Diet BREAKS Vs. REFEEDS || The BEST Way To Lose Weight?


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  1. Parth Shah

    Parth ShahPrije 17 dana

    Train harder then last time, diet easier than last time - got it!

  2. Matija Novak

    Matija NovakPrije 15 dana

    I give u kiss, big boy

  3. Papa John

    Papa JohnPrije 16 dana

    “Tren harder than last time, diet easier than last time” - The Titan

  4. Viking Ogre

    Viking OgrePrije 17 dana

    @Dennis Sparks popped in the feed with coach Greg in the title, it’s hilarious

  5. Dennis Sparks

    Dennis SparksPrije 17 dana

    @Viking Ogre , why does anyone watch vegan gains? Terrible info.

  6. Viking Ogre

    Viking OgrePrije 17 dana

    @Greg Doucette did you see vegan gains new video about your coaching fee’s?

  7. shishio45

    shishio45Prije 2 minuta

    The only thing I would add is that there is psychological benefit to fast results when your starting out, as the rush of excitement that comes from visible results can be quite rewarding, coupled with a tapering off period where you maintain that dramatic loss, can be quite emotionally satisfying

  8. Cheems Cheemson

    Cheems CheemsonPrije dan

    Jeff sure does talk a load of shite. Good thing he's got decent genetics so he can get away with his clown training and diet.

  9. A P

    A PPrije 3 dana

    I say the next interview should be with Jeff Nippard.

  10. Treasure Weiler

    Treasure WeilerPrije 5 dana

    Coach with another sensible take. Been on my diet for 3 months now with no desire for a "refeed" because I haven't been suffering at all. The best diet is one your stomach doesn't realize you're on. Also correct on needing to adjust your calorie goals as you lose weight. I wonder if that's why everyone says "the last five are the hardest to lose" Maybe because you haven't changed your caloric goals along with your changing body weight and therefore your deficit is getting smaller.

  11. Thomas Rogers

    Thomas RogersPrije 6 dana

    Im thinking about buying your cook book .

  12. DadBod Fitness

    DadBod FitnessPrije 6 dana

    Man Greg you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. You are having to nit pick just to try to ride one of Jeff's new videos it would appear. You are calling out a 167 calorie difference? That will NOT make a difference when dieting. That's very little and is not the difference between crash dieting and slow dieting. I am somewhere around 13-15% body fat and I recently cut with only a 350 calorie deficit. I refeed for 3 days every 12 days and had great results and surpassed my goal without hardy any muscle loss. Yet I still was fixated more on food than when eating at maintenance. That's just a reality of dieting. And are you really contradicting the wealth of research that proves metabolic adaption? Both upwards and downwards adaptation is very clear from the science. Anyways I think this is below you Greg and really feels silly.

  13. nygeek64

    nygeek64Prije 7 dana

    I started listening to coach Greg and have a slimmer body with more muscle. The nonsense from mike israetel had me stuffing my face like an idiot for an extra few ounces of muscle that came with pounds of fat. Lose the weight slowly, do your cardio, and lift harder than last time. 5’10 185 pounds 14% body fat.

  14. angad khalsa

    angad khalsaPrije 8 dana

    Hey greg nice video. However, I think that different people prefer different ways in dieting. Some people may prefer refeeds on the weekend and strict dieting on the week days.i prefer refeed on weekends with strict dieting on the week days, at the same time i dont feel tired while working out fasted on the week days. What’s your opinion on this Greg. Many thanks 🙏

  15. Филипп Красновид

    Филипп КрасновидPrije 8 dana

    I totally agree with you. But there is a little problem with the person D diet - it's just harder to count calories in this more random and free eating behaviour style. So you have a risk to underestimate your net consumption. Unless you're quite experienced and good at feeling the amount of energy you consume

  16. piper

    piperPrije 10 dana

    What if we find it easier to diet in a way that allows us to enjoy a bbq on the weekends without having to worry about gaining weight?

  17. Robert Camilleri

    Robert CamilleriPrije 11 dana

    I think too much science is BS and we over complicate things with it🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ coach greg way is mush better

  18. 굴굴TV

    굴굴TVPrije 11 dana

    “SLOWLY BUT SURELY.” There is a reason why famous quote remains as a famous quote.

  19. Matías Soto

    Matías SotoPrije 11 dana

    Your advices are the best. Small deficit, greater gains over time. Best time period i achieved with a more desirable body weight. Dropping slowly my kg and i still have room for improvement, and i can do it becouse a feel great. I think now is more difficult for me to fall into a yo yo diet. Yep, I can keep this kind of "maintanance diet" for life. Pop corn FTW, also the veggies, great fillers. Thanks.

  20. howard condoman

    howard condomanPrije 12 dana

    I made the same exact same comment. If they just dieted for the longer number of weeks without diet breaks its more sutainable and would have resulted in the same muscle loss/fat loss ratio

  21. xNickTheBrickx

    xNickTheBrickxPrije 12 dana

    No doubt a constant deficit with low side effects and healthy foods is the superior method. I am still taking maintenance periods after slow weight loss to make sure body set point adjusts, which seems to be a real thing.

  22. Patrick Soto

    Patrick SotoPrije 13 dana

    I eat at maintenance, I'm full all the time and I eat what I love but I still do cheat meals because I love them and I also need them sometimes. So it makes a lot of sense to have cheat meals if that makes you happier.

  23. Patrick Soto

    Patrick SotoPrije 12 dana

    @Szelitzky Erick Because they easily put me 1000 cals over my maintenance whenever I eat them.

  24. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 12 dana

    Why do you even consider them cheat meals if you're at maintanance whilst eating them regularily? They're just meals.

  25. imaginebeingreal

    imaginebeingrealPrije 14 dana

    I can’t believe you made this video. I’ve been following a lifestyle that you would actually recommend and lost about 40kgs since last March. I actually gained some muscle since the weight loss. While eating the same since then. No cheat meals, but a tone of “snacks”, made out of the same things I eat as meals. Real snacks. I should start HRcharts-ing

  26. Vamavid

    VamavidPrije 14 dana

    0:00 the real problem is you can't have 3 _twins._

  27. Aran

    AranPrije 14 dana

    Bro.. I would rather have a 2 day maintenance day rather than eating another 160 calories a day

  28. Ben Hudson

    Ben HudsonPrije 14 dana

    Jeff real close to hiring a hit man

  29. Daniel Bozev

    Daniel BozevPrije 14 dana


  30. Sanskar Tewatia

    Sanskar TewatiaPrije 14 dana

    I was eating uniformly from August 2020 to December 2020, and lost 9kg. Since January-April 2021, I started eating out once a week, and it was basically a cheat day ruining the whole week's progress.... I would try to stay hungry throughout the week, in order to be able to annihilate all this progress on just that one day. Couldn't lose a single kilogram since January, back to eating uniformly now, lets see

  31. A Parker

    A ParkerPrije 14 dana

    Definitely need to up my caloric intake. So afraid to add a little something extra worrying I might gain fat that I choose to not eat it, get hungry and end up eating bad. Consuming 5x times the amount than what I was initially worried about.

  32. Lexxi S

    Lexxi SPrije 14 dana

    The way nippard sounds makes him so punchable

  33. Steph M

    Steph MPrije 15 dana

    Ok agreed 👍🏻 but Jeff is so cute though 6:54 🥰🤣

  34. Maraya Foster

    Maraya FosterPrije 15 dana

    Him and this science everything is annoying like being realistic

  35. Thomas

    ThomasPrije 15 dana

    algo comment

  36. CBtrainingSystems - CamiloBaeza

    CBtrainingSystems - CamiloBaezaPrije 15 dana

    Can review in a video of the RP diet app? It Would be awesome

  37. Dede

    DedePrije 15 dana

    Follow healthy balanced diet, your energized all week , the slower u loss weight the better read my ebook to get more healther taster meals and train harder than last time and check my training ebook to workout smarter Ok got it - thank you 🙏🏼

  38. Louie Thorp

    Louie ThorpPrije 15 dana

    Do bully juice natty or not

  39. Andreas Fauss

    Andreas FaussPrije 15 dana

    The voice of Jeff sucks 10times more than the modified voice of Greg... Who is with me?

  40. Shades of Purple

    Shades of PurplePrije 15 dana

    Hi Coach greg, i lost 30pounds in 3 months crash dieting ( > 1500kcals) for my health reasons. now im feeling better but what should i do now? my calculated BMR should be 2250. should i keep eating at that or lower? i exercises 3-4 times a week. resistance twice cardio twice.

  41. First Last

    First LastPrije 15 dana

    I see Trains Light Nippard in The Doctor’s thumbnail, I’m clicking on the video!

  42. Haider Ali

    Haider AliPrije 15 dana

    I do incorporate cheat days in my weight loss plan. That doesn’t mean I’m starving myself everyday and vindicate the frustration on the cheat days. However, for me cheat days work very effectively. For me personally, during fat loss, cheat days do work. I’m, however, not recommending u all to have cheat days.

  43. Michael LaRocca

    Michael LaRoccaPrije 15 dana

    Make your pizza with flour and Greek yougurt and fat free cheese 1200 cal and filling

  44. Fail. Beast

    Fail. BeastPrije 15 dana

    Dr Jeff always picks the parts of studies that suits his narrative, yet claims ‘science’. I’ll stick with Dr Greg, diet easier then last time.

  45. NASA official

    NASA officialPrije 15 dana

    Good point but I already assumed this from watching Jeff's video. It makes sense to me that if you need a refeed your deficit is probably too low.

  46. Aqui é 5D

    Aqui é 5DPrije 15 dana

    You are intelligent

  47. andydguitar

    andydguitarPrije 15 dana

    The more I perfected my diet, and the less I cheated, the less I had any desire to really cheat. For me, it came down to figuring out how many calories to eat, and keeping my calorie intake steady. I basically eat the same amount of calories a day. I think binging on a cheat day just screws things up. It gets you used to overeating. It also expands your stomach, which I think might cause you to feel hungrier.

  48. Ricky Coles

    Ricky ColesPrije 15 dana

    Since I've been following Greg and Will's and adopted some of their diet and training principles I've lost 16kg. I eat well most of the time, train harder than last time, feel amazing and don't feel like I am on a diet at all. I've got 5kg more to loose before I'm at my goal weight, then I'll have to up my calories to stay at that weight and I will have more trouble with that than eating like I currently do.

  49. IMJJTheJetPlane

    IMJJTheJetPlanePrije 15 dana

    Person D is just Person B with extra steps... And then you endorse Person A later on... Do people really fall for this? Greg you need to actually watch the video youre making click bait for 😂

  50. Mohammad Asad Ejaz

    Mohammad Asad EjazPrije 15 dana

    Before greg- I use to diet down so hard to lose weight I rember eating just 1200 kcal for 3 weeks and i almost felt like am gonna pass out any second. After greg. I started enjoying life eating 2k + kcal did 1.20 hours moderate cardio started lifting heavy i saw result faster then any of my another approach to main gain. I might be not shredded as i was on 1200 kcal but i sure feel good about ny health mentally and seeing myself grow moto me to go gym and lift harder. I hate how jeff nipple over complicated things just to catch views sure hes smart and all but he just doing to get views and money. Thats the reason i stopped following Athleanx aswell he started spewing nonsense about how get size and never talked about how can you stabilize your diet, when i see kids like james, soosh, anothony i think they are are blessed to have people like greg they can learn so much in such a younger age and dont have face nonsense and loses important years of there life. I remember starting lifting all i had was VShred and some juiced up taking nonsese about how to “eat big to get big” lmfao.

  51. Bryan Santos

    Bryan SantosPrije 15 dana

    Tried all these cheat meal, re-feed day crap. Non of it is worth it. Slight decrease in calories everyday is for sure the best approach. Physically and mentally. Coach Greg for the win!

  52. Gibran Camus

    Gibran CamusPrije 15 dana


  53. Tony Styles

    Tony StylesPrije 15 dana


  54. Fixitinpost

    FixitinpostPrije 15 dana

    This shit is the absolute realist. Its a tragedy Gred Doucette isn't a household name.

  55. Trevor Davison

    Trevor DavisonPrije 15 dana

    How do I find my maintenance calories?

  56. Chunky Knuckles

    Chunky KnucklesPrije 16 dana

    Thanks Doc! Very valuable information to know!

  57. Elizabeth Dodds

    Elizabeth DoddsPrije 16 dana

    Yes, "You can live everyday!" Once I started just eating at maintenance daily instead of conserving for that one weekend day, I felt so much better overall, AND nothing is off limits, really!

  58. joe martinez

    joe martinezPrije 16 dana

    The amount of dislikes hidden harder than last time

  59. misstahweezey

    misstahweezeyPrije 16 dana

    Cheat meal can be everyday if you’re smart

  60. Nathan Trevino

    Nathan TrevinoPrije 16 dana

    Plus all his studies are super old, they are 18 years old almost 2 decades

  61. Benjamin Ceugea

    Benjamin CeugeaPrije 16 dana

    Totally agree with coach Greg I lost 18kg using his advice and recipes ideas. Coach Greg you are the best!

  62. G M

    G MPrije 16 dana

    Although I like Jeff more than Greg, I agree with the shouter on this one

  63. 克立张

    克立张Prije 13 dana

    Jeff was simply examining scientific literature. There is no arguing here, Greg is making up something to argue with because he clearly doesn’t like Jeff.

  64. MastuuChief

    MastuuChiefPrije 16 dana

    Any statistic by itself is a lie

  65. Jonas Huovila

    Jonas HuovilaPrije 16 dana

    Greg is correct to 90% on this, i would say have small deficit and then toss a cheat meal/day/carb up after some time to just make sure your glycogen doesn't get to low but don't do it to often.

  66. Ca Ca

    Ca CaPrije 16 dana

    What if I bulk to a point of maintenance...

  67. Lorenzo Cuachon

    Lorenzo CuachonPrije 16 dana

    Simplest way to put it. Thanks Doc!

  68. Moose92411

    Moose92411Prije 16 dana

    I came in here aaaaaaaall ready to argue and tell say that no, Jeff has the right of it. Ultimately, this comes down to individual goals and preferences. Layne Norton is a huge proponent of diet breaks, and they work for him... but I don’t like to do it that way. I prefer the consistency and predictability of the circle diet.

  69. Brooklyn Beyer

    Brooklyn BeyerPrije 16 dana

    I used to hate dieting and live for cheat days. It didn’t work and eventually I gave up because I felt like crap. Now that I follow Greg’s advice, I love every meal and it’s so much easier to lose weight, and way less restrictive

  70. Samuel Willmore

    Samuel WillmorePrije 16 dana

    Coach Greg's right you know. Lost 175lbs using his method! And still keeping it off, never felt like a diet.

  71. Rocky Signorile

    Rocky SignorilePrije 16 dana


  72. Zane A

    Zane APrije 16 dana

    Finally jeff gets debunked, he didnt dive deep enough into those studies he only looked at the results lol

  73. 克立张

    克立张Prije 11 dana

    Jeff didn’t get debunked at all in this video. Greg ranted about stuff that Jeff didn’t talk about, like he tends to do. More spews, more views.

  74. haley baca

    haley bacaPrije 16 dana

    I have a Binge ED and having 1 day a week I can eat what I want helps a lot is every week consistent NO but im slowly making progress i follow coach gregs tips and keep certain foods out my house but it honestly leaves me with literally chicken and white hominy or potato's mix with some veggies which i am not a fan of all the time. I have 0 reason to buy his cook book due to the fact my number 1 binge food is anything related to the bread family so Regular ass bread, wraps, tortillas and any ingredient needed to make these foods. So I make a day where I can have these foods and enjoy my week so refeeds is needed since i cut all my other days really low just to have this one day so i can still lose a little weight that week.

  75. bryan te vruchte

    bryan te vruchtePrije 16 dana

    in theory everything sound easy.. the way u tell 2 eat almost no one will be in a deficit.. i agree that u dont need a diet but then it depends only on genetics :(

  76. bryan te vruchte

    bryan te vruchtePrije 15 dana

    @Szelitzky Erick well not true, if u get belong your bodyweight set point ur body will fight it and that means that if ur genetics let u have a lower set point ur having an easy time staying leaner.. ofc u can put some work in and stay on the low end of it but how low that is, is genetics

  77. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 16 dana

    Genetics dictate how easily you lose/gain weight, it doesn't dictate how lean/fat you can get if you put some EFFORT into it.

  78. 5stars MrBrown

    5stars MrBrownPrije 16 dana

    Great video

  79. garrett turck

    garrett turckPrije 16 dana

    I never “tracked” what I ate for the whole year I stayed 8-10%bf I just ate the same 3 meals generally every day and cheated one day on the weekends with a pizza and dessert, obviously not sustainable over a longer period of time tho

  80. Jesse Richard

    Jesse RichardPrije 16 dana

    Literally eating 2165 calories. Coach knows his shit.

  81. torran mentessi

    torran mentessiPrije 16 dana

    Does Jeff smoke helium 😬

  82. David Betancourt

    David BetancourtPrije 16 dana

    I’m person D; whenever I don’t train I eat lots of carbs minimum amount of protein and I don’t count my Cals on those days I should though if I’m higher or lower 100cals I’m chillin

  83. Aristides Gonzalez

    Aristides GonzalezPrije 16 dana

    Now I see why they hate Greg. Cuz he smarter than he looks lol

  84. Sidd Lifestyle&Travel

    Sidd Lifestyle&TravelPrije 16 dana

    Coach Greg makes a video soon after waking up.

  85. Blue Gorilla 100

    Blue Gorilla 100Prije 16 dana

    Jesus saves. Love you guys.

  86. juan delgado

    juan delgadoPrije 16 dana

    But Pickle pizza, bruh

  87. A_Turner_92

    A_Turner_92Prije 16 dana

    The only reason Jeff Nippard does videos like this is because of Stephanie Buttermore’s all in phase

  88. Morshad Hossain

    Morshad HossainPrije 16 dana

    My diets not restrictive but every now and then I’ll crave donuts-and one donut will NOT cut it. I’m taking at least half a dozen!!!! How do I cope with that?

  89. Morshad Hossain

    Morshad HossainPrije 15 dana

    @Szelitzky Erick I’m going to give that a try! Has that worked for you?

  90. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 16 dana

    Don't let your cravings become a thing and just eat a donut every day?

  91. TalkingMagicTaco

    TalkingMagicTacoPrije 16 dana

    How long did you spend making this useless video?

  92. TalkingMagicTaco

    TalkingMagicTacoPrije 15 dana

    @Szelitzky Erick lol my fault bro didn't know you had a man crush on this guy. Didn't mean to insult your idol so calm yourself, smoke some weed and go buy his cookbook....LMFAO!!!!

  93. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 16 dana

    Lot less than your parents spent making this useless human being.

  94. BIG HOSS89

    BIG HOSS89Prije 16 dana

    Greg is just too damn smart for these people lol.

  95. Santiago Remedio

    Santiago RemedioPrije 16 dana

    Even though it scares me I think I’m gonna up my calories a little bit because I haven’t felt good lately.

  96. Geert Theys

    Geert TheysPrije 16 dana

    doing it like coach Greg said. I eat quite healthy just my portion are to big. so gradually i'm decreasing my portions week to week. simple and I don't even need to count calories....

  97. Absolutely Mental Gaming

    Absolutely Mental GamingPrije 16 dana

    Hey Greg! Natural Bodybuilder here! I actually don't call anything a cheat meal. I call it Metabolic recovery. It is strictly personal for everyone, but for me I do 1-3 "CHEAT" days every 14-18 days. Let me explain : If I am on a caloric deficit of lets say 500 calories for 18 days - thats 9000 calories. However this is not a "small deficit". It is average, or for some people a big one. I sometimes do bigger deficits. When we do this our body gets drained on a lot of things that it needs to function properly and we affect our metabolism and ability to effectively lose weight (and predominantly fat). For this a cheat day or two on a lean bulk ( 100-300 calorie surplus is necessary ). It helps on the long run, especially if you are natural. Why do I call it a cheat day rather than cheat meal? Well, because what is a cheat meal? Chips? McDonalds? What if I eat 3 packages of potato chips (labaled as junk food) equal to ¬1600-1800 caliroes in total. Is it cheating if I finish the day on a deficit? What about 5 cheeseburgers (on average 310 calories each)? Do 1500 calories equal to cheating? I know that I can sure as hell do that and then pump up a few protein shakes to get high amount of protein and still be around maintenance level.

  98. Sebastiann Kyle

    Sebastiann KylePrije 16 dana

    Of course he's person D, daddy D, Doctor D, Coach D

  99. Abel Palmer

    Abel PalmerPrije 16 dana

    I wonder if Jeff watches these response videos. Jeff's videos are mind blowingly good, well presented and researched, but Greg's response videos (especially this one) are usually always a good addition to what Jeff presents.

  100. All The Artsy

    All The ArtsyPrije 16 dana

    When a Canadian says they're going "down south" for the summer, do they mean the US? Like.. California? Or do they mean, like, Mexico City?

  101. NE7078

    NE7078Prije 16 dana

    This is my favorite Greg vid type. So great to trim those psuedo science headlines and being rational

  102. david ilsbroux

    david ilsbrouxPrije 16 dana

    My mainentance is 2300 kcal so i should cut On 2100 kcals then? I honestly cut On 2000-1800 kcal and do a refeed On the weekend and it Just works fine for me

  103. Peter

    PeterPrije 16 dana

    Why are we so restrictive that glycogen is depleted? Because Tren feeds on glycogen in the muscles There, solved 😁

  104. Amy Marie

    Amy MariePrije 16 dana

    What you are saying is 100% true! I’ve lost 83lbs and it took me 2.5 years. I didn’t do any extreme diets or huge caloric deficits. I learned to eat properly and cook at home. I know several friends who lost weight really fast at the same time I started my weight loss and every single one of them did a crash diet. Since then they have all regained the weight while I’m still maintaining! Slow is wayyyyy better!

  105. Vikram Saini

    Vikram SainiPrije 16 dana

    Its not that stats are stupid.. its how ppl apply them - Bill Burr

  106. Steve Doucette

    Steve DoucettePrije 16 dana

    Yes! My motto

  107. David Randall

    David RandallPrije 16 dana

    TLDR: eat more PEDADOES than last time

  108. Blackchaos93

    Blackchaos93Prije 16 dana

    totally agree on this one !

  109. Real Natural Hypertrophy

    Real Natural HypertrophyPrije 16 dana

    Dieting gregs way with no cheats makes it impossible to have the foods you enjoy. He says you can have little cheat meals everyday but at what cost? They just make you hungrier than last time because of their caloric density. Not to mention it’s hard to have a cheat meal that’s will keep you 2500 calories in check. I can have a ice cream from Dairy Queen and it’ll run me 1200 lmaooo. Theres no way.

  110. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 16 dana

    Have 1/4 of that ice cream every day of your life, that's 300 calories. Eat 300 calories less elsewhere and boom, you can have ice cream every day. Or make anabolic ice cream.

  111. peejayfromhell

    peejayfromhellPrije 16 dana

    Yeah, people just won't listen. Friend lost 10kgs extremely fast. He was looking like a walking death at the end, while still having considerable amount of body fat. 3 months later he's already back to his previous weigh, but now he has visibility bigger belly...

  112. Big Vicious!!!

    Big Vicious!!!Prije 16 dana

    Glad you explained this video!! Thank you!

  113. SeanFitBody

    SeanFitBodyPrije 16 dana

    I get a feeling that Greg doesn’t really like Jeff 🤣

  114. peejayfromhell

    peejayfromhellPrije 16 dana

    5:58 until you get into BF levels where you always feel like garbage, no matter how many refeeds you do

  115. Milan Smith

    Milan SmithPrije 16 dana

    Swear to god this whole industry is a racket. Getting me to watch the same video twice from a different perspective. Yet I always come back for more and love it

  116. Ramon L Garcia

    Ramon L GarciaPrije 16 dana

    I’m just glad I had parents who taught me the importance of eating and exercise from a young age. The highest body fat % I got recorded was 18% and the lowest was 11# and never felt like I was dieting or hungry. Awesome video like always coach

  117. spotsill

    spotsillPrije 16 dana

    But I thought you said if you can only maintain 20% it was fine . 20% is healthy and average why 12-15% ?

  118. spotsill

    spotsillPrije 16 dana

    @Szelitzky Erick understood 👍🏻👍🏻 no pro card in my future 😂😂😂. Let’s just say I definitely struggle to maintain my 18% . Have a great weekend!

  119. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 16 dana

    If you're a bodybuilder who has to diet to