COACH Vs. DOCTOR || Can ANYONE be Elite With The Right Training? || Ft. Mike Israetel

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  1. Brendan S

    Brendan SPrije 58 minuta

    Great content. Please do the same comparison for enhanced athletes at moderate vs extreme levels of drug exposure. Can high trt get the avg guy to 300 bench could tren get them to 400?

  2. Jason Thiner

    Jason ThinerPrije sat

    That's the funny part. Women want a tall muscular man. Most men are short and week..

  3. Jimmy Diesel

    Jimmy DieselPrije 2 sati

    Yeah this makes me happy. In my late 20s at 245lbs benched 425 squat 475 deadlift 505 natural other than creatine. Now in my early 50s subtract 100 from each lift as I focus more heart healthy exercise ie cardio

  4. baconfromhell666

    baconfromhell666Prije 2 sati

    My best 220 bench I got at about 180 was 9 reps. I've always felt that was pretty pathetic to be honest, so it's uplifting to have guys of this caliber say that it's actually quite good

  5. Mzn Buka

    Mzn BukaPrije 3 sati

    More interviews with dr Mike it's really cool 👍🏼

  6. Tattooed Muscle

    Tattooed MusclePrije 3 sati

    yep, did it on my own

  7. Tanja wanderfreak

    Tanja wanderfreakPrije 7 sati

    I like this format

  8. Graham Van Dyke

    Graham Van DykePrije 8 sati

    I'm conflicted because I feel like I don't have the greatest genetics but I've gotten to a 500 deadlift.

  9. Aleks C

    Aleks CPrije 10 sati

    lol anyone else catch Steve putting *could do it @4:33 when Greig is talking about Steve not being able to bench 345lb.

  10. Imperium MC

    Imperium MCPrije 11 sati

    This is too damn good. Everybody wants to thank their hardwork and elite attitude. Which is correct! But it's almost taboo to discuss genetics and the impact of genetic inheritance

  11. Diego Alonzo

    Diego AlonzoPrije 15 sati

    Wow these are amazing, keep these up coach!

  12. Jacob the Embalmer

    Jacob the EmbalmerPrije 15 sati

    More of Mike on the channel please Coach

  13. Moos3•

    Moos3•Prije 16 sati

    Just leaving this here so I can come back later. My goal is 300 bench 400 squat and 500 deadlift. Let’s see how elite I am 🙃

  14. Peter Parahuz

    Peter ParahuzPrije 18 sati

    4:30 I love the erratum correction from the editor :)

  15. Alfredo Mejia

    Alfredo MejiaPrije 18 sati

    105 pounds for a set of 10? 🧢

  16. fel1x

    fel1xPrije 19 sati

    These strength standards are somewhat suspicious to me. When I look at these strength standards 99% of the regular gym-goers would even fail intermediate lifts miserably.

  17. Doku Account

    Doku AccountPrije 19 sati

    But we also shouldn't push the standards too low. A 225 deadlift for reps is really not that hard. I don't train deadlifts but have tried it with my brother who is really good a lifting and I still have no problems with doing it

  18. Grant Grace

    Grant GracePrije 19 sati

    So who tagged derek? Haha

  19. Steve Thompson

    Steve ThompsonPrije 21 sat

    Don't be obsessed with weight, stimulating the with correct exercises & form & let go of the ego obsession with weight.

  20. dsa

    dsaPrije dan

    OMG. I knew it! I thought there was something wrong with me but damn now this makes more sense! Jeezus its so clear now, seriously felt weird or defective! LOL

  21. wdadwa wdadawdwdwa

    wdadwa wdadawdwdwaPrije dan

    dr. mike & greg is a f+++ winning combo

  22. MegaErnieMAN

    MegaErnieMANPrije dan

    I've been left for 2 months now and am at 315ish I want that 405

  23. nathan van der Riet

    nathan van der RietPrije dan

    90% of healthy males could have a 1200 total if they spent years training for it FFS

  24. Alexey Cyplenkov

    Alexey CyplenkovPrije dan

    swear this guy was shitting on u in the omarisuf interview

  25. R P

    R PPrije dan

    Fuuuuck, I must have good genetics and I didn’t even know cause I just started 😂

  26. Some Legend

    Some LegendPrije dan

    Excellent video

  27. Matthew Rodriguez

    Matthew RodriguezPrije dan

    New objective: Bench 225 for 2 reps and become a dominant human

  28. KevinFitness

    KevinFitnessPrije dan

    Hey coach Greg, I can bench 205, squat 215 yesterday and first deadlifted 225 when I was in 8th grade 8 years ago. Do you think my genetics are above average? I’m natural and I am 20 years of age. Working out for about 4-5 years

  29. Amr El-Abed

    Amr El-AbedPrije dan

    I am 180lbs, train super hard and consistent and I haven’t got past 265 bench. I’m also 5ft 6.... and a half! 😂

  30. Jesse Guill

    Jesse GuillPrije dan

    Excellent interview!!

  31. Onion Ring

    Onion RingPrije dan

    If I wasn't so incredibly lazy I would have hit all three of those lift milestones instead of just the 300 bench. Though the fact that it took me literally 2 weeks of bench pressing to get to 225 having only done standard push ups beforehand probably means I had a small advantage on that one lift. Hopefully I'll be able to increase my other lifts in the next couple years with some actual effort and creatine since that shit bumps up my lifts by a full 20% in most cases.

  32. Jose Marte Toroy

    Jose Marte ToroyPrije dan

    Love this content coach!

  33. Jonathan Reyes

    Jonathan ReyesPrije dan

    I can bench 315lbs for 3 reps and i weight 160lbs. I am 5’4.5

  34. s gupta

    s guptaPrije dan

    Anyone who knows Dr.Mike knows what he’s thinking…..😁😁

  35. phialpha 94

    phialpha 94Prije dan

    More content like this. Cool to see you talking to Mike Israetel.

  36. Arslan Magdanov

    Arslan MagdanovPrije dan

    More dishes More Bishes

  37. Michael Naaden

    Michael NaadenPrije dan

    Yup. Just yup. It took me 9 months to get my bench from 85 to 135 on noobie gains. It was so discouraging for half of that time if I didn't like the gym, I wouldn't have bothered to keep working.

  38. Abdelhak winston

    Abdelhak winstonPrije dan

    just two doctors talking to each other

  39. Derrick Scott

    Derrick ScottPrije dan

    I'm 155 with a 235 max bench, I like to think I could get 345 at 180. Will I? Probably not and I'm okay with that.

  40. Allen Wellman

    Allen WellmanPrije dan

    Good to see them getting along now-the previous video was kind of a cat fight. Two great minds

  41. David Ward

    David WardPrije dan

    I’ve trained for 55 years and competed in both Olympic style and powerlifting for many years; the answer is “no” just as these guys said.

  42. David W.

    David W.Prije dan

    I love science

  43. Janis Garmyn

    Janis GarmynPrije dan

    It’s crazy how fast you can start thinking you’re weak seeing all the strong guys online. It’s hard to not focus on those numbers you see online and just on your own performance and journey to getting better and stronger. So I feel clips like these are really eye-opening and motivating for a lot of people.

  44. TheOne111

    TheOne111Prije 4 sati

    Everyones different I guess because seeing big dudes when I first started lifting was motivating. Even if their numbers were naturally unattainable, it at least gave me that push to shoot higher. Lets me know what im capable of

  45. Sam Field

    Sam FieldPrije dan

    Moar plz

  46. Andres Rivera

    Andres RiveraPrije dan

    Ever since I was a kid, I understood that genetics played a massive role on EVERYTHING. When I say kid, I mean around 12 yrs old or so when I started getting REALLY into science and reading different subjects on my own OUTSIDE of school. People didn't wanna accept it. "Oh it's all about work ethic". No, it's a COMBINATION of genetics and work ethic. The work ethic gets you to your limit, but your genetics set what your limit is. Genetics also set what your baseline is, so you could have someone with shitty genetics and an incredible work ethic reach their limit, and they could be at the BASELINE of a genetic elite who's done NOTHING at all! (this applies to weight lifting, mathematics, etc)

  47. Jim Bob

    Jim BobPrije dan

    I'm one of those shit responders, i'm 167 lbs and bench only 130~ lbs, it's a real struggle to add anything to the bench, maybe every 3-4 weeks I go up in weight but not weekly like it seems people go for. Though there are ofc a lot of other factors like my protein intake could be way better and I could bench more weekly, but still.

  48. Earl Moss

    Earl MossPrije dan

    Killer combo. Steet smarts and book smarts.

  49. Ethan Reyes

    Ethan ReyesPrije dan

    I got my bench to 245 in like half a year. I never did powerlifting in highschool. I'm 128 lbs and just turned 21

  50. BlackHawk Gaming

    BlackHawk GamingPrije dan

    I absolutely love this type of content especially with Dr.Mike… one of my favourite videos

  51. Jeff Talbot

    Jeff TalbotPrije dan

    Mike before:"define "train harder then last time"so I can destroy you in an intellectual debate 😠🤓!" Mike now:"YOUR SHORTER THEN ME SO YOU ARE OFFICIALLY MY NEW BEST FRIEND!😂

  52. S3BS7 IAN

    S3BS7 IANPrije dan

    9:45 so true, if everyone would bench 400 you wouldn't see it everywhere on social media for the same reason you dont see videos of people benching 110 pounds becoming popular

  53. Dariukas Muhamed

    Dariukas MuhamedPrije dan

    Darek more plate more dates are not a shit 🤬

  54. Aex Tb

    Aex TbPrije dan

    Never train serious, never take ped, never eat well, never sleep good, party and drinking 2, 3 days at week, little frame (173 cm), working 10 hours at day. My best at 28 age are: 130 kg bench 1 reps, 200kg squat, 250kg deadlift, not equipped, also without bell and never train for do powerlifting. I don't see nothing special to do those weigth for someone train well, eat and sleep well ecc.

  55. Alejandro Gomez

    Alejandro GomezPrije dan

    If I could like this twice I would.


    IKARUS GAMINGPrije dan

    Fantastic! Two of my favorites collaborating and it's not drama filled spews.

  57. Manuelle Stpierre

    Manuelle StpierrePrije dan

    Wow 105 lbs bench! I used to bench 145 at 16yrs old 6 times at 114 lbs. now idk but about to find out 😂💕👍

  58. josiah steinbrecher

    josiah steinbrecherPrije dan

    I'm at 275lbs bench 350 squat and 445 deadlift at 160lbs, so I would guess good genetics based on the 181lbs argument?

  59. Jacob Nelson

    Jacob NelsonPrije 2 dana

    This is fantastic

  60. Cody Schrockurt

    Cody SchrockurtPrije 2 dana

    Hell ya! 225x10 at 190 i feel much better about that now haha

  61. emin sijaric

    emin sijaricPrije 2 dana

    It's all about the bones structure and hard work

  62. Zachary Thayer

    Zachary ThayerPrije 2 dana

    Woahhh... 5'6"? I knew y'all were short but how did I never catch that?! I watch all the videos (well not all but a lot - this is my TV). That really is little!! I bet Coach Greg would ROAST most folks in a fight. If a big dude a foot taller was strong, the center of gravity would be such an advantage

  63. Tanya Miller

    Tanya MillerPrije 2 dana

    the most ambitious crossover of the year

  64. dinokang

    dinokangPrije 2 dana

    i was just searching for something to make myself feel better about my numbers but i found absolute gold instead. Real shit.


    MARVIN FERGUSON JRPrije 2 dana

    These two talking calmly and being cordial?! 🤗👌🏽

  66. Aaron Empringham

    Aaron EmpringhamPrije 2 dana

    My bench 10000lbs like Greg idk about your genetics😂😂

  67. Notsotinynotsogreensven

    NotsotinynotsogreensvenPrije 2 dana

    Only thing I would disagree with is that its the genetically strong subset of people who end up as gymrats. I don't think this is true. I dont have proof, but I dont believe its just the best possible people for a specific hobby who end up in that hobby.

  68. Nick H

    Nick HPrije 2 dana

    Don’t think I got them elite genetics but so far in 7ish months my deadlift has gone from 300lbs to almost 500. So that’s pretty good. Will easy hit over 500 this year

  69. Alfhi Fauzan

    Alfhi FauzanPrije 2 dana

    When Mike said "most people", it sounded like Neil deGrasse Tyson (refer to his interview with Katy Perry)

  70. 李蕎安

    李蕎安Prije 2 dana

    0:40 Dr.Mike is so cuta hahahaha👍🏻😂

  71. Alfie Mcnamara

    Alfie McnamaraPrije 2 dana


  72. Koen Blom

    Koen BlomPrije 2 dana

    such a great perspective. i knew instagram was the top 5%. But i never thought about the fact that people in the gym also have pretty good genetics compared to the average person.

  73. Hasan Shaikh

    Hasan ShaikhPrije 2 dana

    Love these discussions. Great initiative coach. 👍🏿👍🏿

  74. Josh Court

    Josh CourtPrije 2 dana

    More of this kind of content please please!

  75. Blue Gorilla 100

    Blue Gorilla 100Prije 2 dana

    Jesus saves. Love you guys.

  76. Aleph Null

    Aleph NullPrije 2 dana

    It only took me 92 days to go from squatting the bar to 225 for two reps... That's decent right?

  77. IFBB Whey

    IFBB WheyPrije 2 dana

    Great video from the best coaches on the whole freaking world

  78. Moises Lopez

    Moises LopezPrije 2 dana

    Im a big fan of Mike but I disagree with both these nerds. If you solely train like a power lifter you can achieve some of these if not all these lifts depending on leverages

  79. Nick Llanes

    Nick LlanesPrije 2 dana

    I thought the doctor was the thinner guy. The doc is JACKED.

  80. Mack Bach

    Mack BachPrije 2 dana

    It’s so nice to see two grown men who had some misunderstanding but hashed it out and are able to communicate effectively and distribute valuable information to the masses

  81. Leib Moshe

    Leib MoshePrije 2 dana

    Most people can reach the advanced level with great commitment to training and diet...but, reaching elite takes exceptional neural hormonal and musculoskeletal genetics that are the 1 percenters like Steve Reeves and John Grimek. As a 50 year old advanced natural bodybuilder of 36 years I can attest to this first hand

  82. Ataraxia_Atom

    Ataraxia_AtomPrije 2 dana

    I'm 180lbs and I just want to bench 225!!! haha squat 315 and DL 405!!! i'm programming it and gonna get there, of all the standards I might get to a 500lb DL. the others most likely never gonna get there.

  83. Anthony Sanford

    Anthony SanfordPrije 2 dana

    I am in the bottom 10 percent 😭 1 year hardly no gains 1 month 5 mg of rad changed that

  84. chris Pee

    chris PeePrije 2 dana

    i'm at 180 lbs and benching 300 been stuck there since December. after hearing this it lowkey feels good to be considered pretty good in genetics, but on that same token it pisses me off to think what if i cant make it to 315! gonna train harder than last time now!!!! thanks greg

  85. Luizfigobr

    LuizfigobrPrije 2 dana

    Like this aprouch much more than the crazy yelling

  86. mchs152lb

    mchs152lbPrije 2 dana

    My 150lb girlfriend can do those numbers Tavira Hensley

  87. Camden McInnis

    Camden McInnisPrije 2 dana

    Whoa! You guys are midgets but seem like Giants on Camera

  88. O Del

    O DelPrije 2 dana

    Super interesting stuff. Exactly the type of stuff I like learning about.

  89. Donovan White

    Donovan WhitePrije 2 dana

    Coach vs Doctor??? But Greg is both....

  90. isaias bovio

    isaias bovioPrije 2 dana

    Now it makes sense. My cousins is huge (off season bodybuilder huge), I trained 10 months and beat all his PRs on my back yard with almost no noticeable change in my body and then my brother breaks all of my PRs with out even training. I thought it was cause my brother and I work at a farm and my cousins is in college. I have good genetics, get strong fast and stay at around 20% body fat while My brother have freakish genetics, he just needs to look at weights and make gains lol

  91. Kal-El ?

    Kal-El ?Prije 2 dana

    As much as I don’t like Greg, he’s really good at debates, actually makes sure everyone’s on the same level, knows when to lead on with the debate and when to listen. Good interviewer this guy.

  92. Spartan11710

    Spartan11710Prije 2 dana

    More of this

  93. Rodrigo Neves Hermida

    Rodrigo Neves HermidaPrije 2 dana

    The argument that if you bench one plate most people are impressed is not a good one. Most people never gave a fair shot or committed to benching elite numbers. Most people who commit and train properly can do it....

  94. Cpt Jack3dPilot

    Cpt Jack3dPilotPrije 2 dana

    Been Benching 300 since I was 16 and natural. 27 now not natural but can’t bench more than that, must be the fact I’m training hypertrophy, repping 245 for 10-12.

  95. Rodrigo Neves Hermida

    Rodrigo Neves HermidaPrije 2 dana

    You missed the point. Most people CAN do it. Does not mean they do it, and that is mostly due to not training hard, not having proper programming, or simply not having the ambition for it. Everyone who commits themselves for a long period of time and train properly can definitely do that. You are trying to say most people cant do it because most people dont do it, but that is because they did not commit to it.

  96. Rodrigo Neves Hermida

    Rodrigo Neves HermidaPrije 2 dana

    Yes. EVERYONE can bench 300 squat 400 and deadlift 500. Like for real. If you are not super small you can definitely do that

  97. Daniel Hunter

    Daniel HunterPrije 2 dana

    Yes, yes, and yes! To all of this! This was the hardest thing to accept with my genetics. As a teen (and adult) I just knew I was going to bench 315, at a ripped 190 lbs. I’m excited to finally reach 195 for reps 😄

  98. Jono01

    Jono01Prije 2 dana

    Great to see that Mike Israetel and Greg are getting along now ... Now will Jeff Nippard come on Greg's channel next?

  99. master and kerrang in particular

    master and kerrang in particularPrije 2 dana

    From womens perspective only the tallest and wealthiest men are elite. Its not about your muscles much.

  100. Arby Aranda

    Arby ArandaPrije 2 dana

    Such a great informative Video. 🤗💯💥 I love Powerlifting and Instagram is just filled with Strong Ass People. And its so easy to point out who is stronger. I now understood that Genetics play a huge part in that. But still 300 Bench, 400 Squat 500 Deadlift is still on my to do list.... it will just takes me Years of lifting. 😇🤗