Fake Followers, Lies, And Personal Attacks? || Joe "Ad Hominen" Donnelly

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  1. Bi Supertramp

    Bi SupertrampPrije 6 dana

    This Joe guy is a piece of shit

  2. Donavan Kelso

    Donavan KelsoPrije 6 dana

    I pay my taxes im not fake😂

  3. HELIX Gaming

    HELIX GamingPrije 8 dana

    This guy is such a prick, what a disgusting personality. Why all these morons going after Greg? Lol.

  4. Wai Linn Maung

    Wai Linn MaungPrije 8 dana

    9:55 I like that statement.. Yeah... Love your works and books.. I am a doctor but still your training strategy and nutritions make sense and works.. Nice..

  5. Dan’s Healthy lifestyle

    Dan’s Healthy lifestylePrije 8 dana

    Wow I feel like I’m in a salon

  6. Kevin Nguyen

    Kevin NguyenPrije 9 dana

    You Coach, you yell louder!

  7. King Das

    King DasPrije 9 dana

    I don't believe a person with a driller attached 2 his face

  8. Jeff Reyes Guitar 512

    Jeff Reyes Guitar 512Prije 10 dana

    Looks like his IG is deactivated

  9. Jeff Reyes Guitar 512

    Jeff Reyes Guitar 512Prije 10 dana

    If the lion and sheep quote ever comes up. I lose all respect.

  10. Klaus Johnson

    Klaus JohnsonPrije 10 dana

    Greg, you only got 58k views on this video, you should pick somebody who we might know.

  11. ChachiRCola

    ChachiRColaPrije 10 dana

    Now he’ll get some real followers lol ⭕️❤️

  12. boo_justine

    boo_justinePrije 10 dana

    For the algo "😂😂😂" crying face

  13. Bobby Hunt

    Bobby HuntPrije 11 dana

    Never heard of joe donnelly He hasnt built a hundred dollar company much less a 7 figure one He's the same ol nobody trying to make money by sitting at home and lying to people

  14. Dan Ford

    Dan FordPrije 11 dana

    Commenting to help the algorithm. Coach Greg has a shocking amount of integrity and consistency and deserves all the support he can get!!

  15. michael freeman

    michael freemanPrije 11 dana

    Where do I sign up to be a paid follower?

  16. uglyinthamorning

    uglyinthamorningPrije 11 dana

    Joe Donnelly gives out some of the most irresponsible TRT advice on his IG. tries to push hrt on almost everyone to promote his business.

  17. jason griffith

    jason griffithPrije 11 dana

    It is horrible that this guy makes fun of trans people. He should cancel his HRcharts but he is to horrible of a person to be considerate.enough to do that.

  18. Shayy Butter

    Shayy ButterPrije 11 dana

    yeah..never heard of this guy before, but the way he publicly posts insulting and homophobic comments makes me glad I dont know of him

  19. Beasty Familia

    Beasty FamiliaPrije 12 dana

    I didn't even know who Joe was but now I know...but hey follow me on ig Greg! Lol

  20. Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen

    Smitty Werben Jagerman JensenPrije 12 dana

    Aye!! Coach Jason ftw!!

  21. kyle chetty

    kyle chettyPrije 12 dana

    watch 1 video of Greg,boom...smarter than joe donelly

  22. JD Lewis

    JD LewisPrije 12 dana

    Who tf is Joe Donnelly

  23. Bruno Lopes

    Bruno LopesPrije 12 dana

    LOL knows a lot of details for someone that "doesn't pay attention to them" another clout chase joke

  24. Zacky leo rizal

    Zacky leo rizalPrije 12 dana

    Never heard of that guy... Unknown.

  25. Thomas Iem

    Thomas IemPrije 12 dana

    Was making lunch and watched the video, thought I heard Joe Delaney LOL

  26. walker evans

    walker evansPrije 12 dana

    Every time i see these videos from you i always wonder “why does he even care?” Anyone with half a brain can see this Joe guy is. Its beneath you to even respond to him.

  27. Tori Whitney

    Tori WhitneyPrije 12 dana

    legit never heard of Joe Donnelly in my life... lmfao

  28. luisrank11

    luisrank11Prije 12 dana

    I follow him for years now and use his supps. He is tough on people because he gets the same question asked every day to the point where he gets annoyed jaja. Not defending him but i have seen him apologizing too. To each their own but, i like you more Dr

  29. ClutchThreeGod

    ClutchThreeGodPrije 12 dana

    Coach Greg always says "im not a doctor" but is since he has a doctorate in Kinesiology

  30. Giorgos Xios

    Giorgos XiosPrije 12 dana

    Donnely eats probably trenboloni sandwiches 🤗🤗🤗

  31. Ray Garcia

    Ray GarciaPrije 12 dana

    Drama with facts

  32. Jacob Prewett

    Jacob PrewettPrije 13 dana

    Wow that dudes a total douche

  33. Athletic_Education

    Athletic_EducationPrije 13 dana

    Wow this guy just sounds like a terrible human

  34. Frost D.H

    Frost D.HPrije 13 dana

    Dude his just trying get more followers by going after you, business move. Cmonnn

  35. Nothing But net

    Nothing But netPrije 13 dana

    Man how about u do your job and teach and advise on fitness instead of all these stupid videos u make

  36. Mad Wolf

    Mad WolfPrije 13 dana

    God I love listening to Greg Scream like this when I'm at the gym. Helps me block out the bs advice people try to give me and help me focus on what I need to do.

  37. Frank Fitzgeralde

    Frank FitzgeraldePrije 13 dana

    Who tf is that guy!? I just love when he replaces slurs with "COOKBOOK"

  38. Scarecrow

    ScarecrowPrije 13 dana

    He sold 100 bottles of pre-workout and tells everyone he built $100 million company. What a clown.

  39. Weirdchamp

    WeirdchampPrije 13 dana

    Who the fuck is Joe Donnelly

  40. D R

    D RPrije 13 dana

    Comment for the algorithm

  41. Charles Lane

    Charles LanePrije 13 dana

    Joe Donnelly What the Fuck is a Joe Donnelly

  42. Piyush Dwivedi

    Piyush DwivediPrije 13 dana

    Who's, reporting Greg for murder 😂

  43. TheEpicSpire

    TheEpicSpirePrije 13 dana

    lol dude, chill out, i think you kilt him. i hit that sub button harder than i ever had

  44. Jason Padilla

    Jason PadillaPrije 13 dana

    Greg, you smuggled gear?.. AWESOME! Like you more now lol

  45. Luzsta

    LuzstaPrije 13 dana

    🤔😧 More like Joe Dirt!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️😆

  46. Mick The Travelling Gamer

    Mick The Travelling GamerPrije 13 dana

    Who's Joe Donnelly?? waaait, isnt he that guy who couldn't cut it in the NFL so he started a company to make a quick buck?

  47. jessie sisto

    jessie sistoPrije 13 dana

    What is wrong with this guy he should be put in his place or banned off of instgram or making fitness products.. fitness products and pages are to help people and his attitude clearly is not geared towards helping others.. this angers me

  48. Chelios Panama

    Chelios PanamaPrije 13 dana

    Thank you Dr. I’m trying not to be a moron. 🤓

  49. ruben mcrae

    ruben mcraePrije 13 dana

    Who the fuck is joe

  50. Jessica Michels

    Jessica MichelsPrije 13 dana

    Since the beginning of time. You can run. But you can't hide......

  51. theroamingMD

    theroamingMDPrije 13 dana

    You give great information about fitness Greg ! Learned so much ! Definitely changed my life 😎

  52. Tanner Chidester

    Tanner ChidesterPrije 13 dana

    Guy is super disrespectful but may be a chance the company is that big. He’s selling TRT and you don’t need a big social presence to have a big company. Would be surprised since he acts so unprofessional but you don’t need a huge presence that’s for sure

  53. TheRealBandito

    TheRealBanditoPrije 13 dana

    When Jason Blaha disses you and he's right you know you're low on the totem pole. 😂

  54. TheRealBandito

    TheRealBanditoPrije 13 dana

    If he's growing a company for 7 figures every month how worth is his company now? In a year is 84 figures. That's insane growth....if it were true 😂

  55. TheRealBandito

    TheRealBanditoPrije 13 dana

    No way Greg knew how to do the research for the fake followers diss 😂 Props to his staff!

  56. Josh_Exfilcamper

    Josh_ExfilcamperPrije 13 dana

    That’s right Greg, teach him how to be more politically correct than the last time.

  57. pascal raskal

    pascal raskalPrije 13 dana


  58. NoGamerLikeThis

    NoGamerLikeThisPrije 13 dana

    Firstly, never heard of this guy in my life and I follow the scene pretty consistently for a couple years now. Second, how could anyone follow someone’s who is so negative on a day to day basis? That shit is draining. This dude should just leave his fake ass posing lifestyle and grow tf up.

  59. Mr Blue

    Mr BluePrije 13 dana


  60. lxwkey

    lxwkeyPrije 13 dana

    How did my coach get unsubed 😤

  61. Super Mario

    Super MarioPrije 13 dana

    We like the hustlers 'round these parts. 🤷‍♂️

  62. Dallas Nelke

    Dallas NelkePrije 13 dana

    Nobody is as famous as they seem to be on social media bc a lot of people buy their followers!

  63. James Wilson

    James WilsonPrije 13 dana

    I'm giving this a thumbs up purely for the shout-out to Jason Blaha. Extremely underrated HRchartsr 😎

  64. James Wilson

    James WilsonPrije 13 dana

    @Super Mario With his military background he's far more than just another boring weightlifter.

  65. Super Mario

    Super MarioPrije 13 dana


  66. Tymbus

    TymbusPrije 13 dana

    Greg, I sense this guy has annoyed you somewhat...

  67. Lewis

    LewisPrije 13 dana

    That is not an ad hom at all there was no debate being held he gave his opinion that's all..

  68. Florin Sarbu

    Florin SarbuPrije 13 dana

    Did you eat microphones and speakers when you were little?

  69. Daybot

    DaybotPrije 13 dana

    I am a fake follower I was built and designed my Elon musk daddy

  70. Bruno Bossk

    Bruno BosskPrije 13 dana

    Joe Donnelly’s nose 👃 is running 1000mgs of trenbolone 💉

  71. Bruno Bossk

    Bruno BosskPrije 13 dana

    Joe Donnelly is a Zionist

  72. Xizz

    XizzPrije 13 dana

    The pre workout food part really nailed in how stupid that guy is lol

  73. GT3 Shredz

    GT3 ShredzPrije 13 dana

    Put negative shit out into the world, negative shit will come back

  74. D R

    D RPrije 13 dana


  75. Oh its Mike

    Oh its MikePrije 13 dana

    I see now that most people in the fitness industry are suffering from severe little man syndrome.

  76. Es0teric

    Es0tericPrije 14 dana

    Honestly you probably shouldn't have even given this guy the light of day. He's a washed up prick with mad self esteem issues.

  77. Jaja Haha

    Jaja HahaPrije 14 dana

    Ur a fucking genius!

  78. Sonja Maria Dover

    Sonja Maria DoverPrije 14 dana

    Algorithm comment cha cha cha!! 💃

  79. RespondToVideosFrenchAndEnglishComments

    RespondToVideosFrenchAndEnglishCommentsPrije 14 dana

    Coach Greg of course!!

  80. philippe verlinden

    philippe verlindenPrije 14 dana

    That's why they call him ' little Joe'...

  81. Pranav Tiwari

    Pranav TiwariPrije 14 dana

    7:00 Crying face XD XD XD

  82. Thezuule

    ThezuulePrije 14 dana

    Dude was doing it for the free publicity and you gave it to him.

  83. Yuki Hotta

    Yuki HottaPrije 14 dana

    You are WRONG Coach. This is his way of learning from you lmfao

  84. Weik Fitness - Matt Weik

    Weik Fitness - Matt WeikPrije 14 dana

    Joe Donnelly, the guy who capitalized on Greg Plitt’s death and acted like he was Greg’s best friend to get interviewed. Greg didn't even like the guy. 🙄

  85. David Perez

    David PerezPrije 14 dana

    Great conclusion

  86. davidgranda84

    davidgranda84Prije 14 dana

    The guy is a piece of sh!t. Stopped following him years ago.

  87. Wet Shoe

    Wet ShoePrije 14 dana

    Bruh I expected this is someone I thought people knew about.

  88. HSC GT Cooper3

    HSC GT Cooper3Prije 14 dana

    Greg you know you're smart when you constantly say I'm not a doctor yet everyone calls you doctor 😅

  89. HSC GT Cooper3

    HSC GT Cooper3Prije 14 dana

    Who the fuck is Joe kml

  90. Airidas Klimka

    Airidas KlimkaPrije 14 dana

    Been following Joe for over 5 years... 99% of the times he's just joking. And actually responds to questions personally.. Just cusses around when he gets 100s of questions asking the same thing that he's explaining every single day. And his TRT company has gone world wide. Has many buisnesses beside that as well. It just how he rants on IG. He openly admits having good friends who are gay so all those homophobic things he says it's just for the laughs. But you wouldn't get it if you didn't follow him for some time

  91. Airidas Klimka

    Airidas KlimkaPrije 9 dana

    @uglyinthamorning yeah he said crypto was going to crash and I was like that can't be true and after 12 hours it started. So it wasn't very shit advice. And I can't remember that msg you're referencing. If that is true then yeah, that's dumb.

  92. uglyinthamorning

    uglyinthamorningPrije 9 dana

    @Airidas Klimka I don’t have an issue with AML, the product looks fine. I think Joe Donnelly says some of the stupidest shit and gives terrible advice.

  93. uglyinthamorning

    uglyinthamorningPrije 9 dana

    @Airidas Klimka right but that’s not what he was saying. He gets a msg saying “I’m 25 with 750 test, is that low?” his response, “you’re currently a beta liberal SWIPE UP get on TRT and become alpha.” I get he’s running a business, but that’s what he is, a salesman, not a good info source. Don’t even get me started about the BS crypto advice he’s giving people.

  94. uglyinthamorning

    uglyinthamorningPrije 9 dana

    @Airidas Klimka And if you pay attention many of the comments he responds to are worded the same way and have similar spelling errors, this guy is clearly planting comments like “holy shit, thanks bro, TRT changed my life.” Why do 90% of his complimentary comments start with “holy shit” ? this guy is a scam artist.

  95. Airidas Klimka

    Airidas KlimkaPrije 9 dana

    @uglyinthamorning you see how you don't have anything to say about AML? Because it's a great company

  96. BlackSunshine

    BlackSunshinePrije 14 dana

    I think Greg was more hurt by this dude undervaluing his cookbook for 800$ lol

  97. Mathias Gredler

    Mathias GredlerPrije 14 dana

    please make a video about Paul Unterleitner, what u think. he is better in shape than Arnold in his age and claims his natty. 🤪

  98. Lolwhatajoke

    LolwhatajokePrije 14 dana

    Coach Greg’s voice gets higher with his subscriber count

  99. MrLugar45

    MrLugar45Prije 14 dana

    This probably was GD's easiest response so far. The guy is a complete joke. Fake followers, bad info, insults,..

  100. Cabrera Fitness

    Cabrera FitnessPrije 14 dana

    I stopped watching many fitness channels to watch coach Greg. It wasn't a conscience choice either, I just found myself turning to his channel.

  101. Bob Stone

    Bob StonePrije 14 dana

    Hey Greg, can you make a video about daily push ups and pull ups? My brother tried it with push ups and it had great impact on his chest Not making look huge but it really helped him make it look fuller. Also I ve got to say that during this time he DID NOT do any other exercise for chest

  102. Nattyshad

    NattyshadPrije 14 dana

    review kangaroo muscles.

  103. Doc oz

    Doc ozPrije 14 dana

    "Nfl has been" more like has never. Who da fook is that guy?

  104. RustOnTheTrailerHitch

    RustOnTheTrailerHitchPrije 14 dana

    Joe Donnelly is a crybaby. Used to follow him and he blocked me for going against one thing he said. Lol

  105. m poel

    m poelPrije 14 dana

    its like in the sportschool they acuse you thats its all about the steroids and than it seems they use it by them self but still look like shit

  106. Brandon

    BrandonPrije 14 dana

    Never heard of him and never heard of his supps.... still wish I never knew of him.

  107. Jo Jo

    Jo JoPrije 14 dana

    After the "beta liberal" comment I know exactly what type of person this is designed to appeal to.

  108. Francisco Ramírez

    Francisco RamírezPrije 14 dana

    Genuinely didn't know who that dude is