15 Diet Hacks to Help Lose Weight || DON'T DO THAT - DO THIS INSTEAD

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  1. Dewi Davies

    Dewi DaviesPrije sat

    Get the cook book on Amazon uk, and training ,by Greg .

  2. Megan Boger

    Megan BogerPrije dan

    Where do I get the dang cook book!? 😂

  3. Gorav Paul

    Gorav PaulPrije 3 dana

    Can i still stay lean and build muscle if i drink 3 or 4 shots of 30ml whiskey every weekend? Im at 17% body fat level and i wanna get more shredded less then 15%, can i still do it?

  4. Brandon Barcott

    Brandon BarcottPrije 4 dana

    I love this Channel lol 😆 who needs comedy shows

  5. iAmBeaTLes

    iAmBeaTLesPrije 10 dana

    So I am not on a crazy strict diet, but I do all these things, and it’s pretty easy for me to maintain my weight, for the most part. Best thing I’ve done lately is stopping with the olive oil all the damn time. I didn’t realize how I was making my veggies so high in fat. Small changes. ❤️. I want to work on my snacks next. Only thing I don’t like that you’ve said is people on the 1,800 calories look like 💩 , but I won’t like everything someone says lol.

  6. Jason P

    Jason PPrije 10 dana

    Stopped watching when he said "Eat breakfast". Absolute nonsense to think eating MORE food will help losing weight. He's very wrong about hunger. Once you stop having breakfast for maybe a week, your body will adjust and you just won't feel hungry much in the morning. Bad info, Greg.

  7. Athleticgamer

    AthleticgamerPrije 10 dana

    When he slammed his hands in the outro I got scared and almost dropped my phone 😂 @Greg Doucette

  8. Imad Ammoury

    Imad AmmouryPrije 11 dana

    Treat me as a coach

  9. john doee

    john doeePrije 11 dana

    Why you reposting

  10. Jonah Evans

    Jonah EvansPrije 12 dana

    idk why it makes me happy he says POP - I say pop, pop isn't said enough

  11. Kylie Weber

    Kylie WeberPrije 12 dana

    I add protein into my coffee every morning & it really helps me reach my goals!

  12. Steve Senger

    Steve SengerPrije 12 dana

    Love it! Definitely sub my fries for my salad! Dressing on the side!!! Watched this "Harder than Last Time!" Thanks Coach Greg!

  13. Mad Wolf

    Mad WolfPrije 13 dana

    Omg this is so bs! I came here to listen to Coach Greg NOT VSHRED ADS!!! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Scott Murray

    Scott MurrayPrije 13 dana

    You forgot tip 16...... buy Greg Doucette’s anabolic cookbook 😂

  15. Kevin Pham

    Kevin PhamPrije 13 dana

    0:37 the voicee switch

  16. Akmilk

    AkmilkPrije 14 dana


  17. jezza boi

    jezza boiPrije 14 dana

    The coach Greg videos stat stat at the end. I thought it was like a funny joke that "haha get it, I give good tips now sub", but its pretty true. Lost 2kg since watching, went from barely any definition to some definition. Coach Greg is better than I thought

  18. Jim Gates

    Jim GatesPrije 14 dana

    Thank you coach

  19. DeBedschbacher

    DeBedschbacherPrije 14 dana

    0:35 Coach, you've got such a nice speaking voice! Do us a favour and release a video every now and then where you are just speaking, not cliche-yelling. Pretty please.

  20. SaaanJeezy

    SaaanJeezyPrije 15 dana

    Hey coach Greg, what if i’m not hungry during the morning, should I still be eating breakfast?

  21. C S

    C SPrije 15 dana

    Jerry Seinfeld+Cuomo+Gains= Greg

  22. Adrienn Fancsi

    Adrienn FancsiPrije 15 dana

    I watched more Greg's videos and lost 4 lbs only during this one! Doctor's advice really works!!

  23. Richard Silverberg

    Richard SilverbergPrije 16 dana

    Another excellent video

  24. Kevin Canales

    Kevin CanalesPrije 16 dana

    Lmao the deep ass voice when he said ... I wanted to make it rhyme

  25. Kon

    KonPrije 16 dana

    My partner: "What is he angry about? Why is he shouting?" Me: "He isn't angry, he is passionate"

  26. Miss Evelyn

    Miss EvelynPrije 16 dana

    I love the last one, I’m sure I’m gonna follow it

  27. Battleborn Fox

    Battleborn FoxPrije 16 dana

    I don't know how someone can be so annoying and endearing at the same time. I like you, you seem like a cool dude and your advice in your videos is helpful. Rock on🤘✌

  28. Nefeli Tzagaraki

    Nefeli TzagarakiPrije 16 dana

    I can confirm the results of the research! I stopped watching dr/coach Greg's videos and gained 5 kg.

  29. Yeager

    YeagerPrije 16 dana

    7:35 Hilarious lmao

  30. Sven Stromblaad

    Sven StromblaadPrije 16 dana

    4 cups of coffee. Cool. And monster says 2 cans a day. And preworkout is 2 scoops. So coffee, monster, coffee monster, coffee preworkout coffee. Should give me enough energy for the day


    MECH BOY THAMEEM ITGPrije 16 dana

    Where's my Trenbolone sandwiches 😭😭😭😭😂

  32. viktor

    viktorPrije 16 dana

    "Do this instead, get ripped not fat". There you go coach :D

  33. shurrab963

    shurrab963Prije 16 dana


  34. knight Raider

    knight RaiderPrije 16 dana

    Fasted low intensity cardio!

  35. Married with Pizza

    Married with PizzaPrije 16 dana

    I agree with most of those rules. I will say though, as someone that is highly bingy, ever since childhood, every time i have breakfast, food will be in my brain all day. I have breakfast twice a week, and the other days I fast. The days where i have less, but bigger meals (mostly my fasting days where I'm having 800-1k calories per meal) I generally do a lot better, am less tired, and never have late night binging. Breakfast days are pretty lol

  36. V Typical VI

    V Typical VIPrije 16 dana

    Hey Greg do a review on kodiak cakes protein pancakes they sell them at Costco

  37. MrLegatoblue

    MrLegatobluePrije 16 dana

    I’m coming home from work today at 7 pm and have only eaten 560 calories. Yet I’m still a fat pos. Im gonna workout

  38. Austra Robust

    Austra RobustPrije 16 dana

    My hair is down to my butt, coach. :) It is only a matter of time before ALL get hip to the idea of the Scientific facts of weight loss>B.S. I only ever trusted professors who shout with passion as I got the most knowledge out of their enthusiasm. I am closer to my 6-pack than any other time I have tried in my life. you are the only fitness you-tuber that doesn't make me sleepy. THANK YOU for being GREG!!!

  39. jason

    jasonPrije 16 dana

    do nutrition labels count cals from carbs???

  40. Isabella Xilonen

    Isabella XilonenPrije 16 dana

    the last tip was my fav hahaha

  41. Iya Taitt

    Iya TaittPrije 16 dana

    I love the outros 😂

  42. BIGjeff1987

    BIGjeff1987Prije 16 dana

    Just as I was thinking one of these tips should be watching more of Coach Greg’s videos.. he said it It’s a fact

  43. Trent

    TrentPrije 16 dana

    Hey Coach Greg, when it comes to gaintaining, trying to maintain the same amount of body fat seems hard and it seems like it would be easy to put on 2-4% without even realizing it. In this case should you then cut? Which is against the whole point of gaintaining. I’m confused about this

  44. JustJaclyn

    JustJaclynPrije 16 dana

    7:14 WTF was not expecting that

  45. Max

    MaxPrije 16 dana

    that meta analysis by baby nakie and gert sent me 😂😂

  46. ItsPyron

    ItsPyronPrije 16 dana

    Some throwback charts, confirming that Coach hasn't become a doctor along the way, and some of the realest tips all of us circles can relate to. Ever since I started watching coach's videos from late 2019 I love how consistent the message has always been! Eat low calorie foods you like, do cardio you like so you can stick it for life, don't do illegal sh*t, and of course train harder than last time! (unless you're starting out so not too hard so you can recover and not get injured lol!)

  47. ManateeWithAHat

    ManateeWithAHatPrije 16 dana

    Greg - Big Thanks for your entertaining and educational videos. Suggestion: Add outtakes or animal segment at end of videos. I think we would all like that.

  48. Morad Taouati

    Morad TaouatiPrije 16 dana

    Great tips and great humor hahahahaha

  49. josbakkie85

    josbakkie85Prije 16 dana

    Is it me or does he talk slower than last time

  50. Ivan Jdrakov

    Ivan JdrakovPrije 16 dana

    I'm always bulking, never cutting...

  51. Chew Her

    Chew HerPrije 16 dana

    It has been a long year. Our teaching staff is doing a social at Cova's Mexican Bar and Grill. I really want to go, but I feel like I'm going to be judged if I eat out of my meal prep instead of drink beer and eat pizza with the staff. Maybe I should reply back and say I'm not going....

  52. Mark Kelderman

    Mark KeldermanPrije 16 dana

    Great tips Greg!! Recently I started eating healthy and exercising, and it really improved my mental and physical health. I didn't know anything about meal planning and optimal food choices so I searched it on the internet. I found website called dietarize, and it was super helpful for me back then as it gave me good insights about calories and nutrients. There are many similar things now, you can find something for yourself. Good luck!!

  53. Stavya Kandoth

    Stavya KandothPrije 16 dana

    The last tip is the best.Greg is my favourite ngl.He’s given me a hella lot of perspective and is one of the main reasons I am losing fat and building muscle and I’m finally happy with my body :)

  54. Keku

    KekuPrije 16 dana

    Thanks for the wonderful tips ☺️ Is it true that cold pasta loses up to 50% of its calories? Something to do with starch turning to fiber. That's a good diet hack if it's true. Can you please make a video on this? 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  55. nik.

    nik.Prije 16 dana

    god greg's editing is the best thing ever

  56. Dale Edgington

    Dale EdgingtonPrije 17 dana

    I burned more calories than last time.

  57. RubiiRae

    RubiiRaePrije 17 dana

    Greg: '4 cups of coffee should be the max...' Me: stares at my 24 oz mug 👁👄👁

  58. AstroBaby91

    AstroBaby91Prije 17 dana

    People ask how I lost 75 lbs, I keep telling them....watch Greg. Eat high volume low cal food, up your protein. People think I'm kidding lol Greg made me love wraps, popcorn, protein ice cream, etc. I actually prefer eating at home now.

  59. David Clark

    David ClarkPrije 17 dana

    I have lost 10lbs and 3.5inches using his tips. I am 43 and 15 to 17%bf now. I am at my original goal, now I want to get to 10 to 12%. Thank coach.

  60. Official Argy

    Official ArgyPrije 17 dana

    Easiest tip to lose weight:MOVE YOUR ASS all day and you can eat whatever you want

  61. Bright Light

    Bright LightPrije 17 dana

    Eat before the party..you know that Coach Greg doesn’t wear crop tops ...

  62. aikenforjeff

    aikenforjeffPrije 17 dana

    The last tip is 100% facts. Been binging coach Greg for 30 days instead of pizza and down 12lbs, 10 of which is fat

  63. German Blackwolfgh

    German BlackwolfghPrije 17 dana

    im using a mantra on my new life sltyle every day i repeat to my self " Today im better than yesterday" when i feel like i just want to get some candys, some cake or a "cheat meal" i repeat to my self "Today im better than yesterday and continue with my new life style and lossing weight, thanks for the tips Greg, all your info help me A LOT

  64. Bella

    BellaPrije 17 dana

    I will watch more of coach Greg if coach Greg screams less

  65. Ashutosh Agrawal

    Ashutosh AgrawalPrije 17 dana

    One thing that i do to not binge eat during the night is to brush my teeth right after i have my dinner. My lazy ass doesn’t want to eat and then brush again lmao

  66. Matthew Dauwalter

    Matthew DauwalterPrije 17 dana

    I comment

  67. benjamin hommel

    benjamin hommelPrije 17 dana

    When I first saw your videos a long time ago I was slightly off put as I feel many are at first, but watching your videos has legitimately helped me and now you’re one of my favorite creators.

  68. Ayeni Ejura

    Ayeni EjuraPrije 17 dana

    I need help, I started doing 1hr of cardio 3 times a week and 1hr strength( only bodyweight) 3 times a week. I also eat 1500-1600 cals every day. In my opinion, I wasn't losing any fat but I felt I was getting stronger. People also kept saying I was getting bigger. So I increased the amount of cardio I did. Now, I do cardio 6 times a week. An hour cardio 3 times a week, and 30 mins of cardio on days when I strength train. But nothing has changed. Am I doing something wrong? I'm pretty fit though. I'm female and I weigh 54kg and I'm 160cm tall. My goal was to get just a bit leaner but now I'm quite bigger than I was before (clothes don't fit). My muscles are sorta bigger, though. I'm a bit confused Any suggestions :-(

  69. Just MATT

    Just MATTPrije 17 dana

    From now on instead of hitting the like button ill hit the dislike, just for the annoying and abnormal high tone of your voice, maybe this way with time you will learn to chill the fuk down a bit and still manage to get your message across

  70. eddie

    eddiePrije 17 dana

    How bout a video on how to gain an appetite for us who struggle to eat

  71. dieguz23 bock

    dieguz23 bockPrije 17 dana

    Is nutrient timing important?

  72. Jay 2k

    Jay 2kPrije 17 dana

    That 1 hour later really caught me off guard fam

  73. Kevin Hamrick

    Kevin HamrickPrije 17 dana

    But Coach correlation isn't causation.

  74. bloozism

    bloozismPrije 17 dana

    But Greg I’m lazy 😟

  75. J a

    J aPrije 17 dana

    Lmao "click all the F buttons until you subscribed".... this Guy is amazing !!

  76. ChristopherNorrisOfficial

    ChristopherNorrisOfficialPrije 17 dana

    7:00 it's true guys. I found Coach Greg and have lost 86 pounds in less then 4 months. I have followed absolutely all of Greg's advice and I am very thankful for him. I urge you guys to listen to him he has helped me so much. Being scared of artificial sweeteners and not knowing what to eat and constantly Choking down rice and chicken and brocolli its no way to live. I can literally have anything I want and enjoyit the 80% rule has been a blessing! 🙌🙌

  77. Emanuel Ortega

    Emanuel OrtegaPrije 17 dana

    Ngl but I thought #15 was going to be “Buy my Fricken cookbook “ 😂 But for real this guy is a legend.

  78. Gary Wallen

    Gary WallenPrije 17 dana

    16 "BUY MY FREAKING COOKBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  79. Emil Lutzkanov

    Emil LutzkanovPrije 17 dana

    I'm annoyed and entertained at the same time :D

  80. carsmyth199410

    carsmyth199410Prije 17 dana

    Hey Greg. Have a look at Kipp Fit channel. I ain't no nutritionist but I dont get his approach to bulking up. Thought you might have something to say on it. Like he could eat way better options towards his goals!!.

  81. Shivam Meet

    Shivam MeetPrije 17 dana

    6:51 I can vouch for this. I was 83kg and overweight in January. I am 76kg and lean with some muscle gains on the way today. Thanks Doc.

  82. Vasiliy App

    Vasiliy AppPrije 17 dana

    I would never lay on the couch and watch tv whole day! I'm watching youtube channels about fitness and shit.

  83. Sadbitch sadbitch

    Sadbitch sadbitchPrije 17 dana

    Shaved his body harder than last time 😊🙏😳😳

  84. FlexLX

    FlexLXPrije 17 dana

    Going to bed early is probably the biggest one for me. Late nights = binges

  85. Burak Kısalar

    Burak KısalarPrije 17 dana

    Alışverişe tok gidin tavsiyesini hatırlayan var mı shshhs

  86. Sarah Davies

    Sarah DaviesPrije 17 dana

    Love this guy. Made such a difference to my mind set about food. Weightis coming off, feeling grest. Thanku

  87. Komran Behbehani

    Komran BehbehaniPrije 17 dana

    Is this his real voice or is he speaking in a accent? Genuinely interested my first exposure

  88. River Rose

    River RosePrije 16 dana

    I call it Greg's passionate voice. Watch the videos with his partner Ally or sister Christine for relaxed Greg voice.

  89. Cabrera Fitness

    Cabrera FitnessPrije 17 dana

    does calories in calories out apply to beer and cocaine?

  90. santa Rocking

    santa RockingPrije 17 dana

    I don't drink... Bullshit video... Please sir.... Talk about ped

  91. drkRoss

    drkRossPrije 17 dana

    As an occasional beer drinker, I find switching to spirits (whisky, vodka, gin, brandy etc) and using diet pop mixers can severely reduce your calorie intake.

  92. Needcoffeefix

    NeedcoffeefixPrije 17 dana

    Last tip is the best 📺

  93. Dániel Koszta

    Dániel KosztaPrije 17 dana

    Ive been watching coach Greg since 2020 september. Lost 21kg since then. The correlation is indeed true

  94. TH 101

    TH 101Prije 17 dana

    Dr berg I agree with 99.9% of your philosophy and what you preach except IF. Coach Greg's diet combined with IF is mega effective for me anyway. Thanks Greg

  95. keshav singh

    keshav singhPrije 17 dana

    Why is buff Micky yelling ?

  96. David Wayne

    David WaynePrije 17 dana

    Greg please !!! Please !! I beg you !!! Shut down Vegan Gains , shut that moron down !!

  97. Rui Coutinho

    Rui CoutinhoPrije 17 dana

    I was expecting "put the fork down"...

  98. treb m

    treb mPrije 17 dana

    Sorry Greg I'm always going to go for those Fries, they make me happy.

  99. River Rose

    River RosePrije 16 dana

    Me too! Love them but to meet my goals we order a bowl to share rather than the whole side to myself. Still get what I want in a better portion size for my goals.

  100. Monam Saleem

    Monam SaleemPrije 17 dana

    You won't believe me today doc. But in my culture salads are considered very very BAD. like if you eat a salad you are a sinner. I just had to hide in a room to eat a salad just right now. Literally

  101. Danny wallace

    Danny wallacePrije 17 dana

    Keeping it 💯 once again..

  102. Mccoy9119

    Mccoy9119Prije 17 dana

    Here for my doctor appointment 😁