Best Forms of Cardio To Help You Reach Your Goals


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  1. Гислаине Цандидо

    Гислаине ЦандидоPrije 2 dana

    i'm glad you mentioned roller skating. it is better on the joints than running, and is low impact as well in comparison to running.

  2. Ben Corder

    Ben CorderPrije 2 dana

    15 minutes of jiu jitsu feels like running three miles almost 😂

  3. Gerogi Petkov

    Gerogi PetkovPrije 2 dana

    What about s*x as a form of cardio?

  4. Amara

    AmaraPrije 2 dana

    I wanna tone my butt and get rid of my cellulite but I love running :( ugh

  5. thrice113

    thrice113Prije 3 dana

    Was this a hint to do badminton

  6. Thomas Zimmerman

    Thomas ZimmermanPrije 3 dana

    What about the assault/air bike? It combines upper and lower. I’ve seen a lot of pro athletes use it, but don’t know very much about it.

  7. K Dilli

    K DilliPrije 4 dana

    i personally LOVE step aerobics :D

  8. Jennifer Nazarino

    Jennifer NazarinoPrije 4 dana

    what about the elliptical??

  9. Mortal Creed

    Mortal CreedPrije 4 dana

    I've been going between 5 and 10 miles a day for about a month, now. I got a treadmill yesterday, finally, and get to exercise in the comfort of my own home. Definitely has me pumped to do cardio more often, and for longer! Goes up to 30%, as well.

  10. Harsh Virk

    Harsh VirkPrije 5 dana

    What about running 10 - 15 min 3-4 times a week

  11. Jovel Williams

    Jovel WilliamsPrije 5 dana

    Incline is KING

  12. Rose O'Hara

    Rose O'HaraPrije 5 dana

    Fuck. I fucking love running but also want to lift weights.

  13. Anthony J Boyd

    Anthony J BoydPrije 6 dana


  14. BuiBuiBui RockinEverywhere

    BuiBuiBui RockinEverywherePrije 6 dana

    I was today years old when I found out that skipping is another word for ‘jump roping.’’ 😅

  15. Wolf

    WolfPrije 6 dana

    Whats up with the weird color shifting throughout the video? xd

  16. Mihajlo Popovic

    Mihajlo PopovicPrije 6 dana

    Running is considerd the worst form of cardio but I do not do legs in the gym so no problem

  17. Zxavier Miller

    Zxavier MillerPrije 6 dana

    I love walking on incline. Easy to do, somewhat. I can watch something and my heart doesn’t feel like it’s gonna explode like running, rowing, and biking does to me.

  18. Egregious Blunder

    Egregious BlunderPrije 6 dana

    I'd have to say my favorite form of cardio here at elevation is simply hiking or walking several miles each day. It starts to get a bit sporty above 8k feet though and when I travel to somewhere near sea level I feel like a cardio beast lol.

  19. Stanford Chen

    Stanford ChenPrije 7 dana

    I’m still new cycling and every time I ride my quads gets really sore 😅

  20. Jeff Sandberg

    Jeff SandbergPrije 7 dana

    Coach Greg: running is hard on the joints and isn’t the best cardio for muscle growth. HRcharts: here’s a Saucony running shoe ad

  21. Jimmy Diesel

    Jimmy DieselPrije 7 dana

    No elliptical, disappointed

  22. Susan S.

    Susan S.Prije 7 dana

    I love my Brompton Bike.. It’s so much fun

  23. Phantom Luden

    Phantom LudenPrije 7 dana

    What about the elliptical?

  24. Noor Irwan

    Noor IrwanPrije 7 dana

    Hahahaha "playing sports for 3 hours Burning 100cal sitting on the bench" 😂😂😂😂

  25. Paul Mendoza

    Paul MendozaPrije 7 dana

    So should I be watch my heart rate to stay in a certain range for cardio?

  26. Candi Soda

    Candi SodaPrije 7 dana

    1:30 but... why not run AFTER a workout. THen you won't have to worry about soreness interfering with your workouts.

  27. aex 137

    aex 137Prije 7 dana

    What’s the difference between running and treadmill

  28. Jorge Cortes

    Jorge CortesPrije 7 dana

    I love the treadmill, running on it not walking tho

  29. TheAnikartik

    TheAnikartikPrije 7 dana

    How is stair master as cardio? Would it be on a similar level to treadmill incline walking?

  30. What in the Sam Hill

    What in the Sam HillPrije 8 dana

    What do you mean coach Greg forgot the elliptical !!

  31. Homelander

    HomelanderPrije 8 dana

    You forgot the most underrated one: jumping jacks

  32. Alfred Sparman

    Alfred SparmanPrije 8 dana

    Algorithm food

  33. kmiranda322

    kmiranda322Prije 8 dana

    Doin my treadmill cardio rn and watching Coach Greg yell at me... more efficiency than last time

  34. Jeff

    JeffPrije 8 dana

    mountain biking crew wya!?

  35. Jon Simpson

    Jon SimpsonPrije 8 dana

    Rock-climbing, I love it and it's a great full body workout. Great for mobility/flexibility too.

  36. Bartłomiej Jaskólski

    Bartłomiej JaskólskiPrije 8 dana

    What about a stairmaster?

  37. SpookyKitty

    SpookyKittyPrije 8 dana

    I combine running 3 times a week with crossfit 3 times a week. One day for rest. Try to train harder than last time every time (and of course I eat from Greg's cookbook) So far I've lost almost 7 kilos in two months without being hungry. Slow and steady wins the race



    another great form of cardio: having a garden to take care of 😂

  39. Search

    SearchPrije 9 dana

    Adopt a dog, go for a walk half to one hour twice a day. Cardio checked.

  40. Lydia Gao

    Lydia GaoPrije 9 dana

    Coach, do you think Lesmills various courses are good form of cardio? much more fun than running or cycling.

  41. Bitrazr

    BitrazrPrije 9 dana

    My top 3 are the elliptical forwards and backwards, incline treadmill walking, and cycling. Running sometimes as well, but not much.

  42. Reiraku

    ReirakuPrije 9 dana

    Cycling with music ,pump your heart + enjoy the scenery its so fucking relaxing to me

  43. David Wefers

    David WefersPrije 9 dana

    I lost 55lbs since September last year by just walking 20.000 Steps every day. It really works. BUT you need alot of time.

  44. Bernd ter Lingen

    Bernd ter LingenPrije 9 dana

    Intense bike riding on Zwift equals (total calories burned) Z2 heart rate runs.. Zwift is amazing people!!!

  45. Abel Tesfaye

    Abel TesfayePrije 9 dana

    Such a great video, especially for those of us suffering with chronic pain! Thanks, Dr. Doucette 😉🙌🏽

  46. SQ_TierHog

    SQ_TierHogPrije 9 dana

    Gardening, shoveling rocks, digging holes, raking dirt/leaves/rocks.

  47. Michael Naaden

    Michael NaadenPrije 9 dana

    yaaay someone else who doesn't like running.

  48. mrtimjitsu

    mrtimjitsuPrije 9 dana

    You forgot to mention the advantage of cycling when it comes to smart trainers with zwift. You can accurately convert your wattage output to calories. So when it comes to know how many calories you actually burned, cycling with a smart trainer is the best.

  49. Essential Oils 4 U

    Essential Oils 4 UPrije 9 dana

    I enjoy going for technical trail runs

  50. PIG

    PIGPrije 9 dana

    My fave is hitting tire with a hammer

  51. Elias Klein

    Elias KleinPrije 9 dana

    I love hiking, but it can be a very tough workout if it's up a steep mountain and you're walking fast. Once I was sore for five days after.

  52. Ae SoYoung

    Ae SoYoungPrije 9 dana

    These days, I started cycling with my family

  53. - RiO -

    - RiO -Prije 9 dana

    But... what if you do light jogging every day, like 30~ mins, but still eat in a surplus and gain weight because I'm lean bulking. It doesn't make me sore or affect my workouts as I do them at different times and it's not that hard. Is that still going to affect muscle growth?

  54. Joaquín Murillo Merchán

    Joaquín Murillo MerchánPrije 9 dana

    What about airbikes??

  55. Kyle Kopac

    Kyle KopacPrije 9 dana

    I love throwing on that VR headset and playing some games if I can't go outside for a walk.. Pistol whip, fit XR, beat saber etc

  56. L Fenton

    L FentonPrije 10 dana

    Please do a video on creatine explaining every single thing about it I need a video on creatine

  57. Dusty

    DustyPrije 10 dana

    Nothing more frustrating than trying to derive cardio from tennis when your partner can't rally.

  58. Henry Roberts

    Henry RobertsPrije 10 dana

    The rowing part is correct. 9 in 10 competitive rowers (in their 20s) have herniated discs-often unnoticed-and 1 in 3 blow out their back at some time in their careers (again: these are people in their 20s!)

  59. Bryan Gonzales

    Bryan GonzalesPrije 10 dana

    How about the elliptical machine? Would you suggest that machine for cardio?

  60. Mike Swysen

    Mike SwysenPrije 10 dana

    I really like doing mixed cardio, 10min on the bike 10min skipping and 10min on the bike again. Time flies when I this.

  61. Levan Hulkster Todd

    Levan Hulkster ToddPrije 10 dana

    I'm running every 3rd day , very easy pace and always under one hour . I'm not sore at all after that . Other days I'm cycling as I just can't stop , trying to do steady pace but sometimes I just have to hit the intervals . Haven't noticed that I'd loose some muscles because of that . I'd say it actually makes whole my body to recover better because this form of run makes me recover better and improve the oxygen use . If you look back in history even Lee Haney was running once a week and I don't think it was doing him any harm

  62. hill160881

    hill160881Prije 10 dana

    I like to row. Rowers are great and burn the most cal.

  63. RacerInTraining

    RacerInTrainingPrije 10 dana

    I lolled when I figured out the intro joke

  64. sam chou

    sam chouPrije 10 dana

    My favorite form of cardio is the stairmaster. After almost every weight lifting session. i’m going for a stairmaster session. Also thanks Greg for all the great video’s it helped me in a major way.

  65. ATP Synthase

    ATP SynthasePrije 10 dana

    I don't train legs as often as I could because I play soccer. I don't mind that my legs aren't as big as they could be because I'm not a bodybuilder and I love soccer.

  66. AAAlex

    AAAlexPrije 10 dana

    Coach Greg must be a big fan of badminton

  67. Meg Timmons

    Meg TimmonsPrije 10 dana

    Can't believe he left off the elliptical! But a fantastic video. Learned a lot

  68. Jeffrey Kwok

    Jeffrey KwokPrije 10 dana

    the best form of cardio is the one you’re doing

  69. Jake Riddel

    Jake RiddelPrije 10 dana

    Downhill skiing sucks for burning calories. An entire day skiing, and I'll burn 150 per my garmin and max heart rate will be 110. But maybe there is an effiency factor for being good, once you get decent if feels like way less work to turn.

  70. pseudoyar

    pseudoyarPrije 10 dana

    wait. so when i play chess for an hour, it's not an hour of cardio? 😢

  71. Beetle Grounds

    Beetle GroundsPrije 10 dana

    Could be, you can play chess whilst exercising.

  72. C Los

    C LosPrije 10 dana

    On the elliptical waiting for Greg to mention the elliptical and it never came.

  73. Pablo Martínez

    Pablo MartínezPrije 10 dana

    This is my experience with 1 year seeing Coach Greg’s videos. I’m 2.01cm tall, I started lifting weights when I was 16 (I’m 19 right now) and I had no idea about Gym performance, diets and nutrition. I was 116 Kg and I lost a lot of weight in 6 months (maybe my lowest weight was 78). Yoyo dieting for many time and binge eating disorder as well. Step by step I got into appropriate nutrition and I started to follow really good popular and intelligent Gym influencers but you were the best one by far. I’m majoring in medicine and sometimes it’s quite frustrating to see how bad people train and eat. To be honest main gaining has worked so good for me (No more binge eating no more anxiety, no more eating disorders and I’m pretty sure that I won’t do that anymore). I’m 86 Kg and 12% body fat with nice muscles and definition (I’m a basketball athlete) so I just wanted to thank you a lot for all the knowledge you give us. I’ll try to expand your message as many places as I can in my University and with the people I love. I’ll main gain for the rest of my life and I’m pretty sure that at my 25’s or 30’s I’ll be healthier, stronger and I’ll look as ripped and as good as my body’s genetics can be. Hope that you got my message, I’m Mexican and obviously English isn’t my native language. Best regards from México = )

  74. urbanzengirl

    urbanzengirlPrije 10 dana

    you are so inspirational! love your positivity!

  75. Lui

    LuiPrije 10 dana

    4 hour weekend fuckathons is my preferred cardio eggsercise

  76. Dementia Joe

    Dementia JoePrije 10 dana

    my cardio is running thru "female dogs", swimming in "kitty", and cycling sarms.

  77. Enrique A

    Enrique APrije 10 dana

    I run after lifting weights so I dont feel tired during lifts

  78. Samantha Harrington

    Samantha HarringtonPrije 10 dana

    I love roller bladding!!!!

  79. Cspin 829

    Cspin 829Prije 10 dana

    There’s a street that has a steep hill. I walk up and down it for 30-60 minutes. Every though it’s low intensity, it’s a great cardio workout

  80. Beetle Grounds

    Beetle GroundsPrije 10 dana

    And you can even do other things. Like watching youtube vids , instead of sitting in bed, go walk.

  81. Kavelix Saints

    Kavelix SaintsPrije 10 dana

    Coach Greg lists Badminton twice, cuz you need to do it twice as much to burn calories.

  82. Will Davidson

    Will DavidsonPrije 10 dana

    What would you say to someone who doesn’t really get sore form running unless they go crazy hard?

  83. Beetle Grounds

    Beetle GroundsPrije 10 dana


  84. Razor Rabone

    Razor RabonePrije 10 dana

    Great video Coach! What are your thoughts on elliptical? I thought you regarded this as the best in previous videos?

  85. Anonymous

    AnonymousPrije 10 dana

    “Cycling, but not the one you’re thinking.” I was actually thinking of cycling as cycling steroids but ok 😂

  86. Stef Boonen

    Stef BoonenPrije 10 dana

    Sex more than last time.

  87. Mike Konrad

    Mike KonradPrije 10 dana

    I take an hour walk or hike with my fiance every day. I do use the row often when warming up to train upper body. Planning on getting mountain bikes this summer.

  88. Beetle Grounds

    Beetle GroundsPrije 10 dana

    Have fun , dude!

  89. Bully Maguire

    Bully MaguirePrije 10 dana

    Lmao. I’m a D3 track athlete and I do a 5 mile jog as warmup😂.

  90. Nathan Stone

    Nathan StonePrije 10 dana

    For anyone experiencing lower back pain when rowing, there is a very good chance the position of your butt is the cause. When you are seated with your legs out straight and feet strapped in you should have a bit of an anterior pelvic tilt and a neutral lumbar spine. Perhaps think of deadlift cues. Presumably you should have minimal lumbar flexion until your spinal erectors fatigue. At which point it is probably a good idea to ease up or really focus in on perfect form. Please treat rowing like any other weight based activity, form matters, and most people have poor form.

  91. Queen Amour

    Queen AmourPrije 10 dana

    Dancing and walking =100%

  92. Cara Hubbell

    Cara HubbellPrije 11 dana

    I'm a mountain biker and I hate running. This is my favorite Coach Greg video XD

  93. Pettywise

    PettywisePrije 11 dana

    I love skateboarding for cardio. I might be insane.

  94. Niko Sniko

    Niko SnikoPrije 11 dana

    Is crosstrainer machine the same as a stepper?

  95. plague doctor

    plague doctorPrije 11 dana

    Doctor Greg: "We're gonna start with cycling and not the kind you're thinking" Me: Puts the trenbolone sandwich down and the GH back in the fridge.

  96. Jonim Zari

    Jonim ZariPrije 11 dana

    military life.. running should be a part of life :"))) maybe make a video of balancing these type of higher intensity workouts and lifting. if you do, send me some $$$

  97. almog1910

    almog1910Prije 11 dana

    I have to say that for me cycling feels really bad on the knees

  98. Beetle Grounds

    Beetle GroundsPrije 10 dana

    Wrong seat height probably.

  99. pat kob

    pat kobPrije 11 dana

    running at low heart rate is fine...

  100. pat kob

    pat kobPrije 8 dana

    It's not a's type of substrat you use percentage wise. High heart rate for long times indicates high glycogen usage ...hence injury probability goes up (long anaerobic and hard is usually bad news because the body doesn't have the capacity to adapt to black zone training). The 180 bpm (maf zone) minus age is theoritical but is pretty good to know what is max aerobic zone...minus or add 10 bpmb depending on health or fitness levels. This will increase specific aerobic capacity that will help fuel even very difficult anaerobic activity. Now why I say running low heart rate is ok...because if you are in shape (aerobic) ...125 to 140 bpm means the activity isn't too intense but will stimulate the aerobic adaptation...running for pace only means you run not considering the substrate you use to move so the adaptation that follows will vary and sometimes even be opposite (ruining fast high heart rate is actually a bad adaptation long term because you are doing anaerobic for aerobic activity) ...anyway I also know alot of physiology....

  101. Beetle Grounds

    Beetle GroundsPrije 8 dana

    @pat kob Good joke. Greg would be long dead right now by this stupid ass "rule". Please research common sense.

  102. pat kob

    pat kobPrije 8 dana

    @Beetle Grounds Please research Phil maffetone 180 -age Or Joel Jamieson....good reading to you

  103. Beetle Grounds

    Beetle GroundsPrije 8 dana

    @pat kob what about stimulants and temperature? You can vary 30+ bpm if you simply intake stimulants in a warmth environment vs not intaking stimulants in a cold environment. Plus genetics can influence your bpm with no regards to fitness level.

  104. pat kob

    pat kobPrije 9 dana

    Infact if you stay at 125 to 135 bpm you will actually run at a correct speed for your fitness level and knee capacity

  105. Byron Thotter

    Byron ThotterPrije 11 dana

    I don't understand, treadmill is good but running is bad?

  106. Beetle Grounds

    Beetle GroundsPrije 10 dana

    Walking on treadmill. Running is just very taxing on your legs and knees. Especially outside on concrete.

  107. Hessel Sieburgh

    Hessel SieburghPrije 11 dana

    The point about sports was so true, people who just started sports that demand some skill level to train hard, like table tennis or tennis, aren’t good cardio unless you’re actually at the skill level needed. Table tennis is an easy sport at beginner/camping level and I get why people don’t consider that a sport at that level. But at higher, provincial or national, levels it takes a lot of training. A lot of which is very alike to either HIIT or aerobics.

  108. ShouldaBeen11B

    ShouldaBeen11BPrije 11 dana

    I wanna get into the Zwift cycling racing, but I live in an apartment. Would it be too loud??

  109. Cylindrical _

    Cylindrical _Prije 11 dana

    I have to run because I'm training for the Royal Air Force, I do enjoy it, and find I'm rarely actually sore the next day so hopefully will still be able to achieve reasonable results gym wise.

  110. Jer EE

    Jer EEPrije 11 dana

    Love walking and hiking. I mainly walk 10,000+ steps per day . On average I'm between 12-16,000 steps daily

  111. alex wendal

    alex wendalPrije 11 dana

    My gym is a exactly a mile away, so I run as a warm up and a cool down. It’s not a long distance but on a 5 day split I’m getting in 10 miles a week before I’ve even done a cardio focused workout