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  1. Jude Kashlan

    Jude KashlanPrije 11 sati

    Gives very educational video: :D Tells poor people to buy a 150$ cook book: :/

  2. David Barreto 95

    David Barreto 95Prije 2 dana

    Love this video coach

  3. ClutchThreeGod

    ClutchThreeGodPrije 3 dana

    Coach Greg at this point has to go "MORE LIFE THEN LAST TIME" in the morning and "LONGER, HARDER, AND FASTER THEN LAST TIME, MORE SEXY TIME THEN LAST TIME" When he's smashing. Heck he even probably whispers "More poop then last time" when on the toilet

  4. Robbie Rhodes

    Robbie RhodesPrije 4 dana

    And say more than last time, more than last time.

  5. Brandon & Nellie Baldwin

    Brandon & Nellie BaldwinPrije 4 dana

    Spinach on HRT 🤣🤣🤣

  6. TheSalvaDoorian

    TheSalvaDoorianPrije 4 dana

    Time to start buying flax seeds

  7. gen

    genPrije 7 dana

    Dumb dumb dumb calories don't matter eat as much rice fruit and suger as you want and avoid fat. The fat you eat is the fat you wear.

  8. gen

    genPrije 5 dana

    @Szelitzky Erick no if i keep eating 2k cals fatty food of some kind i will def gain weight but 3k cals carbs like rice or sugar i wont. I sometimes eat literally sugar and water. Macros matter not calories!!! Fat = fat!! Cant u see it makes no sense to have to be concious of eating.

  9. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 5 dana

    @gen how is that possible? It just it. Why wouldn't it be possible? As long as you're not in a caloric surplus, you won't gain any fat.

  10. gen

    genPrije 5 dana

    @Szelitzky Erick i had anorexia and it fkn sucks being worried about calories and food. Im a 5 ft 4 female and i eat like 2.5-3k+ calories every day as much as i want and i am a healthy weight. Some days I dont even exercise. How is that possible if cico is true.

  11. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 6 dana

    @gen you don't have to obsess over anything. You have to understand how basic biology works.

  12. gen

    genPrije 6 dana

    @Szelitzky Erick??? Truth!! sad seeing people obsessing over calories 😟

  13. Zack Olechnowicz

    Zack OlechnowiczPrije 7 dana

    Coach Greg telling me to eat french toast is the greatest friggen thing I've heard this week.

  14. moe moore

    moe moorePrije 8 dana

    Come on greg PO TA TOES

  15. Alfred Sparman

    Alfred SparmanPrije 8 dana

    Thanks for the tops. Gonna look into getting more of these.

  16. Spam and Sazón

    Spam and SazónPrije 8 dana

    Costco Canned Chicken is the best brand, and especially budget minded when you use someone else's membership to shop at Costco. =)

  17. Khmer1

    Khmer1Prije 9 dana

    Its called boatadoe's Greg

  18. Drake Lai

    Drake LaiPrije 9 dana

    broker than last time 😂

  19. cc 2.0

    cc 2.0Prije 9 dana

    Flax seeds are extremely high calories

  20. cc 2.0

    cc 2.0Prije 9 dana

    I agree on pretty much all of this apart from Wraps are pretty high calories tho

  21. Rodrigo Heredia

    Rodrigo HerediaPrije 9 dana

    brbr... i'ma shop now

  22. Adam Elliott

    Adam ElliottPrije 10 dana

    Great video. I just learned things about watercress and flax seeds I never knew before. Thank you for your educational content, Greg.

  23. christine

    christinePrije 10 dana

    when he said "I'm not dead yet" 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Maria Han Veiga

    Maria Han VeigaPrije 10 dana


  25. Gabriel Waggoner

    Gabriel WaggonerPrije 10 dana

    Thank you for making my shopping list for today lol

  26. Eddie Chang

    Eddie ChangPrije 10 dana

    Lol the intro sounds like a advertisement, I’m just waiting for the BUY MY FRICKIN COOK BOOK.

  27. WayStedYou

    WayStedYouPrije 10 dana


  28. Katherine Simoudis

    Katherine SimoudisPrije 12 dana

    Your craziness is the best Greg. Keep doing what you're doing your info is accurate.

  29. darka310

    darka310Prije 12 dana

    I would of put ground turkey into the least because it’s high and protein and very lean, very cheap and in my opinion it tastes better than ground beef

  30. Gaijin Hakase

    Gaijin HakasePrije 12 dana

    I have a set menu for the week, it makes prep simple and my budget is predictable. I don’t get tired of what I eat so it works for me, but the people who need new recipes everyday probably benefit from tips like this. Nice video!

  31. Jonathan Santos

    Jonathan SantosPrije 12 dana

    I’m a bit conflicted, I was taught tofu had estrogen which was bad for men. Can someone clarify?

  32. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 12 dana

    There is no concrete literature

  33. Giulia esposito

    Giulia espositoPrije 13 dana

    watercress doesn't have that amount of proteins. Serving Size 100 g Energy 46 kj 11 kcal Protein 2.3g Carbohydrates 1.29g Sugar 0.2g Fat 0.1g Saturated Fat 0.027g Polyunsaturated Fat 0.035g Monounsaturated Fat 0.008g Cholesterol 0mg Fibre 0.5g Sodium 41mg Potassium 330mg u re welcome 🙂

  34. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 12 dana

    He's saying per 100 calories. Not 100g. 100 calories is like 900g

  35. Valentino

    ValentinoPrije 13 dana

    I also would add organ meats like liver packted with micronutrients and protein

  36. Semper Fry AWESOME Hot Sauce

    Semper Fry AWESOME Hot SaucePrije 13 dana

    I'm trying to build fat and lose muscle. Apparently I'm dyslexic for clicking on this video.

  37. Mike Reynolds

    Mike ReynoldsPrije 13 dana

    Coach Greg can you do a video on the top ten picks on fast food chain alternatives and what you would choose on the menus as a healthy choice and was in a pinch or on the go. Thanks!

  38. _lynnloo `

    _lynnloo `Prije 13 dana

    greek yogurt with granola and fruit is soo good🥰

  39. philippe verlinden

    philippe verlindenPrije 13 dana


  40. saintsfearful

    saintsfearfulPrije 14 dana

    Bags of frozen chicken breast is like $2.25/lbs at Costco so I don’t know why Greg thinks that’s expensive.

  41. Skullk's Sounds

    Skullk's SoundsPrije 14 dana

    P O D A D O E S


    ROGER AGUILARPrije 14 dana

    The way he pronounces potatoes, lol. He’s Canadian alright

  43. Bob Stone

    Bob StonePrije 14 dana

    Hey Greg, can you make a video about daily push ups and pull ups? My brother tried it with push ups and it had great impact on his chest Not making look huge but it really helped him make it look fuller. Also I ve got to say that during this time he DID NOT do any other exercise for chest

  44. W J

    W JPrije 14 dana

    tofu gets a bad rap

  45. simon reumer

    simon reumerPrije 14 dana

    Dont do bricks kids

  46. Morad Taouati

    Morad TaouatiPrije 14 dana

    This is a mind blowing golden channel !!! Coach Greg is the best.

  47. jimmy neutron

    jimmy neutronPrije 14 dana

    you NEED to grind up the flax seeds, otherwise you wont absorb the omega 3

  48. Kemor

    KemorPrije 14 dana

    Where are oats? Fairly confused.

  49. ScandalousPhysicalChemist

    ScandalousPhysicalChemistPrije 14 dana

    NOT me rewinding the word ‘podadoes’ like 50 times to get a good laugh. COACH you’re great lol I’m not a native English speaker and love when other youtubers accents come on. I’ll get my podadoes

  50. James Wooley

    James WooleyPrije 14 dana

    Podatoes are good

  51. Angelo Vengco

    Angelo VengcoPrije 14 dana

    Coach Greg, is there a solution for "Skeletor Face" or Runner's Face when trying to get lean?

  52. Jake Baker

    Jake BakerPrije 14 dana

    Greg I need help, I just got out of basic training, w/o your plan I lost my 6 pack! Now I’m at tech school for 5 months w/o kitchen and have access only to dinning facility , they have fruits, I have my smart pop and anabolic icecream, but do I trust their veggies possibky made w/ olive oil or butter?? What do I in this situation!!! I still think I can do it

  53. Cody Lindsay

    Cody LindsayPrije 14 dana

    Watercress has less than 1g of protein per cup and it won't give you any satiety. Nobody is going to eat 2lbs of watercress. That was a weak addition to this list.

  54. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 12 dana

    Why not eat 2lbs of it?

  55. Kong Vitou

    Kong VitouPrije 14 dana

    How about Chia Seed?

  56. Welcome To The Madness

    Welcome To The MadnessPrije 14 dana

    Wait, no one mentioned the Coach Greg Cocaine reference. 😂🤣😂

  57. Justin Powell

    Justin PowellPrije 14 dana

    Sub the flax seeds for cod liver oil. I don't like flax seeds. I'm old and have diverticulum in my colon. They give me more painful gas than last time

  58. Gambino

    GambinoPrije 14 dana

    . Padadoes

  59. Nick Colosanti

    Nick ColosantiPrije 14 dana

    Did coach Greg make a cocaine joke??? That’s one hell of a preworkout

  60. John Sobieski

    John SobieskiPrije 14 dana

    Greg says padadas like my Irish grandmother.

  61. Jim Gates

    Jim GatesPrije 14 dana

    Just wanted to say thank you coack for all the good advice. I would be lost without you

  62. bridgeburner909

    bridgeburner909Prije 14 dana

    This man is a hero. At first I wasn't sure about him but the more I watched the more I could see him for what he is - an absolute diamond.

  63. Estevão

    EstevãoPrije 14 dana

    does not have a study that says that omega 3 of plant origin is poorly digested by our body?

  64. Josh Trautman

    Josh TrautmanPrije 14 dana

    where does everyone buy watercress from? im in the US btw but can never find it in the store. Idk if im just looking in the wrong place or ????


    REPPIN TIME FITNESSPrije 14 dana

    Potatoes 🥔

  66. Steven Colt

    Steven ColtPrije 14 dana

    I like how you say Potatoes lol it reminds me of my grandfather. He'd say "Badedas".

  67. Ryan Eyo

    Ryan EyoPrije 14 dana

    Number 1 : podaydoes

  68. Zy Supra

    Zy SupraPrije 14 dana

    Egg whites on a budget? Do you even grocery shop? Egg whites cost like $5 for 20 eggs worth of egg white.

  69. Szelitzky Erick

    Szelitzky ErickPrije 12 dana

    Separate eggs

  70. RonnyDFitness

    RonnyDFitnessPrije 14 dana

    Everyone: Tofu Coach Greg: Toe Fu 🥷

  71. János Máté

    János MátéPrije 15 dana

    Top 15 Foods to Bulk - Video would be great

  72. Chris Pregot

    Chris PregotPrije 15 dana

    I don’t understand I’ve lived in 4 places and all of them have had 1.99 lb chicken Where are you guys buying chicken?

  73. Proud Meat

    Proud MeatPrije 15 dana

    Ok, somebody needs to play the unofficial game of: Drunker than last time. It's when you take a shot every time Greg says "than last time". Will someone try this? Post your results on HRcharts. Thanks.

  74. Bradley Davis

    Bradley DavisPrije 15 dana

    I cannot tell you how annoyed I get when I have to watch a stupid garbage VShred ad before I get to the good content with Coach Greg! 😩🙄

  75. Matthew Normand

    Matthew NormandPrije 15 dana

    Greg losing gains because he starts to realize that drugs will eventually kill him

  76. Car Zam

    Car ZamPrije 15 dana

    Thank you greg!! my weekly 400 dollar door dash diet wasn't working

  77. Nobu Moyo

    Nobu MoyoPrije 15 dana

    "Are u broker than last time?"🤣🤣😅🤣

  78. Michal Chmiel

    Michal ChmielPrije 15 dana

    Jesus loves you

  79. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenixPrije 15 dana

    He is right about protein powder it really is cheaper than any other source, also if you just make one protein shake a day you can get 10-20% of your daily protein and you can mix healthy foods like blueberries, spinach and nutritional yeast in your shake.

  80. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenixPrije 15 dana

    I live in Australia and many of these are still expensive, lol. America is SO cheap for food, jealous! Shoutout for sweet potato though that's one of my daily vegetables.

  81. Ju P

    Ju PPrije 15 dana

    Flax highers estrogen

  82. Ean K

    Ean KPrije 15 dana

    Coach... I'm allergic to flax:(

  83. simon scott

    simon scottPrije 15 dana

    You missed out SARDINES (tinned) & SALAD If anyone else has any good suggestions please comment below.👍🏻

  84. Diamond

    DiamondPrije 15 dana

    Sitting longer than last time HAHAHA

  85. Talpa

    TalpaPrije 15 dana

    I love this type of content

  86. Louie Thorp

    Louie ThorpPrije 15 dana

    Do bully juice natty or not

  87. Agentlibra

    AgentlibraPrije 15 dana

    Canned tuna in Israel is more expensive than a kilogram of chicken

  88. Channel1

    Channel1Prije 15 dana

    On budget but not only on budget good products are livers, hearts and stomachs (chicken or pork) :) You know guys what's in Poland is usually cheapper fresh than frozen ? Fruits 😅

  89. GVAPOmusic

    GVAPOmusicPrije 15 dana

    that brick comment was gold 😂

  90. CursedMarkZain

    CursedMarkZainPrije 15 dana

    Eggs eggs eggs and eggs also milk 2%

  91. David González Marmolejo

    David González MarmolejoPrije 15 dana

    6:54 WTF happened to his voice when he said "a try", deeper than last time

  92. Eyal Wollschlaeger

    Eyal WollschlaegerPrije 15 dana


  93. Michael Peters

    Michael PetersPrije 15 dana

    WalMart has frozen chicken breasts in 10 pound bags for pretty cheap... around $19 dollars, US.

  94. Wil Gauper

    Wil GauperPrije 15 dana

    Please do a NATTY or NOT on PGA Professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau!

  95. J Nixon

    J NixonPrije 15 dana

    Padadoes - that is all

  96. oz aru

    oz aruPrije 15 dana

    Needed this video

  97. Doug Ashman

    Doug AshmanPrije 15 dana


  98. Miscellaneous Refinement

    Miscellaneous RefinementPrije 15 dana

    Using the longer than last time phrase more than last time! Whoooooooooooo!!!!

  99. Tim Martin

    Tim MartinPrije 15 dana

    3 years ago, at almost 22 years old i almost took my own life. I was abused as a kid, broken, depressed, anorexic, bulimic, suicidal. I went in & out of psych units like it was a game of tic-tac-toe. Suicide watch. I was on enough Antidepressants to kill a horse. I hated myself. I wanted out. I wanted the pain to stop. The gaslighting* to end. *(when a psycho makes a sane person question their own sanity, and thus think they themselves are the insane one). I wanted power. I got into witchcraft. I thought it would give me the identity i wanted, to be set apart from people who hurt me. It only made me sicker. Sicker. Thats what it did to me. The doctor said id never get well. That i would suffer severe Chronic Manic depression, and never be well, that id be stuck on antidepressants all of my life. I would plot suicide on a daily basis, binging and purging my food as often as opening and closing a door. The pain was too real. People choked me. Assaulted me. Told me i was ugly, i felt worthless. Nothing ever got better. Then my mother died. The (1) & only soul who ever loved /emotionally supported me was removed from the earth. I was stuck living with people who broke me, ruined my identity, thus causing me to hate God. I thought God hated me, that he was just like the ones who tortured me, a family of abusers, who cover up all their actions with the mask of religion. I didnt know that God is on my side. I didnt know that Jesus would Love and Defend me, and fight for me and that He later would heal me, rescue me from Family. The ones who caused me pain. The ones who choked me for wearing a necklace. I moved out after family threatened to throw all my belongings on the front yard, and have me permanently institutionalized in an insane asylum, when they were the ones who caused my mental illness via abuse. They blamed me for the abuse they did to me. To take my life in an insane asylum when they were the ones who made me suicidal. Next morning i spoke with my dead moms parents who let me live with them. I stayed on the antidepressants, prescribed. But they only made me sicker. I got deeper and deeper into witchcraft, thinking it was a solution. But it made me even more suicidal. Self hatred was inescapable. I decided i was going to kill myself. I was going to take all my pills. But then Jesus stepped in. I didnt die. I surrendered my life to Jesus to make me well and heal me. The deity i blamed for me being abused wanted to heal me. He Was fighting for me and Loved me all along. He wanted to love me. He wanted to give me His Heart. 😭 HE LOVES ME. JESUS. LOVES. ME . Jesus miraculously healed me - i am off all drugs and dont need them and i dont have any mental illnesses. I work a job and am totally healed , full of joy. I’m now a born again Christian, who wants the entire world to know that ❤️JESUS WANTS TO HEAL YOU HE. LOVES. YOU. Nuff said. ❤️

  100. Elijah Martinez

    Elijah MartinezPrije 15 dana

    Doesn’t Tofu have a lot of soy? (Which produces estrogen)

  101. Mr. Man

    Mr. ManPrije 15 dana

    Is chicken breast expensive in Canada ?

  102. Devante Wyche

    Devante WychePrije 15 dana

    Those Joseph Lavash wraps make for great flat bread pizzas. ☺️☺️❤️

  103. Benjamin DeLaughter

    Benjamin DeLaughterPrije 15 dana

    Fantastic video as always! I've never heard of Watercress before. Definitely will be trying it.

  104. N8 Rock

    N8 RockPrije 15 dana

    That is a great video, your a real fart smeller, I mean smart feller...or circle, or whatever...thanks Greg!

  105. Xavien Gordon

    Xavien GordonPrije 15 dana

    Hos voice at the end was DEEPER THAN LAST TIME...

  106. CATO

    CATOPrije 15 dana

    I'm sorry sir but I doubt a diet on bread and potatoes will lose me fat and build muscle. For me this advice would get me nowhere but worse off than last time.

  107. mr_wright_official_

    mr_wright_official_Prije 15 dana

    Is it just me or are all of these things expensive?

  108. we know his voice

    we know his voicePrije 15 dana

    Turn to Jesus people he died for your sins, Repent of what the New Testament describes as sin. Believe the gospel obey the teachings of Jesus documented in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Jesus is the only way to be saved, be baptized if you have faith in Jesus then you will live life with him as your example. If you need prayer i'll pray for you. If you want to keep contact with a brother in Christ i’ll keep contact with you. The love of God is beyond our understanding. God bless

  109. Somedayglory

    SomedaygloryPrije 15 dana

    They are starting to find microscopic plastic IN the fish meat such as tuna since the fish are inevitably digesting plastic. Mind the amounts of mercury with a lot of fish, also.