infidelity in a partner can result in weight loss. Not all stress is equal.

  22. Moose92411

    Moose92411Prije 14 dana

    Anyone concerned with loose skin should have subscribed to O2B years ago

  23. Pat Mehan

    Pat MehanPrije 14 dana

    He really doesnt think cardio is the best way to lose weight?? I think even overweight people confuse this as well. I was overweight when I was younger. I hit the cardio and weights. Then i just wanted to lose weight and did cardio alone. I lost weigh quick. 80 lbs in a year. A good amount was muscle. Regardless this happened to me a few times. Almost like muscle memory. Got divorced and went off work for 2 years. Gained it all back. Then went back to work at a physical factory job. And by the end I came within 10 lbs of my thinnest ever. But got down to 170 at 6'4" decided to concentrate on building muscle. And am up to 205 but with some muscle on my frame. Point being cardio and activity in general *if your only trying to lose weight. Is high levels of cardio or physical labor. Its an extremely hard concept for some to understand. Bit at least coach greg gets it.

  24. GT 4real

    GT 4realPrije 14 dana

    The burn 🔥 of wieghts help me , with cardio loss muscle 💪

  25. romualdo pina

    romualdo pinaPrije 14 dana

    Coach Greg looks like Kevin Levrone with that hair style!🤔

  26. dave hanson

    dave hansonPrije 14 dana

    Always believing coach Greg, standing by integrity 👍.

  27. miranda11

    miranda11Prije 14 dana

    I cried when i opened my eyes 😫 jk

  28. Beaniebo

    BeanieboPrije 12 dana

    Lol ahahaha, one day at a time you got this :)

  29. M. Jordan

    M. JordanPrije 14 dana

    dude. yes any study can be made to say anything but if the study follows the scientific method then it has way way way more veracity. not all studies are made equal. the simple fact that you said that means you don't know anything about science. organ meat has every single nutrient that the body needs to thrive. fruit and vegetables are not made to go in the human body in large amounts on top of that modern crops are not found in natural and are man made no animal on the planet is designed to eat crops.

  30. Tax Gladiator

    Tax GladiatorPrije 14 dana

    Coach Greg I got a good one for you. I want to see the T-shirt. WACD. Weights Attitude Cardio Diet. All you need to be better than last time.

  31. klikfisz

    klikfiszPrije 14 dana

    4:40 i strongly disagree. the person who gets fat is just LAZY couch potato, and the other person who doesn't gain weight is active

  32. Majin FironN

    Majin FironNPrije 14 dana

    Nope, don't want drama. Want education, entertainment, recipe videos with you and ally and workout wisdom. Caring zero for the drama.

  33. Ned Mic

    Ned MicPrije 14 dana

    I watched the video from 1 year ago and it seems Greg had more muscles, is it due to steroids or test level?

  34. Christian Roman

    Christian RomanPrije 15 dana

    So why not have a diet that is not too low on calories, you have enough energy for sex and that is considered an extra workout. You going to burn the calories that you want to restrict in the first place 😂

  35. Chris Meredith

    Chris MeredithPrije 15 dana

    45yrs old, and have/have had what many would consider their "dream physique"-- and it sure as heck won't make you happy-- and I can also relate to the skin not being as tight in the lower abs-- life happens ppl-- and you deal with it. If that's your only physical 'issues' at 45? You're very, very fortunate;)

  36. Winner sachin

    Winner sachinPrije 15 dana

    First point was not correct for me I become happy person after losing weight.

  37. Fire_prep

    Fire_prepPrije 15 dana

    This will probably get burried, but regarding the point about cardio not being the most effective way to lose weight and the calories consumed after weight training, i think this is differnent from people to people. I am a 215 lbs man and for me when i mainly lift, i always end the day starving with relatively low calories burned during the workouts, where as i can do longer forms of cardio that i enjoy that burns way more calories, without being very hungry at night and and eat a little bit more food while maintaining my deficit. This might be only anecdotal, but i believe that you need to experiment and find what works best for you. For me cardio is the way to go! (Riding a bike up hill also works your muscle, dont forget)

  38. Vegan Marine

    Vegan MarinePrije 15 dana

    “I wanna be 5% body fat,” *gets to 5%* “I want bigger muscles.” *gets bigger muscles* “I wanna be leaner.” *gets leaner* “But imagine if I had 10 more pounds of muscle” *chases impossible to catch dragon into eternity* “Close your eyes & think of your dream physique. Open them, YOU’RE NOT GETTING IT! Get Halfway there & BE HAPPY!” Great message coach.

  39. Andrew Robinson

    Andrew RobinsonPrije 15 dana

    Gravity seems like a cool dude and a good coach, but he's no stranger to plagiarism. Has a bench press video that's pretty much just one of Josh Bryant's (paid) books, chapter by chapter summed up.

  40. doomphd

    doomphdPrije 15 dana

    Someone clear this up for me please. Is cardio the most important thing for weight loss or is diet the most important thing for weight loss? Because my money is on diet.

  41. Cabrera Fitness

    Cabrera FitnessPrije 15 dana

    My skin tightened up taking MSM powder, herbs, fruits, and allowing time for me to fill into my skin anew. When i flap under my arm it doesn't dangle like before.

  42. Pandah Sykes

    Pandah SykesPrije 15 dana

    Isn’t that all you do Greg ? Copy MPMDs content?

  43. fakhrusy syakirin

    fakhrusy syakirinPrije 15 dana

    im sorry greg. I just paused my cardio session just to watch this video that talk about the importance of cardio :(

  44. Thomas Iem

    Thomas IemPrije 15 dana

    Watching this chilling with my Oreo blizzard 800 calories

  45. Boni Kruger

    Boni KrugerPrije 15 dana

    The thing is his videos get more views then yours so.......

  46. Mike Konrad

    Mike KonradPrije 15 dana

    I definitely have a lot of excess skin. I was 340lbs at my heaviest, now I am right at 218lbs and fairly muscled and my lower abs will not show to save my life. I am still pretty happy because I have a decent 4 pack starting to show. I have never had abs in my life of 44 years. I still push, but because I love to diet and train.

  47. Andrew Campbell

    Andrew CampbellPrije 15 dana

    Coach review lumen?!?

  48. Don't read my name

    Don't read my namePrije 15 dana

    jokes on you i already have ED at 15% bodyfat and eating 4000 calories daily and hitting the gym at 25 years old

  49. Matt

    MattPrije 15 dana

    The study cited showed cardiovascular aerobic ex caused a 1.7 Kg reduction in weight over 12 months, that’s brutal!

  50. Dr.Monkey-Kong

    Dr.Monkey-KongPrije 15 dana

    Yeah I thought it was just skin but there's still so much fat on the lower belly even though I'm only 175lbs 5ft10 Skin is getting tighter and tighter and building some muscle helps too. Test levels never got back up it's ridiculously low hence I'm not building a lot of muscle. That's why I ended up skinny fat. Life's life.

  51. yep

    yepPrije 15 dana

    Solid content! 204 to 182.3 eating those wraps. Feeling much better. And doing the cardio everyday. Weights alternare days.

  52. yep

    yepPrije 15 dana

    Was the title...clickbait?

  53. BruceKarrde

    BruceKarrdePrije 15 dana

    For anyone losing weight - this is what helped me. To reduce and assist your skin, use the cream women use after they've given birth. It'll tighten the skin, and when using a waist band, you'll keep a proper form. You will still have excess skin, however it will be not as much as if you didn't use it. This worked for me when losing 40-50 Kg, so make your own judgement. However, the more you assist your skin, the less you need to visit a cosmetic surgeon.

  54. Robby

    RobbyPrije 15 dana

    I used to watch these videos with earphones. They broke. Now I use subtitles. I can still hear Gregs voice though.

  55. All The Artsy

    All The ArtsyPrije 15 dana

    There are only so much to cover when it comes to fitness. That's why even Greg needs to start drama with other channels. Because the basic concepts are easy to explain and would take only a few videos to cover, really. This is like saying content is copied if you both talk about CICO

  56. Mhamat Ghanim

    Mhamat GhanimPrije 15 dana

    man! titel is such click bait

  57. Bleack

    BleackPrije 15 dana

    1 hour walk every day. Nobody got injured from walking for an hour at a reasonable pace like a normal person

  58. Hugh W

    Hugh WPrije 15 dana

    Cardi B: hmmm that's weird, that's suspicious🤔

  59. Aryan Gautam

    Aryan GautamPrije 15 dana

    😹😹😹shittttt bro when I closed my eyes and suddenly hear him saying u are not getting it😂😂😂

  60. josbakkie85

    josbakkie85Prije 15 dana

    Man stress messes me up like crazy, i lose weight like crazy when im really stressed... lose muscle, water, fat, appetite its horrible

  61. Louie Thorp

    Louie ThorpPrije 15 dana

    Do bully juice natty or not

  62. Mohamed Bezre

    Mohamed BezrePrije 15 dana

    i’ve been waiting for this for a longgggg timeee!!! omg i thought i was dreaming seeing this

  63. Zinhla Hlatshwayo

    Zinhla HlatshwayoPrije 15 dana

    Does anybody know if CICO involves the calories we also burn in our sleep? Please recommend any videos that explains how CICO works for fat loss. I'm struggling to understand it

  64. Christian Gutschik

    Christian GutschikPrije 15 dana

    Hey Doc, I think a video "cardio vs weights once and for all" to drive home the point would be nice. I, for one, would love to know how much energy is consumed to build muscle after weights compared to cardio. And how many calories go into the muscle itself instead of being used for energy as you briefly stated in this video. So basically a video where you touch on every aspect so no one can say things like "yeah cardio maybe burns more during exercise but what about xyz" because I do believe cardio is better but I think especially when noobie-gaining all that muscle building has to have some impact too. But how much?

  65. quint fleischeuer

    quint fleischeuerPrije 15 dana

    Most effective way to lose weight=thyroxine

  66. Bruh

    BruhPrije 15 dana

    Coach greg: you don’t want sexy time Virginity is cool

  67. Aguy

    AguyPrije 15 dana

    Spittin more fax than a fax machine

  68. Quentin Kelly

    Quentin KellyPrije 15 dana

    My dream physique, to look how i look when im flexing but relaxed. My body: ummm... WHAT!? 😳🤣

  69. The Potato

    The PotatoPrije 15 dana

    Telling me I can't get my dream body... Makes me want it more! Ha jokes on you

  70. eSweet

    eSweetPrije 15 dana

    Hey Greg, would you please make a video on which body fat percentage is best for a more energized / feel good body. I don’t mean physically looking feel good. I mean a good amount of energy, not feeling fat, not skinny, just right

  71. Tae

    TaePrije 15 dana


  72. jakub rosenberg

    jakub rosenbergPrije 15 dana

    Funny because greg have nearly the same videos that platesfordates and jonni shreve🤷🏻‍♂️

  73. PW FIT

    PW FITPrije 15 dana

    Actually greg, you are THE moron because you dont know meat is also has abundance of micronutrients in it. Not only meat, you can find micronutrients in animal organs. Doing keto or carnivore doesnt mean that you will be deficient in micronutrients. You are 97.99% right anyway. Its fine

  74. Pedro Perez

    Pedro PerezPrije 15 dana

    One of the best videos you have ever made CG !

  75. Calovr

    CalovrPrije 15 dana

    If you don't work out, then you've greatly reduced your chance of getting hurt while working out. Mind blown

  76. 222radon

    222radonPrije 15 dana

    at first i thought - what an idiot - meanwhile I like him a lot 🔥

  77. Nellio

    NellioPrije 15 dana

    Hey Guys, for those who bought the cook book can u guys give me an honest review plz? I'm thinking of buying it but idk if I should get the 2.0 or the old one. Plz and ty

  78. A_Turner_92

    A_Turner_92Prije 15 dana

    Shelley Darlington helped him make this video…..

  79. Dr. Fragrance

    Dr. FragrancePrije 15 dana

    Mike O'Hearn is wack.

  80. Adam Grantham

    Adam GranthamPrije 15 dana

    This man was tearing up towards the end! You know he passionate.

  81. Wil Gauper

    Wil GauperPrije 15 dana

    Please do a NATTY or NOT on PGA Professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau!

  82. parsa

    parsaPrije 15 dana

    Great video! Very Informative

  83. Harish C

    Harish CPrije 15 dana

    Hey Greg ! Can you do a video on Vox's 'Exercise is not the effective way to lose weight' ? Coz it seems to be interesting. (If you have already done that I'm sorry I haven't watched that yet)

  84. Shayan Givehchian

    Shayan GivehchianPrije 15 dana

    Gravity Transformation is a pretty good channel and has honest quality content for losing weight.

  85. Sho Baru

    Sho BaruPrije 15 dana

    i got halfway close to my dream physique in 1 year ..........

  86. Olie

    OliePrije 15 dana

    Outside is dangerous though after severing my ATFL I won't be going out side to do cardio again ... Get an indoor bike

  87. Daniel Smith

    Daniel SmithPrije 15 dana

    Views are really getting lower than last time. Wtf is happening?

  88. BigAli27

    BigAli27Prije 15 dana

    Watching Greg’s videos increases my blood pressure from all the stress this man goes through

  89. Austin Smith

    Austin SmithPrije 15 dana

    Coach Greg, how does inflammation effect weight loss? I seem to be at a plat. I have been sitting at a deficit and doing moderate cardio 30 to 40 minutes worth and resistance training. Would this just be over training or other problems?

  90. theviewdownhere

    theviewdownherePrije 15 dana

    I disagree with the point regarding the calorie compensation. Psychologically speaking people who do a leg workout think they worked really hard and eat high calorie meals to compensate. It gets worse if they're sore for a few days, where they won't move as much, which doesn't really happen with cardio.

  91. criminal corn27

    criminal corn27Prije 15 dana

    What is this new trend of everyone copy people's content remington was already enough

  92. Your Vid

    Your VidPrije 15 dana

    Mote clickbait than last time

  93. Erza Bagus Pramudya Sutrisno

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  94. Defected SBM

    Defected SBMPrije 15 dana

    I'm sure Gravity Transformations approves your message 😂

  95. Nick Axaris

    Nick AxarisPrije 15 dana

    Have to admit I like Gravity transformation's videos

  96. Evan Solomine

    Evan SolominePrije 15 dana

    Adding draamuh to the coach greg vocab list

  97. David Potter

    David PotterPrije 15 dana

    For someone with a master's degree, you really are anti-science. No, a study cannot say anything you want it to. You can lie about (or misinterpret) what a study says, but the study says what it says. Sure, no one individual study should be taken as absolute truth, but the way you consistently disregard any study you don't like by insinuating that research is useless (unless you find some that supports your own point) is intellectually dishonest and at times results in you giving your viewers bad information

  98. shaun ho

    shaun hoPrije 15 dana

    Someone who has a master's would know how to analyze a study, the limitations and biases involved. He justifies with his reasons and not just brushing it off. You can't read a paper just by seeing just the title and the results.

  99. Chris

    ChrisPrije 15 dana

    Surely being fat means you have excess skin, you lose the fat you still have excess skin. So, if you're not fat don't get fat. No excess skin.

  100. dprfail

    dprfailPrije 15 dana

    stop making something out of nothing, clout chasing scumbag you grasp onto anything

  101. Dave Bassaw

    Dave BassawPrije 15 dana

    If you wanted to add to his list, using the phrase "copied content" in your title was not the way to do it. That was really misleading.

  102. shaun ho

    shaun hoPrije 15 dana

    Obviously you are not in the title baiting game

  103. MMA Views

    MMA ViewsPrije 15 dana

    First Dr. Greg's Click bait thumbnail

  104. Carmen Fanous

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    Wow the truth has been spoken