Anthony Mantello || 4 Days Out || PRO or NO?


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  1. LordKnowsIWannaBeFilthyRicch Jones

    LordKnowsIWannaBeFilthyRicch JonesPrije 2 dana


  2. PianoOwl

    PianoOwlPrije 3 dana

    He kinda looks like CBum did when he did his first pro show.

  3. B G

    B GPrije 5 dana

    And this kid is still growing naturally not even close to his peak

  4. Ski_Diver _15

    Ski_Diver _15Prije 5 dana

    Wow you said he’d probably win both classic and men’s, an he did

  5. DatDude_ Dre

    DatDude_ DrePrije 5 dana

    Nooooo... 😂😅 not the fat Joe reference

  6. Ryan Scott

    Ryan ScottPrije 6 dana

    Greg that is such a classy move to plug MPMDs merch for him!👍👍

  7. Bunker Bust’n

    Bunker Bust’nPrije 6 dana

    i love the message at 3:20... Don’t let your fears get in the way of you wanting to do something. Just go in and go hard ( that’s what she said lol)

  8. Rodolfo Medini

    Rodolfo MediniPrije 6 dana

    Thumbnail looks like POR NO with the 'or' being so small... Love it

  9. LishazYalz

    LishazYalzPrije 6 dana

    This aged well

  10. caymen mann

    caymen mannPrije 6 dana

    How is he 19 that is insane

  11. Preston Lee

    Preston LeePrije 6 dana

    Is he natural??


    SUPERIMIAINIPrije 6 dana

    For the younger generation, It's DOOO ITTTTT! as Shia LeBeouf would say it...LOL

  13. vury

    vuryPrije 7 dana

    here after he won classic physique and men's physique

  14. Night Owl

    Night OwlPrije 7 dana

    If Anthony was a stock, I’d invest all my money in him. Lol.

  15. SUSACCA Knowsit

    SUSACCA KnowsitPrije 7 dana

    @Greg Doucette Greg, i have a question. Are you vaccinated? You probably won't answer that, but ok.

  16. Rene T

    Rene TPrije 7 dana

    I read that thumbnail so wrong!

  17. Jeffrey Xu

    Jeffrey XuPrije 7 dana

    This video aged well, man really took both overalls 😳

  18. prajpri

    prajpriPrije 7 dana

    And he won both now !!

  19. Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety

    Jared Garrett-SocialAnxietyPrije 7 dana

    He can probably win more shows right now if he went with men's physique. He definitely has the shape for classic and once he gets more muscle oh boy.

  20. nick g

    nick gPrije 7 dana

    He won

  21. ExoTic HOAX

    ExoTic HOAXPrije 7 dana

    This aged well

  22. Maharshi Bilgi

    Maharshi BilgiPrije 7 dana

    Ends up winning both!!!!

  23. Patricia Barrera

    Patricia BarreraPrije 7 dana

    Jesus Christ, Greg is basically remote coaching everybody. Buy his cookbook!

  24. Alpha King

    Alpha KingPrije 7 dana

    Only thing mantello is gonna turn pro is at being a g.y pro 🌈🌈🌈🌈

  25. Joshua Szypniewski

    Joshua SzypniewskiPrije 7 dana

    I think mantello back reminds me of young cbum

  26. Honest Internet User

    Honest Internet UserPrije 7 dana

    Greg shouting then louder shouting The Rock clips. Dude.

  27. Nolan Barbee

    Nolan BarbeePrije 7 dana

    Dude needs more mass

  28. YouTube Viewer

    YouTube ViewerPrije 7 dana

    Here after he won both shows, great insight

  29. AB

    ABPrije 7 dana

    indeed won overall in both

  30. Benji Garcia

    Benji GarciaPrije 8 dana

    IT DOESNT MATTER is my favorite part of the vids

  31. Alex Bradley

    Alex BradleyPrije 8 dana

    Great video!

  32. Steven Matchett

    Steven MatchettPrije 8 dana

    Damn he looks incredible. I'm jelly

  33. guccicelica

    guccicelicaPrije 8 dana

    For some reason I read the thumbnail with the r and o switched around on pro and read it as one word with

  34. Manny Nave

    Manny NavePrije 8 dana

    Amazing physique!

  35. Balaclava Blanco Official

    Balaclava Blanco OfficialPrije 8 dana

    Lean back and do the rockaway 😂

  36. myric

    myricPrije 8 dana

    is it me or is the pig (I think) in the background very distracting


    UPLIFT JAIPrije 8 dana

    I just don’t see classic physique in the kid. Even tho his physique is solid


    UPLIFT JAIPrije 7 dana

    @LeonTKD yea I just seen that. It all depends on who shows up that day

  39. LeonTKD

    LeonTKDPrije 7 dana

    He won overall classic lmao

  40. Alfariel

    AlfarielPrije 8 dana

    His abs are uneven

  41. Blair Monkman

    Blair MonkmanPrije 8 dana

    He will get big enough for physique but probably not classic, competitors with more experience and the same or better genetics are struggling right now to be big enough to be Pro physique guys let alone classic competitors.

  42. Blair Monkman

    Blair MonkmanPrije 7 dana

    @LeonTKD doesn't look too classic to me bro but If he did well then good for him bro

  43. LeonTKD

    LeonTKDPrije 7 dana

    He won class b and overall classic physique 🤣

  44. Snuffcore9

    Snuffcore9Prije 8 dana


  45. Michael Blair

    Michael BlairPrije 8 dana

    Gonna be a beast at 30

  46. Robin w

    Robin wPrije 8 dana

    “Lean back, lean back. And do the rock’o way”

  47. mOrE aLgO than last TiME_.

    mOrE aLgO than last TiME_.Prije 6 dana

    doc *Greg* should blast the beat from *Terror squad /Fat joe & Remi*

  48. Ice Cold Lemonade

    Ice Cold LemonadePrije 8 dana

    I’ll save you 9 minutes of your life. I haven’t even seen the video but he says yes.

  49. Gartholamu

    GartholamuPrije 8 dana

    Stop screaming or I’m phoning the police 😁

  50. Eli Mullins

    Eli MullinsPrije 8 dana

    6:15 very similar to cbum's back LAST YEAR

  51. Taha Anwarul Haq

    Taha Anwarul HaqPrije 9 dana

    His body looks like youger version of cbum

  52. Dandy Chiggins

    Dandy ChigginsPrije 9 dana

    Don't see the big deal with this kid. Dime a dozen. Too small anyway.

  53. LeonTKD

    LeonTKDPrije 7 dana

    Literally won overall classic physique

  54. _lynnloo `

    _lynnloo `Prije 9 dana

    1:00 the voice change is so crazy it seems like a voice over😭

  55. Aaron Hendry

    Aaron HendryPrije 9 dana

    Wish I had looked like this kid when I was 19 years old 💯👌

  56. Alz Beyz

    Alz BeyzPrije 9 dana

    It’s videos like this that discourage me😂😂. Now my physic looks shitty after watching this.

  57. Nico

    NicoPrije 9 dana

    Where are you ANT👀

  58. Steven DelMauro

    Steven DelMauroPrije 9 dana

    I’d like to see a video explaining the different divisions: men’s physique, classic physique, open bodybuilding. Thanks Coach!

  59. Muhammad Basit

    Muhammad BasitPrije 6 dana

    Liking, so he can see

  60. ie2 adm

    ie2 admPrije 9 dana

    The lats are not symmetrical.

  61. Jon Moris

    Jon MorisPrije 9 dana

    Out of curiosity what fat % is he in these photos?

  62. Siddharth Sharma

    Siddharth SharmaPrije 9 dana

    Love Anthony Mantello, his prep has been truly inspiring, strictly asking out of curiosity though, is he natural Coach ?

  63. Siddharth Sharma

    Siddharth SharmaPrije 8 dana

    @Michael Proia since I haven't found any talk regarding this yet, thought best to ask

  64. Michael Proia

    Michael ProiaPrije 8 dana

    You’re kidding right?

  65. Sliq n Qiq

    Sliq n QiqPrije 9 dana

    Imma say no! Prove me wrong Mr "Hey"

  66. Jace R

    Jace RPrije 9 dana

    The Golden rule. Wanna LOOK bigger come in more shredded than everyone else

  67. Jose_s2k

    Jose_s2kPrije 9 dana

    Never liked this kid, to much clout for a small guy

  68. Ronin 90

    Ronin 90Prije 9 dana

    Anthony has one of the best physiques I’ve seen he looks insane dude! He’s shredded to the max

  69. Elkin Saravia

    Elkin SaraviaPrije 9 dana

    Anthony is great!

  70. Brando Maximus

    Brando MaximusPrije 9 dana

    What's the main diff between classic phy and phy?

  71. Christopher Wetzel

    Christopher WetzelPrije 9 dana

    I hate how good Derek's products are because they're always sold out, so stop telling people to buy it lol.

  72. Sheldon Edmunds

    Sheldon EdmundsPrije 9 dana

    That’s what you wanna hear! Someone who encourages you and gives advice to motivate you. Could be good or bad but the idea to make you see the bigger picture. Once I have enough loonies saved I’ll be hiring ;)

  73. S Manthighs

    S ManthighsPrije 9 dana

    He looks incredible wow

  74. WTF Dave's World

    WTF Dave's WorldPrije 9 dana

    I'm enter a bodybuilding competition in August thanks to you Coach Greg

  75. Daniel González

    Daniel GonzálezPrije 9 dana

    Is he paying you?

  76. Rashod King

    Rashod KingPrije 9 dana

    Lean back, lean back 🤣

  77. Ryan. Dre

    Ryan. DrePrije 9 dana

    That kid is amazing. He has a bright future ahead of him

  78. Who You Calling Pinhead

    Who You Calling PinheadPrije 9 dana

    😱 you are a 🤡 at the beginning of the video. Funnier and multitasking more than last time 😂

  79. SchuyFit - Men's Weight Loss

    SchuyFit - Men's Weight LossPrije 9 dana

    Yeah, Anthony looks incredible. Definitely a killer.

  80. SchuyFit - Men's Weight Loss

    SchuyFit - Men's Weight LossPrije 9 dana

    Literally blown away?! You've been cutting too many calories Coach Greg.

  81. Justin Vang

    Justin VangPrije 9 dana

    Dream physic

  82. Kevin George

    Kevin GeorgePrije 9 dana

    Greg you really know what you're talking about love your video

  83. David Perez

    David PerezPrije 9 dana

    Anthony scored on a physique critic from the master coach Greg .

  84. David Perez

    David PerezPrije 9 dana

    Love the video drama is always good


    AWES0ME SAUCEPrije 9 dana

    Drinking the Bombsicle flavor…..I know that color.

  86. David Victory

    David VictoryPrije 9 dana

    My waist is 28 inches and i am 15. Do i have a chance for mens physique when i grow up? Or will my waist grow alot by then

  87. Mean Bean Comedy

    Mean Bean ComedyPrije 9 dana

    I dunno, Greg. I decided to "go for it" and try out for me 6th grade basketball team. Worst experience of my life! Spent half the tryouts chasing down my damned ball!

  88. Sai Venkatraman

    Sai VenkatramanPrije 9 dana

    I’ll competing against him at jr. nationals if he does Men’s Physique. Tbh I don’t think he has enough size to turn pro yet. He has a great look though, most of his pics are crazy edited. I just hope I beat him so I can brag about it lol

  89. Sai Venkatraman

    Sai VenkatramanPrije 7 dana

    @LeonTKD He looked impressive for sure. Conditioning and shape was amazing. Still holding on to hope that I can beat him though lol. Got 2 MP overalls myself 💪🏽

  90. LeonTKD

    LeonTKDPrije 7 dana

    Lol probs beat you by now he won overall classic and last story was dead center in mens

  91. Sai Venkatraman

    Sai VenkatramanPrije 9 dana

    My Instagram is dosa_delts. Let me know if you think I can beat him

  92. Callum Thorsen

    Callum ThorsenPrije 9 dana

    I also have such a regret... And also regret it to this day...

  93. B flo

    B floPrije 9 dana

    Man did this kid pick the right parents or what 😏🤭😏

  94. luca schmitd de oliveira

    luca schmitd de oliveiraPrije 9 dana

    waiting for a update video on his natty status greg...

  95. Ranger gamer

    Ranger gamerPrije 9 dana

    Imagine being this dude. I'm not even him and I'm hyped up 😍😂

  96. Older brother Tshepo

    Older brother TshepoPrije 9 dana

    I see that Terror Squad reference 🔥

  97. Alpha Dad

    Alpha DadPrije 9 dana

    9 minutes of man crush. 🙄

  98. Jack Johnson

    Jack JohnsonPrije 9 dana

    with those wheels he needs to do classic bb, not mp

  99. Hano #BEAST

    Hano #BEASTPrije 9 dana

    Hope he listens to ure advice, everyone should just listen to you

  100. TedOnTheNet

    TedOnTheNetPrije 9 dana

    I see what you did there Greg, with the PRO or NO instead of PRO or NOT 😉

  101. MightyBull Fitness

    MightyBull FitnessPrije 9 dana

    You’re always better off regretting the things you did than regretting the things you did not do!

  102. Jeremiah Lara

    Jeremiah LaraPrije 9 dana

    Anybody else feel like anthony is super over rated?

  103. Jeremiah Lara

    Jeremiah LaraPrije 9 dana

    back double bicep good tho but still over rated

  104. Istvan Fodor

    Istvan FodorPrije 9 dana

    Back double bicep looks nuts. Great to see such passion and drive to win from such a young guy.

  105. My name is Jeff

    My name is JeffPrije 9 dana

    Watching Ant’s prep again makes me wanna compete just for fun bruh!❤️ he looks amazing

  106. My name is Jeff

    My name is JeffPrije 9 dana

    I wish the new standard for MR Olimpia would be Ant’s body!! He look amazing

  107. Adam Cuthbert

    Adam CuthbertPrije 9 dana

    His vacuum is crazier than most bikini competitors.

  108. howard condoman

    howard condomanPrije 9 dana

    HIs lower back could be more developed. Otherwise looks perfect

  109. Jon

    JonPrije 9 dana

    A Little manlet isn’t gonna be mr Olympia

  110. Anonymous

    AnonymousPrije 9 dana

    Hey Greg can you do a video on psychological things, like how not to be discouraged when one sees the physique of guys like Mantello?

  111. Kiara Williams

    Kiara WilliamsPrije 9 dana

    You’ve had less saliva in your mouth lately and I greatly appreciate it. 🙏 I might have a weird phobia or something..

  112. Hobbit Hubby

    Hobbit HubbyPrije 9 dana

    He’s still too small... for now. Greg’s totally right though about not letting doubts stop you.

  113. Bill H.

    Bill H.Prije 9 dana

    Hey, code Ant. Agree with Greg here. Wondering this myself, would be disappointing not to bring those legs to the show.