Anthony Mantello || WINS Classic Physique & Physique OVERALL || BONUS Contest Footage


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  1. Anthony Mantello

    Anthony MantelloPrije 5 dana

    Greg, thank you once again for aiding in my decision to do both. Really big life lesson I’ve learned this past weekend is live life with knowing you tried vs regretting the fact you didn’t try at all, and didn’t know the outcome. SHOWDAY VIDEO goes live on my channel at 1pm EST btw :)

  2. High Rev Kev

    High Rev KevPrije 2 dana

    Congrats Anthony you have a great physique hopefully I can bring something impressive in 10 weeks too

  3. Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen

    Smitty Werben Jagerman JensenPrije 3 dana

    You can manage to accept failing or losing, but you can never move on for not trying! Congratulations champ champ!

  4. MyCelticsBlewIt !

    MyCelticsBlewIt !Prije 3 dana

    Ant your a fuc*ing beast. Congrats my man. Keep grinding

  5. Greg Doucette

    Greg DoucettePrije 4 dana

    @Chris r his current coach is doing great

  6. Little John

    Little JohnPrije 4 dana

    Some man

  7. Mark Brandt

    Mark BrandtPrije 3 sati

    Greg was spreading more seed than last time in his younger years

  8. JamieChrisVA

    JamieChrisVAPrije 17 sati

    1:49 Thank Me Later

  9. Joshua Passey

    Joshua PasseyPrije 20 sati

    at about 8min greg takes it easy with the "voice". i love this guy and he's so knowledgeable but ooooh the voice makes it so hard to listen lol

  10. MiguelValcanover

    MiguelValcanoverPrije dan

    Greg look Ramon Queiroz physique he is a brazilian classic physique competitor, has amazing genetics

  11. chris_is_motivated

    chris_is_motivatedPrije dan

    Could chris bum 🤔 do this?

  12. Mr. Mo

    Mr. MoPrije dan

    I just started watching Anthony like a year ago, but I still feel proud😂

  13. Bryce Miller

    Bryce MillerPrije dan

    I wonder if Anthony is one of the few that can beat Chris Bumstead 🤔

  14. Siva

    SivaPrije dan

    Hey Greg please get Jesse James West to compete as well💪🏻

  15. Red sta

    Red staPrije dan

    7:13 God Anthony

  16. rhuan patrick

    rhuan patrickPrije 2 dana

    Greg PLS do a video on @ramondinopro. He’s a Brazilian classic pro. He looks amazing !!

  17. scott kolb

    scott kolbPrije 2 dana

    I couldn't focus with that pretty lady walking around behind you! But really he deserved to win! Dude is sick!


    FUNNY_DAVEPrije 2 dana

    3:00 Instagram wall 😂😂

  19. Life's a Beach

    Life's a BeachPrije 2 dana

    There we go Greg dad and mpmd older brother. You are not alone 😀

  20. xxlworldwide

    xxlworldwidePrije 2 dana

    What happend to your voice?

  21. S H

    S HPrije 2 dana

    Papa greg💪

  22. capshockey1989

    capshockey1989Prije 2 dana

    Does this kid still claim natty?

  23. bruh moment

    bruh momentPrije 2 dana

    I think he need to hop on the trensandwishes

  24. Nathanbuckleey

    NathanbuckleeyPrije 2 dana

    He looked great big fan of his physique

  25. Euphoric Aesthetics Motivation🗸

    Euphoric Aesthetics Motivation🗸Prije 2 dana

    0:54 if you look closely 👀

  26. High Rev Kev

    High Rev KevPrije 2 dana

    Give me 10 Weeks Im gonna bring that conditioning and hopefully win my show too. Question is Anthony natural? I would assume he is at this point.

  27. Ruben Fratean

    Ruben FrateanPrije 20 sati

    He's not

  28. Inggong Triple x

    Inggong Triple xPrije 3 dana

    Sexy ❤️❤️❤️ dont look at the kitchen

  29. Hyper Laugh

    Hyper LaughPrije 3 dana

    This the best man on Internet Who motivate others .

  30. Alpha King

    Alpha KingPrije 3 dana

    I heard that grant and Anthony are moving to the open class,does anybody knows anything about it

  31. Alpha King

    Alpha KingPrije 3 dana

    Nahhh he’s too small for men’s physique ,he wouid need bigger arms and shoulders

  32. Josh Fernandez

    Josh FernandezPrije 3 dana


  33. Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen

    Smitty Werben Jagerman JensenPrije 3 dana

    You can manage to accept failing or losing, but you can never move on for not trying! Congratulations champ champ!

  34. PooBlock

    PooBlockPrije 3 dana

    Damn those were tight shorts... lol

  35. Andrea

    AndreaPrije 3 dana

    7:43 oh ok are humans body limits a joke ?! XD

  36. Aesthetics Hardstyle

    Aesthetics HardstylePrije 3 dana

    Great to hear it greg! You are great on your bodybuilding advise. I have said it before. You definitly know what you are talking about when it comes to training. Stay positive and motivating and thanks again for what you do for the lifting family

  37. Ramm Thorny

    Ramm ThornyPrije 3 dana

    Greg will you be my dad? 🥺


    SPERRBERRPrije 4 dana

    I guess coach Greg is now my dad.

  39. The Situation

    The SituationPrije 4 dana

    “That which makes me stronger does not kill me.” - Mike O’ Tren

  40. Tyler D

    Tyler DPrije 4 dana

    Papa Greg

  41. call of duty gaming(INDIA)

    call of duty gaming(INDIA)Prije 4 dana

    He's not with gymshark anymore. He should come out now. Everything he used

  42. jared matthews

    jared matthewsPrije 4 dana

    Doctor Dad

  43. edward dacula

    edward daculaPrije 4 dana

    Looks like lee priest😬🔥

  44. Braden Mungeam

    Braden MungeamPrije 4 dana

    I think ant has a very classic look and that’s where he will end up competing down the road! But for now of course we’d love to see him in both shows!

  45. Manuel Zaccardelli

    Manuel ZaccardelliPrije 4 dana


  46. Ling Whye Hang

    Ling Whye HangPrije 4 dana

    comparing Ali's butt cheek with Mantellos 0:53 😂

  47. Super Sayian Reu

    Super Sayian ReuPrije 4 dana

    Greg your the mentor I've always wanted❤

  48. FreakshowFapper

    FreakshowFapperPrije 4 dana

    Greg Doucette and Anthony Mantello is the bromance I did not know I needed in my life

  49. bench of lemons

    bench of lemonsPrije 4 dana

    He should thank you Greg! Edit: he literally thanks him in the comments haha stand up guy


    MECH BOY THAMEEM ITGPrije 4 dana

    Awakenly Waiting for vdo by Greg on Chala

  51. Advitya Bagai

    Advitya BagaiPrije 4 dana

    greg doucette literally FATHER of current generation bodybuilding

  52. Ali B

    Ali BPrije 4 dana

    This would’ve been way more impressing if he wasn’t competing against naturals while he’s enhanced. Check out @swolenatty on TikTok he took second in the men’s physique and Anthony’s coach even thought he might lose to a natty as Anthony’s chest was lagging compared to him.

  53. Ace7x

    Ace7xPrije 4 dana

    Ally looking thiccker than last time.

  54. 10Sahil Hirulkar

    10Sahil HirulkarPrije 4 dana

    That 'hey hey hey hey' was classic😂💪


    THE BLACK DAHLIAPrije 4 dana

    I don't know who's ass to look at backgroung ally or anthony mantello🤔??

  56. 19UCS002 Jashaswimalya Acharjee

    19UCS002 Jashaswimalya AcharjeePrije 4 dana

    Hey CHillax Morons, Greg is not 45yrs old, He is 98yrs old.

  57. Jackson Lovato

    Jackson LovatoPrije 4 dana

    Greg should be a dad

  58. Gage Parker

    Gage ParkerPrije 4 dana

    This dude is gonna be the next Chris B.

  59. Gym_buddies

    Gym_buddiesPrije 4 dana

    so if flex lewis competed in men's open while in 212, he would have at least 3rd to 4th and get more money

  60. Dag

    DagPrije 4 dana

    Gret vid greg

  61. Nathan Gibbs

    Nathan GibbsPrije 4 dana

    good video ..less screaming lol

  62. Aidan Polonsky

    Aidan PolonskyPrije 4 dana

    today sucked, and I have no intentions of competing, but damn greg, you always take me out of the hole when I feel off. thanks for the content.

  63. Vinnie DeLuca

    Vinnie DeLucaPrije 4 dana

    100% PEDS

  64. Dylan Cromwell

    Dylan CromwellPrije 4 dana

    Does Greg wear hearing aids?

  65. Justin S.

    Justin S.Prije 4 dana

    Full natty brah

  66. Lewis Bryant

    Lewis BryantPrije 4 dana

    coach greg is my dad

  67. Aaron Friedman

    Aaron FriedmanPrije 4 dana

    Greg, I think you should do a podcast with Anthony and Coach Kyle to get more insight about his training/dieting prep for this show

  68. Bret Feeney

    Bret FeeneyPrije 4 dana

    Greg, do you have any kids?

  69. John Rendel Lansang

    John Rendel LansangPrije 4 dana

    Lets make an Aly and coach greg goes a day with both tenny and ant. Damn would be hella amazing.

  70. Lee Homer

    Lee HomerPrije 4 dana

    We’ll done Ant. 💪🏼⭕️👍🏼

  71. Abderrahman El

    Abderrahman ElPrije 4 dana


  72. Brandon Hibbs

    Brandon HibbsPrije 4 dana

    ... Anthony vs Brandon in 5 years time?...

  73. Joe Vallandingham

    Joe VallandinghamPrije 4 dana

    Poppa Duece!!

  74. Kyle Barr

    Kyle BarrPrije 4 dana

    You are naive about this kid. I was competing and was on stage for only 2 and a half minutes for prejudging. I was not even compared to anyone and didnt even do half the poses during the prejudging! the show was already claimed who they wanted top 5 before the show. They want their famous little douchebags to get their attention instead of an actual competition. Disgracefull and not deserved even if its not his fault. Look into it more

  75. Levi Robbins

    Levi RobbinsPrije 4 dana

    Absolutely inspiring that you continue to be the best coach Greg! You make others bring out their best also and it truly makes a difference. Regardless what others think of you, your heart is in the right place, and You make the world a little bit better everyday! You've changed my life and because of you we want to change other peoples lives too. Keep doing you and we will keep doing the most.

  76. Leon Karntas

    Leon KarntasPrije 4 dana

    dady xd

  77. Josh Sykes

    Josh SykesPrije 4 dana

    Howled when Greg turned into Elmer Fudd for a short bit

  78. MeesterJ

    MeesterJPrije 4 dana

    I think Anthony needs way bigger lats, than he can do real damage

  79. Justin Lun

    Justin LunPrije 4 dana

    The hey's hahah

  80. Gary Wallen

    Gary WallenPrije 4 dana

    Now we need a Will, Anthony, and Coach Greg dad video

  81. peejayfromhell

    peejayfromhellPrije 4 dana

    10:09 this division makes no sense right now, it should be removed and reworked, at least on a pro level. It was made to be attainable for guys that don't want to eat trenbologne sandwiches, and right now half of the pros are blasting as much as open dudes.

  82. Drake Lai

    Drake LaiPrije 4 dana

    Greg please procreate and pass on your genes

  83. peejayfromhell

    peejayfromhellPrije 4 dana

    Kid has beautiful physique, but he kinda looks watery and his conditioning isn't that great.

  84. Jonathan's InThe house

    Jonathan's InThe housePrije 4 dana

    I agree they looking for the wrong types of body's in the pros that's for sure because he's already perfect 🙏🏻

  85. Valente de Jesús

    Valente de JesúsPrije 4 dana

    If you can win Classic, you will certainly crush everyone in men's physique, smart move.

  86. Black British Cyclist Kendizle

    Black British Cyclist KendizlePrije 4 dana

    As @Dojacat said "if you can see it from the front wait till you see it from the back!"

  87. Alpha Male

    Alpha MalePrije 4 dana

    That subtle "That's what she said"

  88. Alpha Male

    Alpha MalePrije 4 dana

    Anthony is the GOAT

  89. Ken Carroll

    Ken CarrollPrije 4 dana

    I'd love to see Anthony conquer both classes. He has an astounding physique and I feel he would dominate.

  90. Mark Martin Jr

    Mark Martin JrPrije 4 dana

    Coach motivated me to actually do cardio and contributed to me losing 55lbs last year.

  91. Kryptic

    KrypticPrije 4 dana

    Anyone know if Anthony claims natural? I’ve never heard him say whether he’s on peds or claiming natural

  92. Kryptic

    KrypticPrije 4 dana

    @Ertugrul Körpinar you know what vid?

  93. Ertugrul Körpinar

    Ertugrul KörpinarPrije 4 dana

    @Kryptic he said it

  94. Kryptic

    KrypticPrije 4 dana

    @Ertugrul Körpinar has he actually said he is on or you just assuming talking out your ass

  95. Ertugrul Körpinar

    Ertugrul KörpinarPrije 4 dana

    He’s on peds

  96. Mountain Lion

    Mountain LionPrije 4 dana

    0:43 look at ally

  97. Last Minute Heroics

    Last Minute HeroicsPrije 4 dana

    I love ALLY

  98. Last Minute Heroics

    Last Minute HeroicsPrije 4 dana

    Do boffum

  99. t-_-Banana

    t-_-BananaPrije 4 dana

    Skip leg day 😂 funny one

  100. Jonathan's InThe house

    Jonathan's InThe housePrije 4 dana

    Ohhhh yeaaaaaaa budddddy💪🏻🔥🔥🔥

  101. IWantMyVisionBack

    IWantMyVisionBackPrije 4 dana

    Coach Greg is the fitness industry's father lol

  102. Freedom five

    Freedom fivePrije 4 dana

    I just don't think someone should win 2 different categories. To me your either classic or physique. I just don't think you can be both.

  103. Helene Davis

    Helene DavisPrije 4 dana

    Congratulations from a woman of a certain age, not a body builder. You are a hard worker and are blessed to have Greg as your mentor. Even at my age, Greg and Ally inspire me, we all need positivity in our lives.

  104. Joseph Roa

    Joseph RoaPrije 4 dana

    Coach Greg channeling his inner Elmer Fudd

  105. Os Reese

    Os ReesePrije 4 dana

    Dad Greg when?

  106. seth savage

    seth savagePrije 4 dana

    Just looks weird when they don't tan their faces.

  107. Josh Peters

    Josh PetersPrije 4 dana

    Good job Greg. That is why to never stop critiquing. Your analysis sets a standard for the fitness industry in the eyes of your youtube audience. Your good eye and good heart are your greatest strength.

  108. Micho El Khoury

    Micho El KhouryPrije 4 dana

    tHE SmaLl wAiST

  109. Edgar Calderon

    Edgar CalderonPrije 4 dana

    Just imagine if David laid competed 😳

  110. Beast ManX

    Beast ManXPrije 4 dana

    Greg is like a proud dad