Coach vs Doctor || Mike Israetel Are There Benefits To Bulking

Thanks to Dr. Mike Israetel for this Interview, to learn more about Mike:


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    Battle of the shortarses

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    I Miss the parrot like ranting

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    Great video.

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    Glad these two got over that stupid beef.

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    Is maingaining the fancy word for lean bulk?

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    Before i started training i was 74 kg i was a bit lean very low body fat percentage I've been a football player for 6 years thats why . At 17 i statyed training , the first year it was hard I didn't stick to it i was just experimenting with my body . At 18 i started training with proper form and i got to 80 kg with 9 % body fat . At 19 i was so strong i went to 85 kg still 9-10 % body fat very lean i was eating a lot burning a lot and it was hard for me to gain more muscles from there so the same year i gor tired from my diet and i started eating junk food and i went to like 15 % body fat i moved to a different state i didnt have time to hit the gym a lot and than i realised i went to 78 kg . In 2020 i lost some fat during quarantine and got to 80 . Now in im 21 years old im 79 kg with 13% body fat . I want to bulk now because my goal is to be 100+ kg thats what i wanted from the start . I still eat healthy food just mix them with high calorie foods . I just want to tell you that I've seen different bodybuilders who gain fat during bulk phase and they cut it and compete . To do a lean a bulk it will take you a lot of time and if you want to do it faster you will need to be extremily active i used to burn 4000-5000 calories a day . Chose what you want . This is real story

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    I thought this interview was constructive because of how much it refers to different people being in different conditions.

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    A great video good quality and info. Make it 5 min longer next time. Just perfect positive fibes.

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    good to see you two getting along, great interview

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    Great interview Greg, really valuable info without confusing word salad.

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    7:45 lmfaooo “explain to people that I lift weights” bruhhhhh I’m crying

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    I love the direction your going with the podcast

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    I’m already pretty fat but I definitely look like I lift. I just can’t seem to lose fat and when I cut down on food the muscles are the first thing to go

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    Great interview, subscribed.

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    The best approach is to choose a good set of genetics and go from there, blast grams of gear and you should get to the Olympia pretty easy with a few pump sessions.

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    I watched another interview with this guy and he was so toxic

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    Mike: "I have some titties and shit" Greg: 🤭

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    It's unsettling to watch Greg talk normal

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    I stopped watching for a while because of the drama videos, but this is great !

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    Funny cuz all coach Greg does is maingaining his whole life hahah

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    I agree maintaining doesn’t work past a certain point. But for most people yeah it’s perfect

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    Coach is the most attentive listener... lol I really appreciate not being yelled at today

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    Top quality content right here. Two professionals giving out free and realistic information for the masses

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    Petition to start the Greg doucette experience.

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    The video is very explanatory. I don't want to be over 12% body fat

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    Greg be like: "I am tired of flexing my left arm, switch to my right side camera". 😁

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    Love this style of content with guest, great post greg!

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    I've been at 165 for like 6 months. I like where I'm at but I'd like to gain another 10lbs eventually. Eating is the hardest part of training to me

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    This is great

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    what a great interview guys! So straight forward, informative and just easy to digest. thanks guys!

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    Damn cant believe this guys are together making a vid

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    Two of my favourite fitness HRchartsrs😁😁

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    Great Interview! - one of the best on HRcharts in my opinion as you actually listen to what the guest has to say! Look forward to more!

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    I'd love to see more videos like this.

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    Good video. Nice that you used cameras from 1982 for that retro feel🤣

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    I learned a lot. Thank you mike and Doc Greg. 💪

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    That rgb mic thoe

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    3:15-6:00 Mike broke Greg lol

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    Doc g should have asked him about Lyle taking “Dr.” Mike to school on what going to failure really is.

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    Why is coach Greg talking weird?

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    objectiv and reflectiv mindset. train your mind harder than last time.

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    oh great, me and greg have the same mic.

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    Big facts about eating. My “maintaining” calorie intake was around 5k and tbh it fkn sucked You just get sick of eating

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    WOW. Two doctors! Honestly I learned a lot from both professionals

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    Mike has so much knowledge like just a complete sentence from him paints the clearest of pictures.

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    3:06 then the eeeen ! LMAO

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    Theres also the argument that the higher calories you consume, the better the quality of your workout. Maybe you could add in a couple more supersets or drop sets at the end of the workout. Or maybe a cardio session.

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    Man, Coach Greg is really dialed in! Great interview!

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    Fuark Dr Mike has some legit talks

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    “I can’t help but say voila.” GREG LOL

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    Very impressed by Greg’s interview style. Doesn’t interrupt and keeps it moving along with good questions. Would love to see this become a regular segment.

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    Why you even talk to him? He looks fatter than last time

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    Doc Bring seth Feroce

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    If you're big; you are and if you're thin; you are, and if you are muscular; you are.

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    We got something new here... The Expert Listener

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    I have a ravenous appetite, cutting sucks

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    The one question they came really close to answering but not quite is this: What about if you're at the weight you want to be, but just with more body fat? Is it best to just stay at caloric maintenance levels, or is it best to dip down, then come back up? Even as I'm typing this it seems like the former makes more sense.

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    We need more of these.

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    This is the way that works for me, slow bulk and slow cut.

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    insulin sensitivity gets pretty bad at higher BF so for sure you have to go down...

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    I 5'9 and use to train hard but once I reached my ideal weight I consciously maintained my weight for years... my lifts grew slowly during this period. Then I did my first bulk... I was listening to Chris Jones so it was a dirty bulk, I just ate a lot, had smoothies etc and gained 17 kilos. My goal was 100kg but I just couldn't gain any more weight. I got a lot stronger and more muscular but I hated the body fat, and doing my first long diet was at the time harder than I thought, so i needed a few diets to get back to my original weight... it probably took around 8 or 9 months. But once I got to my idea weight again I was leaner than I'd ever been... at least 10%, probably 9. So bulking does work, but I don't recommend gaining that much weight since it can be too long to diet down.

  85. Scott Gregory

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    The biggest argument on this comes from semantics. Bulking doesn't mean dirty bulk. Greg's maingaining and Mike's 300 calorie surplus are pretty much the same thing. Greg is just against dirty bulking. people bring up how pros bulk and not main-gain so greg is wrong. Pro's are pretty lean year around. They aren't in a 1,000 calorie surplus or else they'd be fat. Their maintenance simply increases as they gain more and more muscle. Pros "Force Feed" because their bodies arent designed to process that much food every day and they've gone far beyond their body's limits.

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    This is great advice and makes sense. When you guys are talking body fat percentage, are you talking DEXA measurements or some other type of measuring process such as impedance type or taking measurements at different body parts and checking against a chart. I find DEXA numbers to be higher than other methods, ie DEXA says 14% and everyone else says 10%. I tend to use DEXA which is why I ask. Thank you!

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